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Private message me if you wanna discuss these rare comics i wanna sell them like at least starting at 900 bucks.

Lobo: Gallery
Lobo's Big Babe Spring Break Special
Lobo/Judge Dredd
Lobo Demon Helloween
Lobo Paramilitary Special
The Authority Vs Lobo
Lobo And Deadman The Brave And The Bald
Lobo Convention Special
Lobo Chained
Lobo Blazing Chain Of Love
Lobo Portrait Of A Victim
Lobo In The Chair
Lobo I Quit
Lobo Goes To Hollywood
Lobo Fragtastic Voyage
Lobo Bounty Hunting For Fun And Profit
Lobo Annuals 1-3
Lobo Mini-Series 1-4
Lobo's Back 1-4
Lobo Unamerican Gladiators 1-4
Lobo Infanticide 1-4
Lobo Death And Taxes 1-4
Lobo A Contact On Gawd 1-4
Lobo Unbound 1-6
Marshall Law: Day Of The Dead
Marshall Law: Blood, Sweat And Fears
Marshall Law: Fear Asylum
The Mask: The Night Before Xmas
The Mask: Summer Vacation
The Mask: School Spirits
The Mask TP
The Mask Returns TP
The Mask Strikes Back TP
Jason Vs Leatherface 1-3
The Mask Virtual Surreality
The Mask World Tour 1-4
Walter Campaign Of Terror 1-4
Grifter And The Mask 1-2
The Mask Southern Discomfort 1-4
The Mask Hunt For Green October 1-4
The Mask Toys In The Attic 1-4
Mayhem 1-4
Lobo/Mask 1-2
Tapping The Vein 1-5
Undertaker 1-10
Undertaker 1/2
Undertaker Halloween Special
Hellraiser 1-20
Jihad 1-2
Pinhead 1-6
Book Of The Damned 1-4
Hyperkind 1-9
Hyperkind Unleashed
Saint Sinner 1-7
Ectokid 1-9
Ectokid Unleashed
Hokum And Hex 1-9
The Harrowers 1-6
Kiss Psycho Circus 1-31
Night Breed 1-25

dude youre price is way off

you tryna hustle us?smile

but if you mean 900 bucks for the whole set...

then my bad stick out tongue

i guess that's reasonable embarrasment

yup for the whole set its 900

de ja vu..... again


Its weird cos someone else with the same username as his guy is selling the same comics on a thread which is just like this one..........

1. Lobo: Follow Lobo as he paints the universe red while bounty hunting for money, booze, women and just pain fun.
2. Marshall Law: In the future super heroes fill the world, once they were normal men and women untill they were genetically altered to fight in the war, but war leaves scares. Some heroes moved on but others couldnt, and gave into there dark fantasies wondering the streets killing men and women. When the people cry out for help only one man answers the call Marshall Law the hero hunter, once part of the same war that the heros were, he witnessed there atrocities. Now he hunts the object of his hate brining his own brand of law to the streets of San Futuro.
3. The Mask: The mysterious mask gives its wearer incredible power, what do people do with this amazing power? Some want it to change there lives, others want it to get revenger, while others just want to have fun but no matter what the reason, the mask always ends up leaving a trail of destruction, mayhem and death. THIS IS NOT THE MOVIE!
4. Jason Vs Leatherface: Watch as two of the biggest horror icons go head to head in Jason Vs Leatherface.
5. Tapping The Vein: Read bizzare tales of horror as Clive Barker does for comics what he did for movies, books, and stage.
6. The Undertaker: You thought wrestlmania was tough? Follow The Undertaker on a quest to find the four Books Of The Dead facing danger in the forms of his evil brother Kane and the diobolical Paulbearer
7. The Undertaker 1/2
8. The Undertaker Halloween Special: The lord of darkness must face the lord of the dead for the souls of his parents while trying not to lose his own, yet even if he servives this encounter will he servive his deadly partnership with his brother Kane?
9. Mankind: Youve seen him on the pages of the best selling comic book The Undertaker now Mankind appears in his own special taking on an ancient evil with his trusty elastic friend Mr Socko. Will he have a nice day after this? Read to find out.
10. Tapping The Vein: Read bizzare tales of terror as Clive Barker does for comics what he has for books, movies, and stage.
11. Hellraiser: A mysterious puzzle box that once solved opens the gates of hell releasing its demonic denezins to go about there unholy business. The box passes from person to person, men and women, looking for pleasures beyond those of this world. And later the armies of hell come together to wage war against mankind. as after centures of imprisonment Morte Mamma is released a being of such great power, she offers the greatest threat that Levithian has ever faced.
Pinhead: He is hells favorite son but were did he come from? Go through the life of Pinhead in this special comic series.
13. Nightbreed: Some belive when you do you go to heaven or hell when you die but there are few people who go to a special place. A place who's citizens are thought long extinct they are The Nightbreed, and they are about to get a new citizen who may turn there world upside down.
14. Jihad: Its an UNholy war when the Nightbreed meet head to head with The Cenobites for the first time anywere.
15. Book Of The Damned: Take a tour through hell and see the sites in Book Of The Damned I. Journey through the annels of time and see The Cenobites leave there mark on human history in Book Of The Damned II. The Box, is a gateway to hell, a device that has claimed many souls through out the century, but what is the origin of this mysterious object. For the first time go into the personal diaries of Philip Le Merchant the creator of the infimous box in Book Of The Damned III. Who was Johnny John, an artist? a prophet? or just a psychoctic killer what you may read may shock and disturb you in Book Of The Damned IV
16. Hyperkind: there was once a time when heros existed, that is before someone wiped them and the memory of them out. But now in the future heros are needed again and so four younge kids are chosen for the task of defending the earth and forming the new Paxis but what will they do when they must face the man responsible for the death of the original heros.
17. Hyperkind Unleashed: A Hyperkind Special
18. Saint Sinner: He was once just a normal kid that is before he got possessed, then one day after trying to commit suicide he is saved by a women whom he repays with the icy touch of death, yet this women was not just a women she was an angel, she also possesses him. Now he must live with these dual entities tugging at him from within one evil one good who will he heed? He is the man who must walk inbetween, he is the man who must become the saint sinner.
19. Ectokid: Dex Mungo thought he was a normal kid untill he found out he was half ghost. Now he must go into the ectosphere to find his father but he is not going alone because there are others looking for his father inculding his killers. They seek his invention the Aurat a device that could spell the end of the world giving its possesser the power to draw the energy of the ectosphere.
20. Ectokid Unleashed: Dex's enemies have the aurat and he must get it back. Enpowered by the rulers of the ectosphere he must now face his fathers murderors and find out a shocking secret about his fathers past.
21. Hokum And Hex: the world is about to be invaded by a insane god and who is chosen to defend the earth? You guessed it a stand up comic. Watch as Trip Monroue becomes a supermagician who must defend the earth from the hordes of demons waiting to invade, now having the power to transform inorganic objects into anything he wishes.
22. The Harrowers: Meet the raiders of the abyss as they try and save lost souls from the depths of hell.
23. Kiss Psycho Circus: Adam enters a mysteris circus to find an end to boredom what he finds is far more amazing then he could have imagined. He is told shocking news by the circusis blinde fortune teller, but he doesnt belive it, not till strange things start happening such as the girl of his dreams getting flowers from him that he never sent, as well as his teacher being attacked by cats. But after his abusive father is almost killed he returns to the circues and meets The Four Who Are One four gaurdians who issue Adam a challange that may influence the fate of the world. Dont miss Kiss Psycho Circus.

long pig
I'll give ya 20 bucks.

use private message system

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