Carry on (could'nt think of anything better to call it)

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HigH ScholaR
ok ok, this is a game where someone will make a short play then someone will continue from it i.e when i post my play then someone will continue from there on, then when the person that posted after me someone will contiue the play from where he left on and so on.

to avoid members posting something at the same time if you are about to post, then before you post your play inform us that you are posting i.e post i am going to post.

if in the case two members post from the same time then someone will choose which one he/she will want to carry on from.

Here we go (by the way can use any characters but only allowed to have a maximum of 10 characters) so if you wish to use a character but there has already been 10 characters one of them will have to die then you can replace them.

Hulk just punched a hole through a 70's dico club

Hulk - "Hulk smash"
(but suddenly pauses and looks towards his left and sees someone he knows dressed in white disco clothes and 70's hair)

Thanos "disco fever dis.........(looks at hulk and his eyes beam red) you have seen nothing do you hear NOTHING"

something sinister, devatasting comes towards The titan.........on rollaskates (UK thing confused not sure about USA)

Darkseid "can i take your order, may i suggest the omega source"

Thanos "no that sounds uncool"

Darksied "hmm you know is has a certain powerful EFFECT on people who have it only the mightiest can survive it"

as thanos contemplates this choice of food. we look up to see the disco ball

Ego "you mock me this is totally un grovey, ego shall not be made a fool of"

I am going to continue...........

Deadpool walks into the club and sees Hulk who he was hired to kill.

"So lets make this quick Hulk, I don't want this to be...."

At that moment Hulk literally steps on Deadpool's head sending popped brain everywhere.

"aawww Im gonna feel that one in the morning!"

HigH ScholaR
Hulk- "hulk hngry hulk want beans COLD BEANS" (hulk then moves to
the bar)
we now move over to Darkseid who is stiil waiting on Thanos' choice of food

Darkseid "you test the lord of warworld's patience"
Thanos "do not rush me waitor"
Darkseid "you cheap mockery of me, i was top dog number 1 till i was
discovered making secret deals with marvel to become your
supposedly forgotten older brother and kill you. now they
make me wipe tables, and........... write me getting my ass
handed all the time, Gift wraped.

Thanos- "HA HA......... so long has thanos has laughed that hard before,
there can only be one thanos.....
Darksied- "Yes you are right if i destroy you i can take your place and
have back to dignity that was wrongly stripped off me.....
arm wrestle, quick draw, toss up, chess take your pick, only
on of us shall prevail.

then mary marvel come through the hole that hulk made and comes up to darkseid

Mary marvel - hmm darksied you do not need to fight in this pointless
destruction, come listen come over to my place for
some milk and cookies and me CM can help you........
Darksied- semi skimmed?
Mary marvel - yes
Darksied - you dare, mock me too taste the awsome power of THE
OMEGA EFFECT (Darksied unleashed his most defestating
power, he wishes to see what of her when the smoke clears)

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