Here's for a introduction.

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I kind of forgot to introduce myself when I joined, oh god knows how long ago. Well my real name is Matthew, but most people call me Matthias. Its part of a psuedonym really. I'm an extremely intelligent 19 year old who writes and reads and breathes 24/7.

welcome to ya

Unknown Girl

*best redneck voice* Boy howdy! Yew come down anytime, yungun! laughing big grin pleesedtomeetcha.

Extremely intelligent? (: I often pretend that I am even though I'm a retard in math and even though all my other subjects are WAY up there, math is this little infant that collapses from SIDS if I push it too hard.

Ah... never mind, I'm an idiot... I like to write and read also... though breathing really isn't my thing... What do you usually write about? I'm supposed to be writing a paper for psych about gender differences and whether or not they're rooted in the brain... -groans-

Sir Nauj
Welcome big grin

What I write about? I write about alot of things, I like to write books ( Trying to get one published soon! )

Math isn't my favorite subject, I am usually a smartass in anyother subject except Math. <_< It's like a family tradition, none of my parent's are good at math. Maybe you and me are relatives! big grin

(: Perhaps so... except that both my parents are unusually gifted in math... I struggle every day I face it... I'm the black sheep of the family.

You're trying to get published? Good luck with that. I usually just write short stories and essays... I'm too lazy to try anything more.

Heh, I know what you mean. Hey by the way, want to join a cool forum? Go to That's an awesome forum, where you can write short stories and such.

Sure, I'll visit it once I finish my stupid gender differences essay that I procrastinated and did not utilize class time wisely on.

Oh by the way, here is another good forum. Actually this is my forum and I'm thinking of building it up, so I just started and I want new members to join.
The link.. ( URL coming soon! )

leana marie
wow you breath 24/7? i will check out your thing...maybe

I was being sarcastic, Well sort of.. >_>

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