You WILL respect Hawksmoor!

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Assuming you don't already. Just got done reading his appearances in Stormwatch, and MAN this guy is badass. Here's a list of powers he's demonstrated so far in Stormwatch and the Authority:

Altering the gravity within city limits (goddamn I wish I'd known about that during Scarlet's tournament): uses this to leap massive distances and to force people downwards when he liquefies/phases the streets.

Psychometry, meaning he can touch something in a building or on the streets and get a psychic imprint of events that had happened there in the past or are happening elsewhere in the city.

Precognition: every window in a city can show him past, future and current events that happen while they are/have been/will be in place. Can also get vague glimpses of the near future from rooms without windows, but its not very detailed.

Tracking ability: by communicating with the city, he can track someone by bodyweight as you walk along the street, sight through the windows, etc.

Terrain altering: Can cause building to move their foundations to divert flooding or lava flow, topple over on someone, hover in the air, morph into hands and other objects and form new walls in seconds. Can phase himself and others into and out of the streets, sidewalks and walls of a city as if walking through water, and can reharden the concrete/asphalt around someone for use as an offensive tactic. Can also ignite gas mains with a thought. Also crafted a massive statue using only materials available in a city.

Super Strength: At least Spiderman level at base, can be amped in certain extreme cases. The bigger the city, the stronger it seems he can get.

Durability: Likely bulletproof. Few things have been shown to cut into his skin, though sufficient physical impacts can give him a bloody mouth/nose.

Speed: Fast enough to dodge bullets and fight super speedsters. Again, probably somewhere near/slightly above Spidey level. Doesn't need shoes because his soles have been layered with treads that never seem to wear down even when he's running and jumping around at top speeds

Agility: Generally seems to use a fighting style very similar to Spidermans except more violent. Integrates his ability to null gravity, making him weightless at a moment's notice.

Internal augmentation: Doesn't need to eat because he feeds off of airborne pollution, doesnt need to sleep because his mind is just that altered. Can see a viewing tube that was threaded through the Bleed (if you don't know what the Bleed is, read the Authority) that is only a few atoms wide.

Turning cities into giant mechanical suits: The real purpose of all his alterations were for this. All major cities are just giant suits of armor humans haven't figured out how to use yet. Jack turned Tokyo into a suit to combat a sentient version of Kansas City from the seventy-somethingth century that was going back in time to destroy humanity. Tokyo won.

So, basically Hawksmoor is what you'd get if you took Spiderman and replaced his spider sense with actual precog and psychometry, webbing with gravity alteration, and phasing abilities just for the hell of it.

Oh, and he can move to any city in the world in a few hours via a transit womb. Basically, he sinks into the ground in one city and pops out of a bubble of concrete a few hours alter in the new city. Scans are coming.

Okay, here we go. First, is the transit womb I mentioned. No, its not better than the Carrier Dooors or being able to fly at Mach 10, but this was back before he had all that.

Next is a description of his relationship to cities, and that gravity manipulation I was mentioning.

Hawksmoor versus a random brick with burning hands. Takes most of the punches but notice his opponent never draws blood.

Next are scans from Stormwatch #43. Jack has to solve a murder. First three scans are a good showing of the psychic abilities he has when in a city (psychometry, precog).

Next two are precog in a room with only one window, and the fight shows off his durability again. Saw cuts his shirt, even causes some pain, but never draws blood.

Next fight is more funny than impressive, but it shows his creativity in a fight, his speed in outrunning the car, and his agility in getting out of the way with only a glancing blow.

After getting the better of the woman in the truck, he forces her to help him find the killer. The city tracks the killer down because it registers an unfamiliar bodyweight in a cab. Awesome tracking.

He kills the murderer, nothing too impressive. That's all the interesting stuff from his time in Stormwatch. The lion share of his good feats comes from the Authority. I'll start gathering up some stuff from there in the next few days.

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