Re-Writing Star Wars 1-6

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((You heard me right! Were going to rewrite the Star Wars Series Our Style!))

A small podracer was racing through many others. The podracer seemed smaller than others but durable and fast. It was being driven by a nine year old boy! Suddenly, A strange creature called Selbuba flashed the boy with his vents. "Ahhh"The boy cried as he blocked the flash with his hand. Distracted by the hand, he went straight toward a boulder!! He crashed and podracer parts flew everywhere! "Anakin Skywalker crashed! And ouch thats gotta hurt!"The announcer said. "ANAKIN!"A female said as next to her was a blue creature flying with wings. The seat part remained and Anakin Skywalker came out, only the head seemed bruise. "Amazing!"Announcer exclaimed. A screen showed Anakin Skywalker walking toward the Espa. "Anakin Skywalker survived!"Announcer said. "Oh thank god!"The female voice said. "Your son is lucky Shmi!"The creature said. "Yes I know Watto"She began to cry....

cool start!

unfortunately... still can't think of the next part....

Fardin Vassisk
I'll re-write some of the original trilogy......hope, empire, jedi. mostly empire and jedi lol. If i am allowed?

Fardin Vassisk
Here is an example: ((Yea!!))

The massive Star Destroyer loomed in deep starry space like a dagger, poised and ready. On the bridge, captain Loran was issuing orders to the bridge crew as they hurridly prepared to launch probes into the outer and mid-rim planets. "....planets Alykan, Garrar and Hoth."

"Yes, sir." The ensign said as he turned and relayed the order. He then turned back to the captain. "Hoth sir?" The captain nodded his confirmation. "But the Rebels last outpost was on a jungle moon sir, their equipment would only be suited for warm climates. Hoths only habital planet is an Ice planet sir." The ensign became nervous. He was speaking out of turn.

Captain Loran shrugged it off, he wasnt Vader, and his predasesser had asked Vader that very same question and, well, he choked to death. Loran didnt want to share the same fate yet at the same time he still questioned the order. "Yes I am aware of that ensign. Direct orders from lord Vader himself. It seems he wants to find the whereabouts of this Skywalker and the corellian freighter, the; Millenium Falcon." He paused, the ensign didnt question further. Not suprising. "Now, carry on."

The esign saluted and backed away in slight relief. He had whitnessed the death of captain Jerir. He didnt want the same fate for either himself of Loran.

No more than five minutes later the Star Destroyer: Allegience was in position and ready to launch its complement of probe droids. At first nothing happened, then the bow door to the massive hanger on the bottom opened. The only sign that the probes were being launched was the Ion drives coupled with slight flashes as they launched.

One probe in particular would find the rebels base and as that probe sped away from it berth towards a bright shining star much closer than any others; the force set in motion the path of future events.... TBC

((What do you think?))

Oh wait this was started in 2005? I never noticed!

The probe sped towards the glistening white planet of Hoth. On the surface, a lone tauntaun rider trumped along the snowy plain. The rider watched as the meteorite impacted againsted the dried snow ridge. Luke stopped his tauntaun, taking out his macrobinoculars, he zoomed them in on the ridge. After a moment he lowered them and activated his wrist comlink. "Echo-3 to Echo-7, Han ol' buddy, do you read me?"

Over the sound of the tundra's wind Han Solo's voice crackled through the speaker. "Loud and clear Luke. Whats up kid?"

"Well I've finished my scout circle. I didn't pick up any lifeforms."

"Yeah, that storm front thats moving in, well its interfering with the markers sensor range, I got nothin'. All I picked up was frost bight, saddle sore and chilbanes. Besides there ain't enough life of this ice cube to fill a space cruiser."

Luke laughed at his friends accurate summation of the planets natural wildlife population. "Right. A meteor just hit the ground near here, I'm going to check it out, wont take long."

"Heh! Good luck kid, I came across a wampa kill earlier. Keep your eyes peeled. My markers are placed, I'm heading back."

Luke smiled. "I'll be with you shortly."

"Great! Maybe Leia will throw a home coming party."

"OK Han. May the force be with you." Luke said as the com cut out. Lukes Tauntaun began to act really nervous, beginning to shift from one foot to another while breying. "Woah girl, whats a matter. You smell something?"

At that moment a Wampa sprang up from its camoflaged hiding place and bear punched Luke to the ground and strangling his mount.

*confused* Why the hell does it go from Phantom Menace to New Hope?

((Dont worry I'm bringing it back but I joined this late. Started and ended 2005 i continued it 2007. The PM one was haulted so I'm doing The Empire Strikes Back. When Darth Reev goes online i'll talk to him about continuing this originally. Until then i'll do my own thing, sorry.))

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HEY GUYS, KEEP GOING YOUR DOI- oh who am i kidding, this sucks. *leaves*

I think leaving out the podracers and an infantile anakin would be a better place to start rather than opening the story, immediately with two of the worst aspects of the Phantom menace.

Yeah, is he trying to make the PT worse?

Your like 3 years too late! laughing out loud

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