Guts (Berserk) vs Cloud Strife

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Before we start, I'm a little bit more knowledgeable on Guts than Cloud.

Quick Bio: Guts is a medieval warrior who has a high threshold for pain

and fights demons for a living. And as usual he has an extremely

difficult life. But there is one thing a friend mentioned that made me

think. Is the Buster sword heavier than the Dragonslayer? It is said that

the Dragonslayer was not made for man to wield. If anyone can draw

up some dimensions of the two blades it will be much appreciated.

Now we lay it down, this is an all-out swordfight. The battlefield will be a

broken down cityscape with open areas, and old buildings. No materia,

no, megaelixir, etc. Guts has his standard weapons which are, arm

cannon, arrows, and grenades. Should I take away the arm cannon?

Cloud should be able to deal with projectiles. You decide.

Better of the two who?

sephiroth.. a demi god.. got pwnt by cloud's omnislash.. plus in advent he's much stronger.

I think cloud has this one IMO

Yeah the Children were serious but I don't know. Maybe Guts may need his Armor of Berserk to stand a better chance. It somewhat repairs broken bones in an instant, allows him more maneuverability, increases speed, and can take even more damage. It really is well needed against some of the larger opponents as he can dispose of them faster.

3 FACTS that make Guts wins

1)he fights demons like sephiroth daily and KILLS THEM (unlike cloud who can only kill him so he can be reborn) why can guts KILL sephiroth for GOOD. it;s cus his sword is on 2 planes of reality. So he could cut thought sephiroth mortal body and spirit body.

2) guts has FAR more combat training, knowledge and combat exp
i can say this bc cloud only start training as a soldier at as a early adult or late teen but guts start from the age of small child (as in 5-7ish) Plus unlike cloud who had training sugar coated, gut's training was if u lose u DIE. Plus with he's been fighting DEMONS for years. As cloud as one or 2 big fights vs sephiroth. guts has had 100s of battles on the front-lines of war and in one vs one battles.

3) his berserker armor
this lets the user uses 100% of his power (instead of the normal 10%) plus removes any pain the user feels. Plus will 'repair' the body enough so it can keep fighting till they die from blood lose or having no bones. so basically his speed and strength go thought the roof even able to cut diamond as shown in his first fight with the armor.

Welp this thread is not allowed and should have never been necroed.

That said, I just got done reading Berserk, and am completely up to date on it.

Cloud is faster, stronger, and arguably more durable (Harder to say on this one).

Cloud tears Guts to pieces, I am sad to say.

I'm not. I prefer Cloud to Guts.

Not that I've read much Berserk. stick out tongue

Also not gonna last. Bye bye thread.

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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.