Jedi Academy 3: A Fallen Jedi

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Hello Everyone! I am Sorgo and this is my new RPG!

It is still awaiting permission from Ushgarak.

Seven years earlier....

Sorgo awakens to realize what has happened.... Luke stands beside him....

Sorgo: You rescued me....
Luke: Why did you do what you did?
Sorgo: What do you mean...
Luke: Please, Master Sorgo. Don't play me for a fool. I know you let Jaden stab you.... But why...?

Sorgo: This i cannot tell you, Master Skywalker....

Luke: ....I am confused.... Jaden surfaced for mere seconds on Mollock.... Then the Darkness took over him again....

Luke: Jaden is following the steps and path that my Father did...

Sorgo: Indeed....

Seven Years After "Jedi Academy 2: Dark Apprentice"....

Two Bounty Hunters who are heavily armed walk the streets of Coruscant with Heavy Armor and Vibroblades, Thermal Detonators, Carbine Rifles..... They are armed to diminish.....

Seruk : So what is this Bounty all 'bout, Kiru?

Kiru: Not a concern, Seruk. We just have to find her and terminate her. That's all.

Kiru and Seruk both come across a Young Lady dressed in a blue evening Garb with her hair tied up into a small ball at the back of her head. Her eyes are a crystal blue and her face is smooth and stunning....

Kiru: There's the Schutta!

Kiru and Seruk run towards her, pulling out their Vibroblades. Kiru reaches her first and holds the sharpened blade to her fragile throat. They pull her into their speeder and head onto a nearby roof of a Skyscraper. They take her out and hold her by the edge of the roof....

Kiru: Aha! What do we have here? A bounty?

The Young Girl begins to speak....

Young Girl: Please don't hurt me! You have the wrong person! I am only Naria! I am not important!

Kiru: Naria? So you are the one! Zuke has paid alot of money to have your head on his desk, little schutta!

Seruk: Looks like w-

The Hunters are interrupted by a clearing throat in a nearby distance. They turn around to find a figure wrapped in a Dark cloak fifteen feet away from their distance.....

Kiru: What is that?

Kiru brings the girl down from the roof and kicks her down to the ground and looks at Seruk....

Kiru: Watch her!

Kiru takes out his Vibroblade and begins to step towards the dark figure. He bgeins to get closer to the figure and starts to talk to it....

Kiru: I suggest you leave here, dark one.... I will kill you.

The figure stands still, not replying or moving to the statement from Kiru....

Kiru: I warned you!

Kiru is about to swing at the cloaked figure but he is quickly interrupted by a purple light shining through his torso. Kiru's eyes open wide as he falls to the ground in two.

The cloaked figure has a fully extended Violet Lightsaber and is walking towards Seruk....

Seruk: NO!

Seruk makes a run for the roof and jumps from it, plummeting to the Coruscant streets to his death.

The cloaked figure walks to the girl and uncloaks itself, revealing short white hair and several Facial scars....

Naria:W-Who are you?

Cloaked figure: A mere wraith, child. Go home. You are safe....For now....

Naria: Thank you! Thank you s-

Naria's mouth extendeds fully open as she finally recognizes this presence....

Naria stands and walks towards the figure....


Naria then blinked to see nothing on the top of the roof....

Will-one Kenobi
Can I join even though I wasnt in the Previous one?

wait, are you a assasin for the nazis, or one that kills them?

I'd like to join! I just need to find out how to submit a char...

darth vraya
i wasnt in the last one but can i be in this one?

(heh, sorgo, you've out done yourself. Count me in. But i cant post everyday, but i will try to keep up)

do you have to be a jedi chacter or make a jedi up

i wasnt in the last but can i be in this one??

Dranan walked the streets of Coursant, face hidden by his hood. He searched for his sister endlessly, hoping to find peace in his life after the fall of his apprentice. A scream was heard from an allyway that drew his mind back to relaity. He ran, his cloak falling from his shoulders. He spotted sevral armed men pushing a young girl around. he smirked and spoke.

Dranan: Hey... leave her be.
Thug: Or what jedi?
Dranan: You will fall to me...
Thug: He took a look at his face and stepped back "Its.... Dranan.... Lets... lets go.
Dranan drew his saber and threw it at the thugs, the yellow blade hit each thug, killing them

Dranan caught his saber and laughed, walking away "Still more.... Sorgo i ned your guidence."

Will-one Kenobi
Are we allowed to just post our characters now?

Darth Extecute
Zuke in the other RP is pretty much wasted... I have a new adorable character now..

Name: Piew Wiap
Race: Ewok
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Ewok
Jedi rank: Jedi scout
lightsaber color: Purple
appearance: Short, orange furr, cute eyes and alot of scouting equipment.
other: Piew Wiap may be small, but he is damn good at scouting and sneaking up on opponents. He has an unnatural high ewok speed thanks to the force and he is a darn good Jedi Scout with high force physical improvement and so on.

Name: Elyia
Race: Tamarian
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Jedi/Sith Status: Neither, is pure Neutral.
Lightsabre colour/s: two Blues and a Purple.
Appearance: 5' 7", wears dark robes, has deep tanned skin, two-tone blue eyes (light blue instead of whites), dead-straight Metallic grey-black hair down to her waist and she is very young in appearance.

Bio: Elyia has been alive since long before the Empire ever began but she was never 'discovered' by any of the Jedi of that time so was exposed to the wants and needs of an untutored force potential. Miraculously though, she learnt to control her powers and found ways of shutting out temptations, both of light and dark.
Two of her most notable force attributes;
-The ability to hide her force aura completely from all others as so she appears to be just a commoner.
-The use of three lightsabres, one in each hand and one levitated by the force to provide additional offence and defence.

Darth Extecute
I wonder if this is ever gonna start ^o)

i doubt it...

could've been a good game, you wanna play jus' you and me? still can b done...

Darth Extecute
Ofcourse it can be an good game. Sorgo is the maker.. But before you and I could start play, we still need Sorgo to start this up..

Can I also join? I'm new to the forum, but I know basic star wars. If I can, here's my profile?

Name: Jaiyo Reikegg
Race: Human
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Saber color/style: Orange/Standard
Jedi Rank: Knight
Appearence: 5'8 Wears black pants and shirt covered with a white tunic,
dark tan skin, black hair covering some of my face.

Bio: A skilled Jedi that can use the Force to completely erase someone's mind, and make them lifeless. However, he only uses this technique when he absolutely has no other choice.

i would like to join also...

Name. jacen eldric
Race. human
Age. 20
Gender. male
Sabor Color/ Style. Silver, fast
Rank. knight
Appearnce; 6'1 Light blondhair. slim. Wears a light grey tunic, with matching pants.

Bio... Extreamly skilled in force movement, and concentration.

but unfortunatly i might not get to post over christmas break ill try though

Prieda Solo
Standing in the shadows, bounty hunter Prieda Solo winced as she saw the fierce yellow blade sythe through the two heavily armed thugs. This guy certyainly looked like a jedi, and acted like one.

Nervously she bit her lower lip, how the hell was she going to get out of this one? There was no way on earth she had any chance against the heavily armed jedi, he'd crush her to shreds.

She stared at the young dead bodies of the fallen men, thinking hard. just on eweakness, that's all she needed. One weakness and she'd get him.

The problem was that Jedi didn't seem to have weeknesses.

... idea what I'm meant to do. Everybody is writting "I'm new what do i do," So i thought I'd better get some bona-fide writing in first. Never done this before...Prieda v. confused... confused sad

Espio X 20

Can I add my contribution to this game? I have my profile ready...

NAME: Sch-Fr Tasom-Later Darth Naizarias (number; TD-937)
LIGHTSABER: Two Black Lightsabers
ADDITIONAL WEAPONS: Clone trooper pistol, Boot dagger.
SPECIES:Human (clone)
PERSONAL HISTORY: One of the few clones made after the fall of the Empire, Tasom discovered He was Force-sensitive. Not being a good thing while living in Imperial space, He turned to the Republic for a place to stay. That place was Courascant. In moving, he practised the force, not realising that he, a clone, was one who not very often, can use such a power. He arrived and became a member of the security forces. He then quit when he discovered that the ''security'' force was Imperial! He then sought out Master Skywalker on Yavin 4. He then was taught more about the force, and even more, the dark side. He vowed he would never join it. He Then became a Master when he helped Luke Destroy a Victory class III star destroyer by planting thermal detonaors in the .
backup engine reactor, the subsidiary reactor, the primary power generator, and the main engine turbine. When he was finished, and before he left Yavin 4, Luke reminded him one last time to beware of the dark side. The clone payed no heed, as to how he could turn to the dark side. He vowed to, right? He was mistaken. The poor man turned to the Side of Darkness when he killed a young child who would not stop squalling. In anger, the young man turned on hiw two lightsabers (green at the time) and killed the child and the mother. The transport he rode turned quiet. In an outburst of anger, he turned on the father. The ill-fated man ran. Sch-Fr Tasom, in a fury equal to that of Darth Vader, He attacked. The first slice cut of a few of the mans fingers, and as he advanced, he let another blow fly. This one struck the man on the leg, and severed it just below the knee. He limped along with his one leg towards the core of the ship. As Tasom arrived, the man jumped at the core, frying him to a crisp and leaving no trace of him. In a small explosion, his lightsabers flew out of his hands and flew at the core. Switced off, they did no damage to it, but the core did damage to the lightsabers. They burnt the crystals inside turning them black and the newly-become dark sider managed to pull them back in time to save them. The core let out more explosions. Tasom headed for the escape pods. He arrived too late. They were full, and ready for launch. He used his newly-aquired power to open the door of one and yank out all those inside. He ran into it and closed the door, and left those still inside to their fate. He managed to change the course of the pod so it didn't head for Yavin 4. Luke wouldn't like his changes. Instead. He pilotes the small low-fueled craft for geonosis. He could find a way to get there. That is what he was trained for. When he arrived, he crashed with only a few bruises. When he got out, he was amazed at the sight before him. Battle droids, clones. All dead and deactivated. This was a good start to make a craft.

GEONOSIS, TWO MONTHS AFTER THE CRASH: The craft was ready. A strange, lopsided scrap pile. But Sch-Fr knew better. It was actually a crashed Troop deployer that used to house over two thousand clones. He took much of the battle-droid programming and hardwired it into his new ship. He gathered over one miles worth of clone trooper armor, and set some captains armor for himself. He took one dead clone onboard to the ships portable cloners. Enough for five years worth of cloning. He would have to start somewhere if he wanted an army. As his ship lifted off, he imagined a grand army, a fighters army, a clone army. As he set course for kamino for some more supplies, (doesn't he have enough?) he knew what he was doing was something no one has ever attemted. He was going to wage and all-out war on the galaxy.

KAMINO, TEN YEARS AFTER LIFTOFF FROM GEONOSIS: His army was set. An army of thousands was his to command. He had more troop ships, more cloning-help, and even more things called Gunships. He was ready, but where to start. This my friends, is where his true story begins.

Never mind the story, but I am truly a rogue, set to destroy the known-worlds....

hallo. is there an extra spot for an eager rp-er? i have my character already written out. -waits patiently for permission-

No offense, but this RPG doesn't have permission, Pal.

John Bak'or
hmm wat about ur game faroth has it got permmits yet coz im bustin to play.

Lörd Sorgo
I'm done with this Roleplay.

We've noticed. ermm

ill join name yettoh
gender male
rank jedi master
species yodas species very small
age 500
bio yettoh knew yoda and was not very force sensitive at the time over time he exadently started lifting things with the force he thought it was his imagination but later he read about the jedi and the force and became a master

can i join in? i was never in one of these before tho confused

Shera Hankif
hey id like to join if this thing is still goin or if its been outdated or something

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