Terminator Goofs Thread

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Post all the Terminator goofs you know that you have seen (not read about).

I'll start.

*The Terminator
In the police station in a few shots where the Terminator fires his shotgun, it makes the sound effect for his assault rifle.

*Terminator 2
The Terminator should not have been so helpless in the second steel-mill fight scene. While his knee was damaged and his left hand was removed, he still should have been able to keep on his feet and not resort to crawling and futily trying to reach behind him while the T1000 stabs him. This is evident considering how he had no problem moving about in the previous fight scene and suffered no additional damage to his legs. Also after the T1000 is terminated, the Terminator has no problem walking about.

*Terminator 3
When the Terminator removes his decaying fuel cell in the desert the initial incision he makes covers a large area of his gut and moves up into his chest area. When he removes the flap of skin and starts operating, however, there is only a small portion of the mechanism exposed, just enough for him to open the compartment containing the fuel cells. Initially much more of his chest plate was revealed.

Pictorial Evidence: (Note you don't have to post screens if you don't have them)



Is it me or does that look correct?

It looks the same size.

Use the nipples for reference. In the bottom pic shows a cut barely into the pectoral muscles, but the top goes much higher. The cut in the second pic is also a lot thinner.

In T1 when Terminator is chasing Kyle and Sarah on the bike, in the long shots with the stunt driver he has both hands on the handle bars, but the close ups with Arnold have him driving with his right hand and holding his assault rifle in his left.

The Terminator

When the bare endoskeleton is chasing Sarah and Kyle in the long hallway in the Cyberdyne factory the scaling of the stop-motion animation puppet is off as the Terminator towers over the side doors in the hallway.

gotcha dubler!!! stick out tongue stick out tongue

in t2, nobody ever notices it but me, in the end when the 800 attacks the 1000 from behind with the pole, the 1000 kicks the 800 and you see the pole go flying, there is even a sound effect of it hitting the ground, but then when it cuts back to the 1000 it has the pole in its stomach, and beats up the 800 with it.

I think chris is right. The area cut out is much larger in the top picture than in the bottom picture.

What about the Wrecker Semi when the T1000 runs it off the bridge and hit the concrete the wind sheild falls out but in the next frame the wind sheild is still on the truck.

Yep. They needed the windshields to hide the stunt driver. That one couldn't be helped.

He's back!! smile

Some I have noticed from Terminator 2.

When the T101 and T1000 are fighting in the Mall, the T1000 pushes the 101 out of a store window,. When Arnie gets up and walks through the window, you can clearly see an EXIT sign above the broken window.

When Sarah is picking the lock on her door in Pescadero, she has two folded out paperclips, yet she took only one from the interview room.

When the T1000 is in the steel, melting, he morphs into the people he has taken the image of. When he morphs into Janelle, his right arm becomes a knife blade, yet when Janelle killed Todd, the blade was on her left arm.

I have more written somewhere, I'll find them and post them when I can.

It seems I can't edit my post! Oh well.

Well, I watched the move again yesterday, and I noticed (not really important) that the guy in the truck, that the T1000 pulls out when he is chasing John, isn't wearing a seat belt. Trivial, I know, but I never realised it before!

I did have more, I should have written them down, because when I remember them, I'll have to make another post, as I can't edit this one after 15 minutes.

Hope this isn't considered spamming.

in the dyson house the magazins on the table move about in evry shot.

it an old one but it wasent on the list.

That one is on the movie mistakes site. smile

oh ok sorry.,

That's alright. I like to hear mistakes that haven't been mentioned, ones you have noticed yourself. They are the best ones, the ones you notice but no one else does.

In the mall shoot out, the T-800 m101 pulls out his trusty Winchester 1887, 10 gauge. He cocks it while advancing to John. What fustrates me is that he shoots 7 slugs at the T-1000. An '87 can hold that much I'm sure, but only with one being ready to fire. But he COCKED it, which means a continuity. The same sh*t happens in the hall/elevator of Pescadero.

When the tow truck drives off the bridge into the aquaduct the axel must snap cause one wheel is straight and the other one is way off to the left, it would make the truck undriveable.
also when it hits the bridge at the end of the chase no one is in the cab.

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