Hawk & Dove

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Can anybody tell me what happened to Hawk & Dove?

I used to love Hawk & Dove, especially Hawk, with his "First Rule: Don't mess with Hawk! Second Rule: Don't mess with Hawk! Third Rule: . . ." well, you get the picture.

And Dove! Whoa, momma! Even though I normally don't go for blondes.

But in SA, comics cost a fortune, as they all have to be imported, so although I manage to get some second-hand comics every now and again, I had to give up serious collecting ages ago.

So, can anyone tell me what happened to the two of them? The last comic I have of them is where they get drawn to the world their powers originate from, and there they meet the original Lords of Chaos & Order, who had fallen in love with each other, and then, as far as I can remember, the Lords die or something and Hawk & Dove get all their powers. Sorry, I can't remember clearly, it was a while ago!

But even though they were never as big as the other mainstream DC characters, they were two of my favourites, and I would highly appreciate it if somebody could tell me what happened to them and if they're still around.

Also, if they're still around, I would owe you a BIG favour if you could post some pics of them so I can see what they look like now.

Thank you! big grin

Damn, nobody knows, huh? Or were they just before your time? stick out tongue

I don't know what happened to them since that early 90's series that introduced Waverider - they killed the female Dove and Hawk was revealed to be an apocalyptic villan in waiting.
They are appearing in the Justice League series, so maybe things go back to normal soon.

Ah, I found the link


I am in shock, to tell you the truth. Fortunately, I am not the only one.

Apparantly, Captain Atom was supposed to be Monarch, but somebody at DC leaked the secret, so DC decided to change it at the last minute.

I quote

"Barbara Kesel reflects: " Let's get one thing clear: that wasn't a planned ending of Hawk and Dove. That awful story was an Armageddon 2000 special created after somebody at DC spilled the beans about Captain Atom's being Monarch. Then, a small number of people worked feverishly to find some other character to sacrifice, and since H&D had just been cancelled! "

Shed added, "If you've ever pitied anyone, pity Jonathan Peterson, the poor person who had to give me the news. I wasn't pleased, and wasn't shy about sharing. If there's anything I hate with a passion, it's characters behaving out of character, especially when it involves a smart woman being stupid for no reason. H&D becoming Monarch could have been a clever idea: if they BOTH became the character, their innately opposite natures could explain a schizophrenic villain. As it was... it was a last-minute fix that sucked. The ending closest to what I have in mind was in the Unity story in the H&D Annual #2, but it's all water under the bridge."

they have appeared in teen titans recently

Well these characters are the reason I started reading comics, and I can tell you Barbara had reason to be PI$$ED off. But Dawn/Dove is back and Hawk is too. So we'll see what they do with the new characters. The old Dr Fate was actually Hank and Dawn's kid! and I think the Original Hawkman--Carter Hall is a direct ancestor. They need to do something with that end of the story line too.

That series from the 90`s wer some of my fav.

And yes. He became Monarch in the "Armageddon 2001" series, after his future self killed Dove (but somehow she got back). He then proceeded to murder Monarch and after finding out it was *him* but older, he took the Monarch mantle.

He later also became Extant (the Zero Hour villain at first) by absorsing Winrider`s powers.

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