Love always lasts for ever (a Draco and Hermione)

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well ok here i go

It has gone on for 2 years now everynight they would meet up in a specil tower called the tower of peace there they tld eacth other they loved eacth other there they made love there they had there speicl times
"Draco i love you" said Hermione
"I love you to" said Draco they kissed hermione pulled off his top when someone entered the room.
"RON" said Hermione pulling apart.
"Hermione what how i am digusted with you" said Ron backing up.
"Ron please waite" said Hermione
"How long" said ron
"Ron please" said Hermione
"HOW LONG" yelled Ron
"2 years" said Hermione.
"Why what is wrng with you are you stupid" said Ron.
"Ron please" said Hermione getting closer to him
"Stay away from me" said Ron who accadently pushed her down the stairs.
"Hermione" yelled Ron and Draco but it was too late she ad hit the ground with a loud bang there was blood everywere Draco pushed Ron out of the way draco cryed he was shure se was going to die.

Let see how yu like it ok

ok i bord i write more.

Hermione was in a comma 5 years had pased Ron ws graving and took his life 2 years after she died bye throwing himself off a clift Draco had maiired Ginny Weasly or Ginny Malfoy Harry had married Pansy when one april day Hermione woke up everyone said she would never wake up but she did she was freaked thou when Harry came in
"Hermione" said Harry running to her and hugging her tight.
"Harry" said Hermione hugging him back.

rolling on floor laughing what do ou think i will write more ok well bye

Certainly an Interesting Idea...

Harry and Hermione hugged tight .
"They said you wern't going to wake up" said harry
"Well here is am oh i have missed you" said Hermione
"Same here" said harry.
They hugged agin when the docter came in.
"OMG your wake" said the docter.
"Mr. weasley" said Hermione.
"No silly Fred" said Fred
"OMG fred what the i though you did jokes" said Hermione.
"I did but me and Groge got into a fight and we closed it down" said Fred.
"Where is Gorge" asked Hermione hope you like it well i will add more later. Happy Dance roll eyes (sarcastic)

Brunette Angel
this is quite interesting, please keep writing.

omg... that was hilarious man! yeah keep writing.<3

laughing out loud this is such a great story! i'm laughing so hard!!!!!!! actually, that's how i imagined it. ron killing himself cause he was all alone. laughing out loud oh! i'm laughing so hard!

love it, please write more

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