Time Turner Problem

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"Okay then what are we going to do?" Ron asked studdering

" Nothing we are going to stay here till you get your Homework done. " Hermione Snapped

"Hermione ! " Ron Yelped

"No i said no " Hermione Screamed

" Now you finish That Dang Report or else ." Hermione finished

" We Have to do this Report or we might get.....a..a..a C ! " Hermione might have cried if it was not for ron being there

" Okay... i am not the one who made us Partners. "

" You still need to do it ! " Hermione Whispered

" Ugh" Ron hissed

They worked and worked till Hermione heard Ron Snore.. but they still worked.

" Can i go to bed now." Ron said sleepily

" Nope, Now get back to work ." hermione Answered

- 3 Hours Later -

Ron was on the verge of falling on the 600 pages he had to read. then he looked over to see Hermione's Time Turner

" Cool " He thought

Hermione had her nose in the book .so she did not have any idea what ron was doing. Ron Picked it up slowly, then Hermione got her face out of the History of magic and gave a hard look at ron " GIVE IT BACK RONALD BILLIUS WEASLY "She got up with anger, Ron tryed to run but no use she go him by the arm, Ron tryed to keep hold of the time turner but both were tangled in it, it spun and spun and spun till it got to the year... 1912- To Be continued

Now Post the next half of the story end it with - To be continued - then the next person send the next story till it gets back with them back where they were.

- Susan-Storm

it is a good start, and i'm only trying to help, but you should have this in the multi author fiction section, and you should add a better beginning to it. what you wrote was great, but you might want to start a bit more earlier than that, if you get what i mean.

Oh Okay but how do i put to the Multi Section

i'll contact Cap. Rex for you.

ask one of the mons to move it

i already pmed Rex

I like it but I think you should start way back and you should add lots more details

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.