Who's cooler Iceman or Human Torch?

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In your opinion, who?

They're almost the same character. One controls fire and one controls ice haha.

But when it comes down to it, what can possibly be cooler than Ice?

well recently iceman has become a real pain in the a$$.

and his relationship hasn't done him much good.

i'm gonna give this one to the torch.

I find the fire thing cooler. If for no other reason than Firelord, I think, being able to continue burning under water.

yeah they are basically the same charcter. you know, always rushing into a fight without a plan, hot headed and stubborn. and the fact that almost on a fundamental level thier powers are the same. meaning that one draws all the heat from the air to make ice, and one draws the moisture from the air to make heat.

but all in all i think johnny is cooler though,....just cuz he can fly baby! plus that nova blast he keeps as a trump card will keep just about anybody in check

Iceman all the way!!

Iceman, as said before, has turned into an *******. He hasn't improve a bit. So Torch gets my vote.

yea Torch is much cooler in my opinion.

Inspectah Deck
Human Torch is better

Austen ruined Iceman, I think. Circa Onslaught era Iceman was cool, in my opinion, a little brash, but tempered by a great many of life's lessons and kickass. Now he's just...dumb.

Blair Wind
while i almost always debate for iceman when in a fight, since his powers go beyond just making nice little ice sculptures (if its powers then iceman all the way his powers are more creative, while torch's are just destructive), his personality has gone sour, being a wannabe badass....so torch (wow its a first, i went against iceman)

AoA iceman was cool as shit tho, especially with that molecular moisture inversion thing, but i think he's lame nowadays. he reminds of logan in AoA he's all touchy feely and every panel he's sticking his tongue down jean's throat, or at the very least a passionate embrace. thats how iceman is now with lorna in 616, just all up in her grill alla time, and all jealous as soon as someone gets close to her

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