Alex:The Story of a Teenager

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~Hi my name is Josh and it's always been a dream of mine to make that one story or RPG that everyone loves and everyone gets into and cant wait for the next twist or dramatic conclusion.Well this is my first try and making that story and i'm gonna really try.So dish out any constructive critisism and any good things you may feel about the story~


The Rest will be explained

Alex awoke from a long and peaceful slumber at about 9:00am.He could already see he was late to school and didnt coudnt waste any more time laying in his bed.Alex lived on a peacful surburban neighborhood where every one knew everyone and there was always activities that united the neighbors in a fun and meaningful way.Josh got up from his bed and took a shower in his large bathroom connected to his room.He was so spoiled and he knew it.He had posters hung up in his bathroom of a naked Pamela Anderson and Scarlette Johanson.His friend told him it was an awful mix but he didnt care.He liked being reminded of them for some reason everytime he went into his bathroom.His parents never went into his bathroom so they never noticed the poster and even if they did they wouldnt have said anything and would've just let Alex have his freedom.He sat in his shower on his little shower chair and just tried to wake up as the hot water pelted against his cold skin.After about 10 minutes of this he got out and put on some cloths.Alex was a traditional younge prep who always wore that latest fashions and cloths.He put on a nice pair of jeans and a quicksilver t-shirt with a blue jack on.He put on his white nickes,combed his short brown hair and went downstairs.He walked into his kitchen and saw his mom making breakfast as usual.

Mom-Good morning sweetheart.

Alex-Hi mom.

Mom-How did you sleep?

Alex-I slept good actually.

Mom-You'd better with those two extra hours you put in.

Alex-Yeah,sorry about that.

Mom-Well dont worry about it but dont make it a habbit or else you'll be ground mister.

Alex-*chuckles* I wont mom.

Mom-Good,now eat your pancakes.

Alex-Where's dad?

Mom-Oh you know.Off in New York on business.

Alex-Whens he gonna be back?

Mom-I dont know honey.He was suppose to be back late last night but he called and said he had something come up.Last minute.You know how it is.


I know how it is.I know all too well,Alex thought.

Alex glanced over at the counter between Pancake bites.He saw a small syringe fill about 1/4 of the way tucked away behind some towels.Drugs?Alex thought.Why?Could they be hers?He then glanced at his mom and saw her hand kind of shaking?She hasnt had her drugs today,Alex thought.She then wiped her ears and trembled some mroe.There was nothing Alex could do about it right now so he decided to just leave for school and let her get on with her business before she collasped.

Alex-By mom!

Alex grabed his backpack and leaped for the door.

Mom-But you didnt finish your panca......

Alex Slammed the door.

That was the shittiest, most poorly written thing I've ever read you stupid ***. You ruined my day, and that of my family and everyone else I know. Fall over and die ball-licker. Don't disgrace me with a reply either.

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/\/\ while he is harsh, he also has a point... its awful... no point did it interest me... and it seemed like the only lvling up you would do is over your dirty pics in the bathroom.... seriously give it up now...

No offence though, you need to learn how to use spell check and come up with something original. What you've got right now is a cross-between "Thirteen" and "Degrassi" and that's not a good thing. Also, stick with one style of writing. Right now you're hopping from "novel" style writing to some type of semi-"script" style i.e.
"Alex- Hi Mom."

Stick with one or the other. The dialogue is horrible. This Alex character is the most immoral, inconsiderate piece of shit in any story. I know that you're not supposed to have perfect characters in your stories so people can "relate" to them, but this kid is a queer. He thinks that he can wait to discuss his mother's addiction to drugs, even though he notices it looks like she's about to pass out. You need to come up with more entertaining dialogue. As a side note, if I haven't mentioned it yet, it's written horribly.

Writing might just not be your thing though.


I have a style of writing and its is a cross between script and manuscript.Please dont bother telling me about the erros in grammar because i'm just trying to write a story right now.

Thanks Hit and Miss for that insight and no i'll keep trying.

Solo,piss off.

After Alex closed the door he rushed outside to his bicycle.That was one of the weirdest things he'd ever seen.His mom actually doing drugs?How could that be?He tried to keep telling himself it wasnt hers and that maybe for some odd reason it could've been all a misunderstanding.He ran outside to his bike already knowing he was about an hour late too school.He didnt see the penguin lawn ornament that laid before him ON THE SIDEWALK though and he tripped sending him and his backpack flying.He landed about a foot from the ornament and laid there suprise about how far he actually flew over a simple trip.

Alex-"Damn ugly ornament!WHY THE HELL IS IT EVEN HERE!?!?",he yelled out of fustration."Its a penguin, AND IT'S SPRING!",he yelled."MOM!"

*a few second go by*

Alex-MOM!Where the hell is she?!

*He got up and started walking back to the house*

*He walked back up his driveway with frustration and rage.He already had a scrap from the penguins beak that his leg landed on when he fell.He opened the door.*

Alex-Mom!Why the hell is there a lawnornament on the drivewa.....

*He walked in to find his mom on the ground leaning against the kitchen cabnets.He saw her injecting herself with a syringe.From what he could see there was no more of whatever was in there in the syringe.She sat there dazed and out of it.She didnt even move when he came in.*


You have just started your story of a 15 yr old kid who just finds out his moms taking drugs on the first 5 mins... its a bit rushed...

Sorry.First i'm trying to get people interested then slow things down again once I have peoples attention.Sorry if it's a bit rushed but I tried slowly introducing the drug story and you guys complained :/

I think you should start again... try thinking of having your char come home from school to find the clues...

Ok.I'll try that.Give me a little while to think about the story and where I want to go with it though.Maybe by tomorrow or thursday.

~Ok here's another draft.Hope you like this one more than the last.I got it done much faster than I expected~

Alex walked down the hall of his private prep school.He saw the jocks hanging out with more jocks and the popular girls hanging out with more popular girls.It disgusted him.A bunch of rich preps who think they're better than everyone because they can cheer or throw a 100 yard pass to score a touchdown.Alex had been a part of this lifestyle all his life but he had never evolved into what other's expected from him.Sure he was good-looking,athletic,and could get almost any girl that he wanted,but did that really mean anything?Did being the most popular guy in school with a truckload of friends make you feel anymore better than being unpopular but having the best two or three best friends you knew would always be there for you?Alex wondered this as he walked to Geometry.Did all the partying,all the good times really mean anything if when you graduated you'd most likely never see those friends or keep in contact with them again?Alex didnt want to be like one of those people who partied all through highschool but never got an education so they ended up pumping gas at a quickstop never making it out of their small suburban town.There was one person that Alex knew would always be there for him and that was Alexis and she was waiting for him in geometry having already saved a seat for him.

"Hey Alex!"
"Hey" Alex replied back after slumping down in his chair.He could already see Ms Groggy getting ready for another hour long geometry lesson.
"You do your homework?",asked Alexis.
"Can I copy it?" Alexis asked trying not to say it too loud in front of the teacher.
"Sure le'me get it."Alex reached into his backpack and tried to look for his geometry notebook."I-I-uh cant find it",Alex said as he shuffled through his backpack.
"Maybe you left it in your locker"
"Yeah that must be it.I'll be right back"Alex said as he rushed out the class trying to make in their and back before the bell rang.He got to his locker and and unlocked it with a key he kept on his key ring.He opened the locker up to find a small note."What the..".The note had small hearts drawn on it and smelled like perfume.He opened it up and read what it said.

"Dear Alex Bannecker,I saw you at the Jr.Varsity basketball game last night.You where so....cute and the way made game point on the final two seconds was just so-so-hot!Well anyways I just wanted to tell you that and I wanted to give you this."

Jack read a number that had been written out in hot pink.

"Call me"

The Letter ended.Who could that be?,alex wondered to himself.It didnt have a name,it didnt have an adress.All it had was a simple seven digit phone number.Why would anyone be flirting with him?It was pretty know around the school that him and Alexis where going pretty steady.Who would want to get in between that?He stopped dwelling on the thought when he spotted hos geometry book.He slipped the number into his pocket.He would call it when the time was right and tell whoever it was too leave him alone.He grabbed his geometry book and rushed back to class.

Originally posted by Cringe
Solo,piss off.
Sorry, I was trying to give constructive criticism.

Thats wasnt constructive critisism.That was you being an ass.Hit and Miss gave good adivce.

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-Rushed and difficult to comprehend.
-You keep switching between present and past tenses. Pick one and stick with it.
-Spelling and grammar are bad.
-Paragraph structuring is dismal.

-Its not rushed
-I dont care about spelling and grammar for now
-I did the best I can with paragraphs because I didnt want to do script form

What do you mean on the past tense thing?

Alex got back to class and saw the Ms Groggy already beginning the Math lesson.He walked in and started walking up the steps to his seat on the 5th row.

"Uh Mr Bannecker.Why are you late? she asked,apparently trying to put him on the spot so he could be embarrased.She loved doing this.Making kids miserable at the worst times was her specialty.Fortunately enough,Alex was a pretty popular kid and nobody would mess with him for being made out to be a fool.

"I-uh-forgot my book in my locker.I ran back to get it before class but I geuss I didnt make it back in time" Alex said trying to get a joke out of the class.The classed chuckled so Alex's nerves where somewhat calmed.

"I that sarcasm I sense from you Mr Bannecker?" Ms Groggy asked angrily.

Alex straigtened himself up.Being careful with his words so he didnt get sent to the principals office.The school dance was Friday and he didnt feel like being grounded."No Ma'm"

The class looked dissapointed when he said this.Mostly because he didnt crack a joke and that made him look soft and "uncool" according to his friends.

"You may sit down then Mr Bannecker." She then turned her back,writing something on the chalkboard,and Alex, wanting to keep his rep up,started making faces at her.The class started chuckling and Alex quickly turned around and started walking towards his seat as Ms Groggy tried to see why the class was laughing.

Alex took his seat by Michelle and took out his Geometry book."What took you so long" asked Michelle,whispering so she wouldnt get caught by Ms Groggy."Getting my book" Alex said,trying to sound annoyed by the should be obvious question."Your locker is just around the corner.It took five minutes to get a book?" Michelle asked,now seeming angry."Are you interrogating me?!"Alex said almost letting his voice get ahead of him but he managed to keep in control and continue whispering."No,I just wanted to know" Michelle said,now being sincere."I just went to get a book.Ok?" Alex said."Ok" Michelle said seeming hurt as she went back to work.

Alex didnt like lying to Michelle.She was his best friend and his girlfriend.But until he knew who sent him the letter he couldnt be honest with her yet.Michelle although sweet and funny,did have a jealous side that came out when Alex talked to other girls.He didnt want to get her all worked up for nothing so he kept quiet for now.He sat there not paying attention to Ms Groggy but just looking at Michelle as she worked.She was so beautiful for her age.She was about 5'9 with long brown hair , a really bright and round face with light hazel eyes and cute little dimples that you could see when she smiled.No wonder she was so popular,Alex thought.She was nice,sweet, and incredibly beautiful.Alex was lucky to in a relationship with her which made him hate not telling the truth more.

Brunette Angel
I thought that his girlfriend was Alexis...
But, I do like your story - it's really turning out well.
Keep it up

Originally posted by Solo
That was the shittiest, most poorly written thing I've ever read you stupid ***. You ruined my day, and that of my family and everyone else I know. Fall over and die ball-licker. Don't disgrace me with a reply either.

P.S. Learn how to spell and use commas you ****in' piece of shit, faggity ball lappin' pussy.
Originally posted by Solo
P.S. You want me to piss off, into your mouth, because you're a *** like that you stupid ass ball-licker. Your story is not getting any better and is just you wallowing in your shitty ****in' pussy ass self. **** you, and no you can't suck my balls anytime soon so stop asking.
Originally posted by Solo
I bet you'd like it if I was an ass so then you could tap it, you stupid queer ball-licking pussy. Continue your story.

Relax, or you're getting reported.

I haven't read the story yet, but I will soon. wink

Ive already reported him confused

Originally posted by Brunette Angel
I thought that his girlfriend was Alexis...
But, I do like your story - it's really turning out well.
Keep it up

OMG!This is so hard.I have rpgs going on plus this.I keep getting the names confused.Michelle is the name of someone else in an rpg.Alexis is correct.

Btw,thanks for the support.

Brunette Angel
No prob, just keep it up and don't get too stressed!!

Alex sat during the next three periods which inlcuded:English,Geography,and Physics,wondering who sent him the letter.He kept looking around the class trying to spot anyone looking at him or perhaps checking him out or anything that signified someone in their class having some sort of attraction to him.He was unsuccessful and decided that if the girl was in their class she was really good at keeping her emotions to herself and not making her crush noticeable.After the three long and boring periods came lunch.Alex walked out of Physics bored out of his mind.His physics teacher,My Samson,had the unique ability to actually make students want to fall asleep at the sound of his boring and toneless voice.He spoke almost as if he was a zombie and had no enthusiasim in the subject he taught.Alex walked down the hall to the cafeteria by himself.Alexis had gone with her friends to a brief cheer meeting for the big pep rally that was going to take place the following day promoting the big Thursday night basketball game between Sherry High and their rival, Arstor Academy.She had said she would meet him in the cafeteria in about fifteen minutes giving Alex a few minutes by himself as he walked to the lunchroom to think about the subject of the mysterious note.

When he arrived at the lunchroom he found his group of friends already sitting at a table near the door eating lunch.

"Hey Alex!What's cracking?!" John roared over the loud cafeteria.John was Alex's best friend and could be a bit of a goofball sometimes but also knew how to be a really good friend and had helped Alex out in alot of his toughest times."Nothin much home bro!" Alex joked as he took a seat next to him and five of his other friends.

"Hey,wheres Alexis?" Jennifer asked.Jennifer was a short,brown haired,blue eyed girl that Alex had made friends with as a freshman.Like John,she was also one of his good friends and was one of the only girls besides Michelle he could relate with and have fun with.She was also very pretty and had the cutest personality."She's in a cheer meating.She'll be here in a few minutes" Alex said.

"Hey Alex why dont you button up your shirt about 50 more notches.You look like a pale-bonned skeez" Melody had crack.Meoldy was the mean girl in the group.She knew everything about everyone and always had the rudest insults to crack even though she always claimed she was "Just Kidding".She was tall with longe blond hair,green eyes,and whitest and straighest teeth in the school.She had that look about her that made her look extremely nice but after awhile you start to notice theres more to the pie than meets the eye.Alex didnt like her,but accepted her in the group because she was a friend of Alexis and Raquels.Raquel was a another friend of Alex and Alex's.She was always funny and bright around Alex but for some reason he always thought she was double-side despite her nice girl approach.She was pretty.One of those small girls that guys just like to hug and cuddle with,she was also a bit of an airhead and just earlier that day had mentioned to the teacher while asking her a question that chicken came out of cows.The whole class laughed but she didnt get the joke till about five minutes after.

At last there was Michael.A tall,athletic pretty boy who's main goals in life where sports,parties,and his friends and family.He was smart but didnt work on a education and based his future on a possible basketball scholarship when he graduated from highschool.He sat beside michael not paying attention to Alex but concentraing on his left-over pizza from the night before.

"Uh are you gonna get something to eat or is the skinny ass look working for you?" Melody asked.Alex felt like he was going to burst but he kept his cool and just said "I'm waiting for Alexis"."Whatever" Melody replied as she went back to eating her salad.

i like it, but try not to get Alexis mixed up with 'Michelle'

Where did I do that?

I apologize on the behalf of the posts before this one.

Originally posted by Cringe

What do you mean on the past tense thing?
Shows how much you know about Language Arts. roll eyes (sarcastic)

when referring to time.....

I am going to the cinema...
I have gone to the cinema...

I know its a bit basic, but thats what Darkc is going on about.. your using the wrong words in some places....

"Alex got back to class and saw the Ms Groggy already beginning the Math lesson.He walked in and started walking up the steps to his seat on the 5th row.

"Uh Mr Bannecker.Why are you late? she asked,apparently trying to put him on the spot so he could be embarrased.She loved doing this.Making kids miserable at the worst times was her specialty.Fortunately enough,Alex was a pretty popular kid and nobody would mess with him for being made out to be a fool."

Should read....

Alex got back into class, and saw that Ms Groggy had already begun the Math lesson. He walked in late and started to climb up the steps to his seat in the 5th row.

"Uh Mr Bannecker. Why are you late? she asked, putting him on the spot so he would be embarrased. She loved doing this, making kids miserable at the worst times was her specialty. Fortunately though, Alex was a pretty popular kid. Nobody would mess with him for being made out to be a fool.

Personally you should put a space after a fullstop...
Try using a thesaurus... alot of this reads like its for a 10year old... try to use bigger words to increase your vocab... alot of longer english words give alot of class to a book when used correctly...

Oh.I dont really see the mistakes made in the parts you mentioned confused sorry.

A few minutes went by.Alex sat there not paying attention to Jennifer's and Melody's argument on whose make-up was better.Melody had been arguing that her's enhanced her eyes and gave her a darker,almost mocha like skin tone.She also mentioned it helped her not look as pale and sickly as Alex,but he ignored the comment.Jennifer said that her make-up gave her face a more pinkish look and that was better than looking like fudgsicle.Melody didnt respond,realizing she had been told.

Alex then saw Alexis walk threw the cafeteria door.She spotted them and walked over to the table and took a seat across from Alex by Jennifer."Hey guys!" Alexis said with enthusiasim,"Geuss What?!"."Pigs can fly!" John cracked."No.This is way better" Alexis said with a big smile on her face."What is it?" Alex finally chirped in."I was just at the cheer meating and......." Alexis was cut of by Melody's sudden shock."There was a cheer meeting today?!" Melody said sounding very suprised."Uh-Yeah" Alexis said, "No one told you?"."No,no one told me!" Melody screeched."Ok well chill.I guess Janelle forgot" Alexis said with a solemn look on her face.Janelle was the leader of the cheer squad and therefore was in charge of planning things and calling meetings and whatever it was they did."Anyways,Janelle is moving to Cambridge in two weeks and the coach said it's very possible I could become the new cheer captain!".Alex's eyes widened "Thats amazing!Congratulations Alexis that so cool"."Well nothings official yet,but the coach said it was definately a possibility if nothing better comes up"."Who could be better than you?"Alex said cheerfully."Thanks" Alexis said,blushing.

Alex glanced over at Melody.She sat there smiling but Alex knew that she was furious deep down inside.Alexis had gotten the heads up by the coach and Melody hadn't.Alex knew he should be enjoying this moment.Knowing that Melody had gotten dissed majorly,but he knew that this wasnt good.If there was one person you didnt want to have on your bad side it was Melody.Even if Alexis was a good friend of Melody that wouldnt stop her jealousy from getting in the way with her reasoning.

Alex got up from his seat and asked Alexis if she was hungry.She said she was and they walked to the end of the lunch line."You know she's furious right now" Alex said straightforwardly."I know" Alexis said not looking at all suprised."Well im just saying you should be careful.You know how Melody can get when she's jealous.You remember Ashley Crawshore right?". Alexis Nodded."Melody damn near ruined her life after she found out she had a crush on Sean".Sean was Melody's ex-boyfriend in Jr High.When Melody found out one of the class geeks liked her boyfriend and wouldnt back down from trying to go after him she spreaded a lie throughout the school that Melody was a lesbian.Melody was so humiliated that she transferred schools."Dont worry.Im not stupid.I know how Melody can be and im prepared in case she tries anything"."Why do you even hang out with her?" Alex asked puzzled.Alex had always asked Alexis that question but she never seemed to give an answer to him other than they go way back and everyone has there flaws and everyones made their mistakes so there's no use in breaking a friendship over a few things.Alex thought that sound foolish seeing that Melody would do it in a heart beat if Alexis did something she didnt like.Alex didnt know if Alexis was just blind or naive,but he knew that if she kept hanging out around with the a life-ruiner it wasnt going to be long before she became the next victim.

umm... you should care about these things...since you ignore these things in your writing this is why it sucks... not only that the whole story itself just reeks

no expression you wanted me to post this in here .. so here you go.. no expression

Thank you.Keeping reply to my story pointing out any other errors smile.

Brunette Angel
Even though it may have a few mistakes, I'm really enjoying your story. It has a good plot to it so far. I have noticed that as people give you criticism, you use it and make your story even better. It's really coming along. Keep it up!

~Thanks alot.Here's another bit for ya'll.I've already pre-wrote the summarys for the next few bits so I know where the storys heading and am not just randomly coming up with stuff big grin~

After Alex and Alexis where finshed with lunch Alex decided to walk Alexis back to homeroom. Alexis told Jennifer to save her a seat when she got to class. Melody had get what she missed from the meeting from the cheer coach.

Alex and Alexis walked down a noisy hallyway. Kids where scrambling, trying to get there books and themselves to class before the bell rang. Alex and Alexis walked along the the middle of the hallways. They where really fustrated because they where trying to talk but they couldnt because paper airplanes kept getting thrown around the room.Occasionally one of Alex's basketball friends would throw one at him.He playfully threw it back, hitting them on the forehead everytime. People kept rushing by him and Alexis though so they barely had any room to breathe, let alone carry on a conversation.

"Why dont we take a shortcut through the Gym?" Alex asked.

"Ok.Anything to get out of this madness" Alexis said,sounding releaved.

Five minutes before class was always the worst time to be in the hallways. Everyone was scrambling, trying to get to their lockers and get there books out so they didnt have to be late. It was also a time when pranksters walked around tripping people,hiding backpacks,and tossing paper airplanes at an unsuspecting head. Hardly anyone took the gym shortcut and this gave Alex and Alexis some breathing room and space as they walked.

"So do you want to come over today after school?Maybe stay over for a few hours and have dinner with me and my parents?" Alexis asked.

Alex thought of the number. The mysterious girl that wanted him to call her because she had a crush on him. He couldnt go.He had to stop it right now before word got out. Cooldon High was a very gossip- pron school and Alex was very familiar on how to watch his back. "I cant Alexis.I have this thing with my mom and...." Alex didnt get to finish his sentence.

Alexis sighed "Oh."

"I would if I could Alexis but me and my mom are going to a-uh-movie" Alex said,realizing he had stalled.He hoped Alexis hadnt caught it.

"Well....maybe tommorow?" Alexis asked nervously.

"Yeah!Tommorow would be great" Alex said reassuringly.

"Ok cool.I'll tell me my mom" Alexis said starting to sound cheerful.

By now Alex had walked Alexis to homeroom. Alot of kids where already sitting down. Class still had about thirty second until the bell rang. Alex could see Jennifer waving to Alexis. He could see she had saved him a seat.

"You'd better go or else Ms. Regnart's gonna tear you a new one" Alex said jokingly.

Alexis laughed "Ok.See ya after school." She leaned in and gave him a big kiss.

"Thanks" Alex said, replying to the kiss.

"Anytime" Alexis said as she walked away.

Anytime,Alex thought.Yeah ok.

New bit coming in a few days big grin

I'm in the process of writing a few pieces for the future.

Brunette Angel
I can't wait!

big grin

~Heres quite a lengthy piece because im gonna be gone for a day big grin~

Alex walked along the hallway on his way to the locker room. He met up with John who was on his way there too.

"Hey!" Alex called out.John was only a few feet ahead of him but he was walking fast and didnt see Alex.John turned around and faced Alex.

"Hey" he said as Alex caught up with him

"Pumped up for Thursday," John commented. "I almost got my jumpshot perfected for the big game" John said shooting an air ball with his hands.They both laughed."You pshyiced or what?".

"Yeah,I am. I really thing we're going to win this time" Alex said,trying to sound ethusiastic even though he still had Alexis and the number in his mind.

They made it to the locker room door and stepped inside.The air smelled of sweat mixed with bad spray deoderant.He saw the guys had already started.Most of them just sat on the benches talking to the other guys even though they where already dressed.Alex couldnt imagine who would want to stay in this room longer than they have to.

" Nice game point Monday! " one of the seniors yelled from across the room. "Yeah nice game point " another guy yelled. Alex smiled nervously, not liking being put on the spot. "You gonna do that again in the game tommorow? " another kid in Alex's classed asked.

" I'll do my best "Alex said trying to shake the attention.

Him and John quickly got dressed and left the locker room. The air outside smelt so good compared to the dingy sweat caused by the guys in the locker room.They began walking towards the gym again.

" So have you asked Amanda to the dance on Friday yet? " Alex asked John with a smile on his face.

John laughed "No not yet. I dont know if I can. She's really hot and nice and stuff and i'm well me." John said starting to sound serious. " Do you think she would say yes? " John asked.

"Yeah" Alex said encouragingly. " Ask her out dude. She's totally crushin on you man." Alex didnt know this for a fact but he was trying to give John some confidence so he could just get on with it.

" Yeah ok. Maybe I will " John said starting to sound confident again. "I'll show her some of that Johny Boy charm" he said jokingly.Alex laughed.

They reached the gymnasium where they had P.E. everyday and they took a seat on the bleachers.By now there where already fifteen kids there so Alex and John had to take a seat near the front.

" So you going with Alexis to the dance? " John asked.

" NO!" Alex said sarcastically. "I'm going with my other girlfriend who i've been seeing for eight months." John and Alex laughed. "Hey where's Michael?"

"I dont know.I havent seen him since lunch.He said he had some business to take care of and you know what that means " John said grinning.

" How does that guy get to make-out with every hot girl in school?! " Alex asked frustrated.

John laughed "I dont know but he manages"

Alex grinned.Then he heard a kid yelling behind him. He saw two kids from his class playing keep away with one of the mathletes pairs of glasses.

"Give it back!" the kid yelled.

"Get it yourself" one of the bullies called back.

Alex got up and ran to the kids. " Give it back to him " Alex demanded.He wasn't afraid.He was dealing with simple class outcast.He could handle them.

"Or what?" one of them asked snarling.

John got up and backed Alex up. "Or else you'll have every other Jr. Varsity basketball player waiting for you outside after school. "

The bully's sat there snarling and then gave the glasses back to the little kid.Alex and John backed away without saying another word.

"Jerks" John muttered as they walked back to their seats.They saw Michael making his way from the entrance across the gym.He walked up to them.

"Oh my God! That girl in 11th grade.Whats her name? Uh....Alisa Travis.Dude she is like.......awesome!" Michael said with a big smile on his face.He saw Alex and John where not showing any excitment. "Whats eating you guys ? "he asked.

"Stupid bully's , " John replied. "We just had to care of some.Why cant they ever pick on somebody who can defend themselves?Instead in they have to pick on....math nerds."

"Oh.well I just made-out with the hottest girls in school so....."

"Yeah,Congrats" Alex said showing no action behind the words.

"Fine then" Michael took a seat next to them. "Dont be happy for me.Jeez!"

"Sorry," Alex replied. "Stupid bullys just get on my nerves."

"Yeah,I know what you mean" Michael replied.

After P.E. Alex,John, and Michael lefted the gym and got changed in the locker room.The air was hot and wet as the sweaty students got changed.Alex,John, and Michael put on their cloths and quickly left.

" They need some ventilation in there or something " Alex complained.

"For real" John replied.

They usually met Melody,Alexis,and Jennifer in front of the school so they started walking there but they didnt have to walked for long before they saw them heading there themselves.

"Hey!" Alex called out.

"Hey" Alexis replied turning around.

"Oh shoot! I forgot my P.E. shirt in the locker room" Alex exclaimed exhuastedly. "Alexis,can you take my backpack to the front for me?"

"Sure" Alexis replied.

Alex ran off to the locker room.

Alexis and the group walked to the front of the school.Alexis stopped.

"I forgot my geometry book in Ms Groggy's classroom.I need to go get it " she said.

"Too late. You know Ms Groggy leaves right at three" Melody said.

Alexis smacked herself playfully in the head. "Thats right.What am I going to do? I didnt do my homework in study hall "

" Borrow Alex's " Melody suggested.

"Yeah,I dont think he'll mind.He finished his homework in class today" Alexis said cheerfully.She reached in Alex's backpack and got his book.She put it in her backpack and continued to walk towards the front of the school.They got there and sat on some benches while they waited for their parents.John and Michael sat on the grass talking about the basketball game that was going to happen on Thursday.Melody,Jennifer, and Alexis talked about the dance and what they where going to wear. Jennifer said she had already bought a yellow,sunflowered like dress with white dandilions on it. Melody said she was wearing a simple black dress her parents had imported from Italy for her birthday. Alexis said she was wearing a red,silk dress with a black shaw. They all giggled.Exclaiming how good they where going to look.

Alex then walked out and joined them.

"What are you ladies talking about ? " Alex asked.

"Just girl stuff " Alexis replied giggling.

"You werent talking about me where you "Alex asked with a grin.

"No, idiot,we where talking about what we're going to wear to the dance Friday " Melody said smirking.

"Oh well......." Alex was in the middle of a comeback when he was interrupted by his mom's car honk. "Oh, I have to go. I'll talk to ya'll lata " He walked to Alexis and gave her a kiss. "Call me " he said in her ear. He walked towards his car.

"Cya Alex! " John and Michael called out.

Alex waved not looking back.

"That messed up." he heard John and Michael comment.

"Just kiddin" Alex turned around and yelled back.

He got in his mom's escalade and began to shut the door.

"WAIT ALEX I...." Alex's car door shut in the middle of Alexis sentence. " got your geometry book " Alexis said to herself now that he couldnt hear her.

I like it

I could predict that she will call him and then 'he should be at he movies' but then ...

Lol,.you never know.I already have alot of this planned out yes

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~These next two post should hold you all for a week.I'm going to think about the story for a little bit and brainstorm some ideas.I'll be back with a new bit by next monday or tuesday.Hope you like these next two portions!~

PART 1 : Alex

Alex and his mom drove down the street the school was located on.Alex sat slumped in his seat staring out the window while his mom lip sung to songs from the oldies station.Alex usually hated when his mom put it on that station but right now he had alot on his mind.The basketball game,the school dance,the mysterious phone number.All these things made Alex's mind grow weary.He knew this wasnt good seeing as how he had a big game in two days( thursday) and he needed to concentrate on his three point shot.Alot of people were expecting alot out of him and he didnt want to dissapoint any of them.He had a big responsibility being the team captain and alot of kids looked up to him and he couldnt let them down.

There was also the big dance on Friday.Alex was planning on taking Alexis but he wasnt to excited.He hated going to dances but Alexis really wanted to go so Alex decided not to dissapoint her and force himself to go and enjoy himself.The cost was also ten dollars per person and Alex of course had to pay for both of them.Alex hadnt even picked out what he was going to wear.He was probably going have his mom get him a new suit.He told Alexis he was thinking about going with a white and black striped tie with converse all-stars to give a funkier look and decided to go with it.

Then there was the mysterious number Alex had yet to call.The number more than anything was him driving nuts.At one point he even got mad when he thought about someone writing him a note knowing he was in a relationship but he forced himself to stay calm and not pay too much attention to it.When he got hom he would just call the person and say it couldnt work out.

By now Alex had arrived on his sunny,calm street.He sat himself up and saw some neighbors out mowing their lawns and watering their beautiful plants and flowers.Most of them where senior citizens who wore bright gardening outfits with no stains on them whatsoever.Alex geussed that they washed them everytime they sneezed in its direction.They had to always look good when being in public.Most of them had a reputation to keep up with and couldnt be considered as messy and dirty in the publics eye.Alex lived in the center of the suburbs where on one street you could find up to five three story house one of which had a swimming pool bigger that an average persons house.He saw people BMW's and foreign cars in the driveway.This disgusted him.No one needs a 500,000 dollar car.They should be spending it on something useful like charities for cancer or hurricane relief, Alex thought to himself.With all the stuff that's going on in the world they choose to spend thousands of dollars on gas-hogs.

Alex reached his house and went back to the reality that he wasnt much different than his neighbors.His house was two storys high with a big attic they used as a game room,a swimming pool,and enough rooms to hold three of their families.Alex got out of the car to find his dad polishing his 2005 Mitsubishi.

"Hey son!" his dad called out as he stepped back from polishing his baby.He looked to his wife "Hi sweety" he walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheeks.They stood there for a few moments kissing.Alex rolled his eyes.He walked over to the front door and walked into his house.He saw his sister sitting on the couch watching tv.

"Dont you ever do your homework?" he called out."You know mom and dad spend good money sending you to that fancy college."

"Beat it twirp!" his sister snapped back.

Alex walked up to his room without replying to his sisters comment.Right now the only thing he was interested in was calling the person who wrote him the note and telling them they had no future together.He walked up the steps to the second floor and walked into his room.He grabbed the phone and sat on his bed.He stared around his room.He was again reminded of his life and how he shouldnt think bad about the other people on his block.He stared up at his lcd flat panel screen that hung on his wall followed by a surround sound system that was set up around his room.He had a pretty big room that gave him alot of walking space and room.There was a big platform in his room that had his desk with his computer on it and his stereo.He had a walk in closet that contained alot of shoes and cloths but for the most part was half empty.He also had a small bathroom that was inside his closet.

He snapped out of his thought and dug into his backpack in search of his geometry book.Might as well get this over with now,he thought.He didnt think anything of it at first but after he couldn't find his geometry book for awhile he started to get worried.He dug into his backpack searching through all the books hoping to find it in there somewhere.He then opened his backpack all the way and threw his books on the ground.He shuffled through all his books but he couldnt find the one he was searching for.He couldnt find his geometry book!

PART 2 : Alexis

Alexis sat waiting about five minutes after Alex left until her mom came.He mom pulled up in a big, black suburban.She smiled at Alexis through the window.Alexis smiled back as she opened the door and sat inside.Her mom was tall,caucasion,had short blonde hair,and hazel eyes.She was skinny but not to the point where her bones showed and she always had a bright smile on and a cheerful attitude.The great thing was is that that was not a show she put on.That was her real personality and Alexis looked up to her for that.

"How was your day?" her mom Jannet asked as she took off her sunglasses and placed them of the dashboard.

"It was good" Alexis said giving her a warm smile.She closed her door as her mom started the car and began driving home.

"Excited about the dance Friday?" her mom asked.

"Yeah.That dress you got me is going to look great" Alexis said ethusiastically.

"Whats Alex wearing"

"I think he's wearing a suit with a black and white striped tie and his All-Stars " Alexis said giggiling

"Oh God" her mom said sarcastically.

"He'll pull it off.He always does" Alexis reassured her mom."Hey, do you mind if he comes over for dinner tommorow?

"Sure,do you know what his favorite dish is?Maybe I could make it for him." her mom asked.

"As a matter a fact I do" Alexis said smiling. "Its Tri-Tip with mash potatoes and garlic bread.He told me when we went to Sizzler last Friday."

Her mom laughed. "I can make that.Tell him to come hungry."

"I will"

Alexis sat back in her seat as her mom put on some music.She listen to the new tunes from the hot radio station.She didnt sing along or try to dance to them though.Her mind was on why Alex was so distant in geometry class today.She came to the conclusion that he was probaly just tired from having just woken up even though that was unlike him.He was usually a morning person and was very bright and active in the morning.Alexis didn't dwell on the thought anymore but closed her eyes as she listed to the tunes.

After a few minutes they arrived at their neighborhood.Alexis' neighborhood and house wasnt much different than Alex's.She lived on a street where everybody knew everybody and in the daytime you could see people washing their cars,watering their gardens,or walking their dogs.It was a very happy and bright place to grow up.Unlike Alex she liked her neighborhood and liked the people.Even though most of them would seem like snobs to some people she found them rather nice and always cheerful when she was around them.

They finally arrived at their house and parked in the driveway.Alexis got out of the car and carried her backpack to the door.She lived in a simple two story house that wasnt much bigger than Alex's house.She had a small,intimate swimming pool and Jacuzzi that her and Alex sometimes sat in when her parents where away,and a attice that they used a office for her dads construction business he ran.The rest off the house was very homy but also luxurious.Her mom was very good at keeping the house modern and with the times.They had a mini gym on the first floor that Alexis used to improve her stamina for the cheer competitions and simple basketball game cheers.She walked into the house and found her small yorkie running up to her.She dropped her backpack and picked him up as he jumped at her.She played with him for a few seconds and then put him down.He ran to the other room to play with his toys.Alexis picked up her backpack and walked up to her room.Alexis had a big room to herself seeing as how she was a only child.It was fun being an only child because she didnt have alot of pesty brothers or little sisters and her parents where able to pay alot of attention to her.She loved both her parents who where and have always been very understanding and loving.Her dad was really cool and sweet and her mom was her bestfriend,even more so than Alex.She reached her room on the second floor and walked in.The shades where pull open letting in alot of light to her already bright room.It was decorated in a funky,pink fashion with alot of stuffed animals and drawings she drew,on the wall.She walked to her closet and picked out some evening cloths to wear.She was planning on taking a show but decided to call Alex first.She jumped on her bed and laid down.The she dialed Alex's number.It rang for a few Moments and then Alex picked up.

"Hello?"Alex asked.

"Hey it's me" Alexis said.

"Oh-uh-hey" Alex said sound fustrating and busy.

Alexis frowned "What are you doing?"

"Just looking for my geometry book.I cant find it anywhere.I think it may have been stolen" Alex said sounding concerned.

Alexis' frown turned into a guilty look "Uh-I-kind of borrowed it"

"What!" Alex's said not realizing he shouted."I mean-uh-why?"

"I need to work on my assignments and I didn't think you needed it.Im sorry.I should've asked."

You got that right Alex said.He sat on his floor leaning against his bed with a worried look on his face.What am I gonna do?,he thought.If she finds the note and realizes I didnt tell her about it then she'll think I was actually thinking of pursuing it.This cannot be happening!

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Alex was an emotional wreck for the next part of the day. All he could think about was his fate with Alexis and how it was not in his hands. He tried to work on his 3-point shot for Thursdays big basketball game but he found himself missing almost every shot. Not because he sucked, but because he had alot on his mind besides sports. He practiced for a few more minutes and then decided to call it a night as for as basketball was concerned. He went upstairs and took a shower in his bathroom. He stood there letting the hot water poor down on him. He really wanted to call the number and see who it was but he didnt remember it. He felt so stupid. He had been thinking about the number the whole day and he hadn't even memorized it. How hard could it have been to memorize a simple seven digit number ? Obviously too hard for Alex since he only remembered the first three numbers, 454.

He got out of the shower and went downstairs where his mom had prepared dinner. He saw his dad already sitting down waiting to be served. His sister still sat watching tv as his mom called her to come to the table. She finally got up from the couch and sat down at the dinner table. Alex sat down as well at the opposite end from his father.

"Ham and mash potatoes! Your favorite dear." Alex's mom said.

"Ooo my favorite" Alex's dad said with a chuckle.

Alex rolled his eyes. He centered himself out from his mom and dad's conversation just like his sister. They said they where thinking of remoldeling the downstairs bathroom to give it more room. Alex thought it was big enough already but apparently his parents had to find another way to be better than everyone else. Dont get him wrong, Alex didnt hate his parents he just didnt know why everything had to be so extravagent in his life. Extravagent cars, vacations, house, way of life. He didnt see a need for alot of the things they had but he didnt complain because he knew he liked most of it and he certainly liked the nice room they provided for him.

After dinner Alex's mom and dad took the dishes to the kitchen and started washing them together. His sister went to the family room to continue watching tv. Alex was about to retire to his room for the night but he had to ask his mom when they where going to get a new suit for the dance. He walked over to the kitchen but when he got to the door he could hear his parents talking about something in a low voice.

"How old is he?" he heard his dad ask.

"15. Same age as Alex" his mom replied.

"I dont know. Seems like a big responsibility." his dad replied.

"Well lets just give it some time.We'll meet with him next Monday and then you can tell me what you think."

Without realizing it Alex had pressed his body against swinging door that allowed it to open.Too late to go back.His parents already saw his face. He walked in and asked his mom when they where going shopping. She said they would go on Wednesday which was two days from then. Alex said ok and excused himself from the room. When he got outside he tried to eavesdrop again but he found that his parents had went back to talking about the remodeling.

What where they talking about? , Alex thought. What kid? What responsibility?

Alex soon laid the thought to rest and then went to bed.

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Alex got up the next morning and sat up in his bed. He glanced over at the alarm clock and saw it was and hour and a half from the start of school. He had to get up and get dressed. He got up and put on some faded jeans with a red un-buttoned red shirt that revealed a white t-shirt. He topped it off with a pair of Converse All-Stars, did his hair, and was ready to go.

He went downstairs to see his mom sitting on the couch,sipping coffee,and reading the paper as she waited for Alex.

"Ready to go honey?" his mom asked.

"Yeah.Lets go" Alex said with a little bit of anxiousness in his voice.He was eager to get to the school,retrieve his geometry book and hopefully find the number in there,un-touched.

They left and minutes later Alex had arrived at school.He said goodbye to his mom and raced to the front steps on the building.He made haste as he walked to geometry class.Not because he was late, but because he didn't want to be kept in suspense any longer.

He reached the classroom and found that none of his friends had arrived yet. He walked in and got a seat on the back row. He got out his notebook and waited for Alexis to show up.

After about 10 minutes of nervous waiting, Alex saw Alexis walk through the door.

"Hey!" he yelled at her from across the room.Signaling he had a spot saved for her.

"Hey!" she called back as she made her way up the steps to the back row. She took the seat Alex had saved her and sat down.

"Hey you have the-uh..." Alex asked nervously but Alexis cut him off.

"Sure do.Sorry about taking it without asking you.It was stupid,I know."

"Dont worry about it" Alex said grabbing the book with more force than he expected.Alexis jumped in suprise."Sorry" Alex said seeing her jump.He casually opened the book as Alexis retrieved her own book from the teachers desk. Alex flipped through the pages and found the note there.In the exact same place he had lefted it.

Alexis came back with her book.

"Everything ok?" she asked sensing Alex's past jumpiness.

"Everythings great" Alex said with a smile.

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The rest of the day pasted by very quickly.Geometry had went smoothly and so had the rest of the periods. Alex didn't feel that Alexis had suspected a thing.She acted normal and didn't hint a thing. Alexis was good at hiding things though so Josh hadn't quite made up his mind yet on whether or not she was just putting on a show.

He also had a conversation with Michael ,and Michael said he was going to ask Amanda out after the pep rally on Wednesday.

Alex and Alexis where alone as they walked towards the front of the school to where their parents where probably already waiting for them.

"So are we still on for tonight?" Alexis asked.
"Yeah yeah.I'm looking forward to it"
"My mom's making your favorite"
"Tri-tip, mash potatoes,and bread? Sweet." Alex replied.

By now they had already made it to the front where they saw their parents already waiting for them.Alex kissed Alexis good-bye and ran to his dad's Porsche. He got in and buckled up.

His dad started the car and began the way home.

"So how was your day?" his dad asked.

Because I didnt get caught? GREAT! ,which is what Alex felt like saying but all he said was, "It was ok."

"Anxious for the big game on Thursday?"
"Yeah,im totally phsyced" Alex replied.
"Well your gonna do great.I know it. And guess what?"

Alex looked at his dad.

"Im gonna be there to see it" his dad exclaimed.
"Really?" Alex asked.
"Yeah,I cancelled a meeting and everything"
"Cool" Alex replied.
"Yeah, I'm going to see you and the team beat those Arstoridians!"

Alex chuckled and they continued to talk about the team and the game.

A few minutes later they reached the house.Alex got out really fast and ran to the door.He tried opening it but it was locked. He rang the doorbell knowing that his sister was probaly sitting on the couch watching tv or talking on the phone.He then start baning slightly on the door and after a few moments his sister answered the door.

"Jeez.Cant you wait for like two seconds?!" his sister screeched.

"No" Alex said as he hurried up to his room.He reached the top of the stairs and walked into his room.He dropped his backpack to the floor and got his geometry book out.He flipped through the pages and recovered the number.He picked up the phone and stared at it.

"This is it" he said to himself.

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Alex gripped the phone firmly and then glanced back at the paper.He memorized it and then threw it on the bed.He slowly dialed the number not knowing what to expect and very anxious to find out.He finished dialing and then held the phone to his ear. He heard it ring about two times and then decided that whoever it was was probably not going to answer. It was probably all a stupid prank he got to over-worked about.But then he heard a beeping sound and then......

"You. Alex Bannecker have been caught." Alex listened carefully to the words.They sounded computerized or masked or something. It definetly did not sound normal or human.He then heard a loud laugh echo threw the phone.A computerized laugh as well. What is this?, he asked himself but even he didnt understand what was going on. And then the phone went silent. Alex listened for a few more seconds but he heard no more sound. After awhile he just hung up. Weird,he thought.


Alex rang the doorbell of Alexis' house. He stood at the door really nervous. Still shooken up about the number and strange recorded message that was on the phone. Who would do that? he asked himself. Was it a stupid prank or a ploy devised by someone who wanted to get him caught in calling a crush's number? He was in the middle of this thought when Alexis answered the door. She wore a pink top with a black skirt on. She had also had a pink flower in her hair that made her look stunning as usual. Alex couldn't believe she was only 15 and a half. She looked mature enough to be on magazine covers.

"Hi! Come on in." she said as she opened the door and moved to the side so Alex could step in.
"Hey" he said, sounding distracted because his mind was still on the number.He could see Alexis was upset by the brief hello and lesser than usuall eye contact. Alex could tell she was slightly offended but he didn't stop to say he was sorry.
"How do I look?" she asked.

Alex didn't hear her at first.

"Alex?" she pressed.
"Oh what?" he asked.
"How do I look?" she repeated
"Oh-uh- great" he said turning his head to her mom as she entered the living room.
"Hi Alex!" she said walking over to him.
"Hi Mrs. Salez" he said giving her a half-smile. She walked over to him and gave him a hug. He didn't hug back but just let her hug him.

He glanced over at Alexis and could tell she was already upset. She gave him and frown and walked into the kitchen claiming she was going to help finish up dinner. Janet, Alexis' mom, told Alex to sit down on the couch and wait for her to get him when dinner was ready.

Alex said ok and went to sit down on the couch. He sat suddenly regreting shutting Alexis off when he had entered. She was probably going to be mad the whole night but Alex couldn't help it. He had alot on his mind and on top of that he was actually starting to get worried about who might've actually given him that number. Could it have been a practical joke or could he really be in trouble? He knew that he didn't want to be known as the class cheater escpecially with his two final years of highschool approaching. He sat thinking about this as Alexis walked in still frowning.

"Dinner is ready" Alexis said without any enthusiamsim.She then walked back into the kitchen. What have I got myself into? Alex asked himself.

The Rest of the night passed by very slowly. Alex tried as hard as he could to be the charming young boyfriend everyone expected him to be but he just couldn't. And even if he wanted to it was too late to go back. He couldn't have just closed himself off for the first twenty minutes of his time there and then all of a sudden pretend like everything was ok.

Alexis barely spoke to him and just let her parents talk to him for an hour. They talked to him about sports, school, family, and then life in general. Alex supposed this was Alexis' form of payback. Letting her parents bore him with their endless questions for an hour. He even that he saw her give him a grin about 30 minutes through the conversation. He pretended not to notice.

After dinner Alex looked at the clock and could see that his parents would be picking him up in ten minutes. He sat up and excused himself to the restroom. The Alexis' parents starting taking the dishes to the kitchen but not Alexis. She waited in the living room for Alex to come out and in a few minutes he did.

He stared at her as she stared back. He wasn't quite sure what to say so he said the first thing that came into his mind "Hey....whats up?"

She glared at him.

"Ok i'm sorry I know I was kind of rude but I have alot of things on my mind right now" he said, trying to get some understanding into her.
"Like what?" she asked. "It would be nice if you could tell me why you've been weird the past few days"
He thought of telling her the truth. Telling her about the note and how he had been so occupied with thinking about who wrote it that he had probably seemed a little weird. "I know. I'm sorry"
They both heard the doorbell ring. "That must be my parents" Alex said. "I have to go" he concluded.
She didn't reply but instead walked down the hallway probably going to the rec room.
"I cant believe this" Alex murmered to himself as he answered the door and found his mom standing there.
"Ready" she asked.
"Yeah. Lets go" Alex went to say goodbye to Alexis' parents and then left with his mom. It's going to be interesting tommorrow, he thought.

Next piece comes whenever I write three more messed. Maybe monday,tues, or weds erm

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~Here's another piece. I think you both will enjoy this one. It's a little bit more of a comedic peice. I will try to write another piece by Wednesday!~

Part 13

The next morning was like any other normal morning that had gone before. Alex had got up, got dressed, and ate a quick breakfast, and was then off for school. He pulled up in his mom's car with about ten minutes before class started. He took his time walking to class because he knew if Alexis was there than he was just hurrying towards a day of her being angry at him. He casually walked up the front steps of the school and then entered the building. He could already see kids at their lockers, talking, and some hurrying to class. He walked to his locker, retrieved his books, and started walking towards class. As he approached the classroom door he winced at the possibility that Alexis might already be there. He walked into the classroom and saw that she was there, sitting in their normal spot. Alex walked up the steps of the classroom and towards Alexis. He moved in to take the only seat by her...

"This seats taken" she said
"For who?" he asked in suprise.
"Jennifer" she said not even acting bothered by him being there.

She went along getting out her homework not even paying attention to Alex. Alex stood for a second in shock and then made his way down the stairs. Oh no. He looked around for another seat, he searched the classroom desperately but all the other seats where either reserved or already taken. Alex reluctantly trudged over to Smelly Martin. He was a heavyset kid, that didn't have any friends and Alex knew why. He smelt like garbage. Alex sat behind him and was suddenly overwhelmed by the shocking smell. He winced in discomfort. He looked behind him and saw Alexis looking at her books but also grinning hugely. She's evil, Alex thought. That the only explanation for why she would do this to me. She's inhabited by demons! Or she could just be paying me back for being a little distant last night. Jeez! she is so touchy!

Alex was in the middle of this thought when he heart a loud noise. It sounds like someone sat on a balloon and slowly popped it. He turned around and everyone was staring at Martin in front of him. Then he smelled the horrid stench. Martin had farted.

"Uhhhh!" Alex yelled out. "Martin what the hecks your problem!?"

Martin buried his head in his hands. Alex covered his nose with his shirt. He glanced back at Alexis. She wasn't looking at him but he could still see the evill grin she had on her face as she looked at her geometry book.

"Thanks Alexis" Alex said to himself.


Alexis, Jennifer, and Melody walked in the hallway during their break in Study Hall. Alex was in P.E. and Alexis was talking to her friends about Alex.

"I wanna tell you guys something.It's kind of been bothering me for a few days.", Alexis said.
"What is it?" Jennifer asked. "You can tell us"
"I think Alex is cheating on me" Alexis confessed.
Melody took a step back. She looked around suspiciously.Alexis looked at her.
"Do you know anything?" Alexis asked.
"No, I think it was the lunch food or something is getting to my stomach" Melody replied still looking around and not making eye contact with Alexis.
"Okkkk. What do you both think?" Alexis asked.
"As much as I hate to admit it because I'm a good friend of Alex I have to say that I think he is too.He's been really weird lately. Not returning my calls and stuff which is really unusual for Alex." Jennifer admitted.
"You?" Alex asked looking at Melody.
"I agree too" she said solemly.
"What do you both think I should do?" Alexis asked.
"Break up with him. I really think he's cheating" Melody pressed.
Alex was shocked by the sudden bold statement. "I cant just break up with him without any facts." Alexis rebuttled.
"Why don't you try being more distant from him?" Jennifer chipped in.
"Yeah that would probably work" Alexis replied.
"Or you could break up with him." Melody suggested. "He's cheating on you. I just know it!"
"I'll try Jennifers method for now before I jump into any descisions like that" Alexis said.
"Whatever" Melody replied as they started walking back towards homeroom.

Alexis was puzzled. Why was Melody so content on the possibility that Alex was cheating and why had she gotten so tense when Alexis brought it up. And why was Jennifer so quick to betray Alex and agree with Alexis. She had been a friend to Alex longer than with Alexis and it just seemed odd she would say he was cheating just because he didn't return her calls. Could either one of them know something?, she thought.

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HA - Smelly Martin. I don't know any kids like that at my school... Good thing too.
NO! I love Alex and Alexis together!! They'd better resolve their issues... sad
anyway - keep up the good work!! your story is great!


After study hall, Alexis and her friends got ready for the big pep rally that was going to be held after school in the gym to promote the following days big basketball game between their school and Arster Academy. Alexis was in the girls locker room putting on her cheer outfit along with the rest of the girls. This was a big day for her. The first chance she had to make a good impression on the coach given the circumstances that she may be the next head cheer leader. It was vitally important that she didn't screw up during any of the routines. The coach needed to know that she was capable of performing under pressure.

She finished suiting up and walked along the hallways down the path to the gymnasium entrance. She walked in through the main double doors along with Melody and Jennifer and saw more than a hundred students already sitting on the bleachers, making alot of noise, and cheering for the team. Alexis and her two friends went to sit down on the designated spot while they waited for the rest of the squad.

"I'm so nervous right now with the whole Alex thing on my mind" Alexis told Jennifer.
"Don't worry. Just try and relax and you'll do fine" Jennifer encouraged.

Alexis watched as the rest of the squad walked in threw the double doors. The coach followed them.

"Ok, this is it!" she said. "I want you to go out there and do the routines we praticed. Don't get distraced by the noise or the crowd but focuse on the movements and steps so you dont make a mistake and wind up hurting somebody"

The squad nodded in agreement.

"Oh, and have fun!" the coach added.

The squad nodded and ran out unto the center on the basket court. Alexis followed but her mind was having trouble staying focused on cheering even with the many screaming fans on the bleachers. She kept thinking about Alex and for some reason could not get him of her head.


After the last line the crowd roared with enthusiasim.

"One more!!!" the coached yelled from off the court.

GO .........

The cheerleaders moved in to take their positions as they formed a pyramid. It was Alexis' job to take the spot on the very top. Two cheerleaders helped lift her to the top but then, all of a sudden, her foot slipped off one of the cheerleaders hands and she went falling down on the other cheerleaders sending the squad below her to the ground.

The coach rushed to the center and helped all the girls off each other. The crowd roared with laughter. The coach asked if everyone was ok and they all nodded. The coach looked at Alexis and shook his head in dissaproval. How did that happen?, Alexis asked herself. She had been paying close attention up until she started climbing to the top and then her mind had somehow drifted back to Alex. What is wrong with me!?, she asked herself. Am I such a freak I can't even concentrate on something other than me and Alex's stupid problems for like five minutes?!

The cheerleaders went back to their seats and the announcer started introducing the starters for the following days game. The announcer reached Alex's name and as he came to the center of the court Alexis glared and him and he saw it. He was briefly distracted but was able to keep his focus as he ran back to the rest of the team.

It's all his fault, Alexis thought. Maybe Melodys right. Maybe I should break up with him. That would teach him to appreciate me and not be so secretive about everything. Yeah, maybe I should.......


The coach had asked to see Alexis in her office after the rally. Alexis walked in to find the coach already seated at her desk.

"Alexis, sit down"

Alex took a seat in front of the desk.

"So what happened?" the coach asked.
"I guess I just got a little distracted" Alexis replied.
"Hmm, you know you cant just get DISTRACED at tommorrow nights game" the coach said.
Alexis nodded.
"Tomorrows game will be the game that determines your head cheerleading spot on the squad."
Alexis started to look a little ancy.
"Remember that when your on the court tommorrow. Do you understand?", the coach asked.
"I think so", Alexis replied.
"Good. You can go", the coach concluded.
Alexis got up from her seat and walked towards the door. She opened the door and found Melody standing there with her ear close to the door. Melody jumped back in suprise.
"Melody! What are you doing?" Alexis asked.
Melody looked around for a few seconds not knowing what to say and then replied that she had to ask coach a question. Alexis eyed her suspiciously and then let her pass through the doorway into the office. Alexis exited the room and Melody closed the door behind her.

Wierd, Alexis thought.


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Originally posted by danagrint

I agree completely

Hey,thanks for all the positive feedback. Just wanted to let you know that in the future I will take a three week break and brainstorm and then come back with more pieces. I dont know when this will be for sure but it will possibly happen this month or next. It will work tv style and there will be a finale and then after the three week break I will come back with a new piece or in other words, the premiere.

After the current plot is resolved the story will get potentially deeper and possibly even a little bit sad.I'm thinking of possibly killing off a character but I dont want to rush into anything that drastic too suddenly. That will probably happen WAY in the future. Possibly a few months.

Just thought this way would add a little more spice and excitement to the reading experience.I also wanted to just let you all know what to expect and some of things I might do with the story.


After the pep rally, Alex met up with Michael by the front of the school.He walked up to him seeing a look of worry on his face.

"Hey man, whats up? You look worried" Alex said.
"The dance is in two days and I dont have a date" Michael replied with aggravation.
"I thought you where going to ask Amanda out", Alex replied.
"Yeah, I-uh-havent gotten around to that yet."

Alex looked over Michaels shoulder and saw Amanda sitting on a bench, reading a book while she waited for her ride.

"Well here's your big chance", Alex said, nodding over Michaels should. Michael turned around. "Look, she's just sitting down all alone just waiting for someone to ask her out. She's probably sad because you haven't made the move yet", Alex said not knowing any of it for sure but just trying to give Michael that boost of confidence that he needed.
"I dont know man", Michael replied nervously.
"Just go over there and ask her if she has a date to the dance yet. If she doesn't, then make the move. Trust me it'll work"
"Really?", Michael asked.
"Really", Alex assured.
"Ok", Michael said, and then he started walking towards her. Alex watched not knowing what to expect.

He saw Michael walk up to Amanda and start talking to her. She smiled and he laughed. He then saw Michaels face get a little bit more serious and Alex knew he was asking her the question. She looked around and didn't reply for about five seconds. Then she looked up at him and gave him an answer. Alex couldn't hear what it was but Michael started smiling and nodding so Alex knew she had said yes. He did a silent cheer of his own.

Michael said goodbye and walked back over towards Alex.

"What happened?", Alex asked, eager to confirm what had happened.
"She said yes!", Michael said gleefully.
"Thats great bud. Now you wont be the class loser at the dance", Alex said jokingly and Michael gave him a playful shove. Alex looked to the parking lot and saw his moms car parked by the sidewalk. "I have to go. I'll talk to you later", Alex said as he started walking towards his car.


Alex stood in the dressing room at Macy's trying on suits. He wasn't going to go too dressed up because it wasn't a formal dance but he at least wanted to look flashy. A nice suit to take care of the elegance and a striped tie and Converse All-Stars to keep the casual side. He stepped out of the dressing room dressed in everything he would be wearing the following Friday. He decided to replace the original plain white button-up shirt with another black and white striped one that he found that matched his tie.

"You look great honey", his mom said with a big smile on her face. Alex smiled back and knew that he had picked out the right look. His mom paid for the items and he left the store knowing that at least he was going to look great at the dance. He hoped that everything would clear up between him and Alexis by then. He hadn't really thought about it while he was trying on his suit. It would suck if he couldn't go with her. I hope she doesn't stay mad, he thought.

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Nice job - as always! Keep it up.

I can't wait to read the next part!

still loving it

I don't like teenagers, under any circumstances.

Why? You where a teenager once.



Alex sits nervously in Geometry class. Him and Alexis still aren't talking but at least this time he's sitting by Michael and not Smelly Martin. He chewed in the eraser of his pencil, trying to relieve the tension he felt. Later that day the big game between Arstor Academy and their school would take place. It was going to be the biggest game of the year and that's saying alot for a school that offers tennis, lacross,soccer,footbal,volleyball,and baseball. Arstor Academy was River Valleys rival and this was surely going to be an interesting game that almost everyone in the school was going to attend.

Michael looked over at Alex and could tell something was on his mind. He waited for the teacher to turn her back to write something on the board and then turned to Alex.

"What the matter?", he whispered.
Alex looked to make the sure the teacher was still turned around and leaned over " I'm just nervous about the big game tonight" he whispered back.
"Oh, well dont worry. We'll get em."
Alex didn't respond but went along chewing his eraser. Michael obviously didn't understand the kind of pressure Alex was under. He was a starter and the teams top shooter.Alot of people depended on Alex to carry the team alot of the time. He knew he had to relax or else he wouldn't perform at his best, but he couldn't help himself. He went along pretending to listen to Ms. Groggy but he was really thinking about Alexis. It would be so good to be able to talk to her right now. The warmth of her lips pressing against his would surely relieve some tension but she was still mad at him for the dinner. He tried apologizing to her,last night on the phone but she was still mad at him and Alex didn't know why. How could she still be mad at him for something that happened two days ago? Unless something else happened. Something that Alexis isn't telling Alex. Maybe there's another reason she's mad at me, Alex thought.


Alexis was out in the field practing with Jennifer and Melody for the upcoming basketball game. Alexis had requested a special pratice between them three to help her get ready for the big night and to not screw up. There was one problem though. Alexis wasn't the one screwing up. Melody was.

"Melody!" Alexis screeched and Melody mixed up the cheer they where for the fifth time.
"Well sorry miss perfect!!! I didn't realize you where so good and never made mistakes" Melody screeched back, hinting at the previous days pep rally.
"Ok i'm sorry" Alexis replied. What was with Melody?, Alexis thought. She never makes mistakes but today she making them every time they started a cheer. Something strange is going on with her,Alexis concluded. Yesterday she had a fit when Alexis didn't decide to just break up with Alex because he being a little weird and today she was doing something that she NEVER did, mess up a cheer. Melody practiced all the time and was very good which suprised Alexis when she was offered head cheer leader instead of Melody. Its not even big mistakes either. It's small things that mad Alexis wonder, is she doing this on purpose? And is so, why?

The next piece is coming on Wednesday. I want to take my time writing the next two pieces because there going to be important and I dont want to mess them up.


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Okay! Just take your time.


Alex warmed up along with the rest of his team.The tension was almost tearing him apart. It was about 10 minutes until game time and already hundreds of fans where on the bleachers cheering their lungs out. Arstor Academy was on the opposite side of the court warming up as well. Alex rebounded the ball that another one of his team mates had missed, ran to the 3-point line, and shot the ball towards the basket in a jump shot. Swish! Alex smiled in delight as he heard the crisp sound of the ball hitting nothing but net.

Alexis and the squad sat in their seats on the sidelines. Most of them where talking about the following nights dance but not Alexis. She was going over all the steps and moves in her head. She couldn't screw up this time. Everything had to be perfect or the coach made it clear that she wouldn't get the head cheerleading spot.


Alex ran down the court as Michael rebounded a missed shot by Arstor Academy. Michael saw Alex down the court and bulleted the ball towards him. Alex caught it at the three point line and shot. The ball hit the rim and then the backboard and then when in. Alex breathed a sigh of relief. The fans of Riverside went wild. Alex looked up at the bleachers and saw I HEARt ALEX posters being help up by girls he had never even met. He smiled at the sight.

He then heard the buzzer go off. It was halftime. Alex ran off the court to grab and towel to wipe the drenching sweat off his forehead before he went to the locker room with the rest of the team. He was in the middle of wiping his head when he saw two beautiful girls approaching him.He put down the towel and smiled..

The girls approached him and asked if they could take a picture of him for the school yearbook. Alex agreeded and was soon posing with the basketball in his hand trying to unnoticeably flex so he would look buff for the yearbook. He had generally good muscles and the girls smiled in delight.

"Thanks" the two girls responded.
"Your welcome. So how come I haven't seen you two around here before?" Alex asked with a grin.

Alexis saw from across the court, watching Alex smile and talk with the two hot girls. Bimbos, she thought.

"Come on ladies! It's time to cheer!" the coach screamed. The girls quickly filed out unto the middle of the court. Alex took her spot in the center as she reminded herself she needed to do good or it would be the last time she cheered in the head cheerleading spot. She began the cheer....

Hey Hey
You get out of our way
Today is the day
We will put you away!

Alexis finished off the cheer as the whole auditorim cheered.

"ANOTHER!" the coach yelled from the sidelines. Alexis nodded.

Alexis was going to do the one that ended with the front three cheeleaders ending the cheer in sideway summersalts.
We're number one
Can't be number 2
And we're going to beat......
Alexis glanced over at Alex after the third line of the cheer, the line where she was suppose to start summersalting. She saw him laughing and having a good time talking to the hot bimbos as Alexis now called them. Oh no! , she thought. SUMMERSALTS!, she remembered. She was about five seconds off timing but that didn't stop her. She immediatly began a sideways summersault and WAM! She had summersaulted into another cheerleader sending them both to the ground.
Alexis could hear the startled gasp of the crowd. Then it turned to loud laughter, especially from the fans of the other team. The coach moved in to make sure they where both alright and after a few dazed seconds of lying on the ground Alexis got up. The coach helped walk her off court as another cheerleader took care of the other girl.
Alex was no longer concentrating on the girls but watched in awe from across the court. He was about to run over there and check if she was alright but his basketball coach screamed at him from the double doors to get to the locker room for mid-game strategy. He reluctantly followed as his last sight from the gymnasium was seeing Alexis holding an ice pack against her thigh.
Alex and the team went on to beat Arstor Academy 78 to 76. Alex had once again scored the winning shot when he pulled Riverside ahead of Arstor Academy in the last five seconds of the game. The whole crowd had cheered but something was missing and Alex quickly found out what it was. The applause was good but not having Alexis great him after the game with a hug and kiss didn't make him feel complete. After the hype had settled down he moved to sit down on the bleachers just trying to think about his relationship with Alexis and what he could do to repair it back to normal. He saw Alexis walking towards the coach's office and then enter. He moved over to the door hoping to be waiting for her by the time she came out. He knew that after what happened she probably wasn't going to get the head cheerleading position and he wanted to be there for her when she needed him.
Alexis walked into the coach's office.She stood at the door not wanting to sit down.
"Im sorry Alexis but I think i'm going to find someone else for the head cheer position", the coach said. "I hope you understand."
"Yeah" Alexis said apparenly really bummed out. She gave a half smile to the coach and then quickly exited the room. Once she got out she felt like she wanted to cry. She bitterly fought back the tears. Alex moved up to her.
"Alexis, come here" Alex said leaning in to hug Alexis. She leaned in as well as she fought back small tears. It was something she wanted for a long time. And the fact that she had been chosen ahead of all the other cheerleaders really meant alot to her but it had all went down hill because of one person........Alex. Alexis quickly backed away from Alex and rejected the hug.
"No, this is your fault. We're through" Alexis said coldly to his face. Alex winced at the statement. Alexis didn't wait for a response but just walked away leaving Alex standing there in disbelief.

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AHHH! NOOOO! That's so sad!! It's ALL just a misunderstanding! no

I do leave you with some encouragment. Everything will be answered in the next piece which I will release Friday. The number, the relationship between Alex and Alexis will come to it's conclusion.

The setting will be the big Friday night dance.

Wow, I've been posting for weeks and we've only been through five days of Alex's life. Thats weird huh?

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But you are amazing, so keep it up!
Are you writing any other stories?

I'm here and I'm going to read the new part

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Ok here it is. The 17th and the finale big grin. It's also a little longer than previous pieces seeing as how it's the big

After this i'm going to take a one week break in order to gather up ideas and come out with a whole new storyline since the previous one will be resolved in this part. I will write new pieces and be back next Friday with a new one smile

Hope you enjoy it!


Alex arrived at the dance with everything that he had tried on at the dressing room two days before. He walked up to the gymnasium door where the dance was being held and opened it. He saw many kids dancing to soft music and sitting at tables eating and talking loudly. He scanned the gym for any of his friends and saw Melody, Jennifer, Michael, John, and Raquel all sitting there with dates. Alexis had decided not to come since she thought it would be too awkward. Alex waved and walked over to sit by them.


Alex walked into Ms. Groggys classroom to find Alexis sitting at your usual spot on the fifth row. That previous night had kept him in shock. He had sat in the gym for about ten minutes after Alexis had broke up with him just thinking about what had happened. It was so much just to process in one night. The big basketball game, Alexis not making the squad, and then her breaking up with him was just hard to comprehend especially when just a few days ago they where the star couple of the class.

He took a seat by Michael and John and looked around the room and saw most of the kids staring at him. He pretended not to notice and looked at his math book as if studying for something even though they didn't have a quiz or test.

"Dude, everyone knows about the-uh-you know" Michael whispered.
"How?" Alex asked.
"I dont know. One of the guys on the team told me today before class. Sorry man."
"Thanks. I'm still having a hard time coming to the reality of it. It was so unexpected even though I know our relationship hasn't been quite at the top of its game recently."
"Dont let it get you down to much bro. There're other fish in the sea."
"Not like her" Alex mumbled.


Alex sat sitting next to Jennifer, Michael, Raquel, and John. Alexis sat across the lunchroom talking to Melody.

"Thats the last person you want her talking to right now" Jennifer said in between bites of tuna salad.
"I know" Alex mumbled as he took a bite of left over pizza. His parents had ordered one after the game the previous night but after what happened he didn't feel like eating. But he was sure making up for it now. He had already downed 4 slices of pizza.
"Breaking up sure does make you hungry," Jennifer said. "Believe me, I know."
"I'm sure you do!" John cracked. Alex gave him a glare.
"Sorry man" John replied to the look.
"She's not going to the dance tonight" Jennifer said.

Alex shrugged. "She had a chance to go but if she wants to break up for me being a little distant for a few days then she doesn't deserve my sympathy" Alex said. The truth was he really did care for Alexis. He wanted to get back together with her and he ever so wished he would be the one to take her to the dance but he didn't want to be the one to apologize seeing as how him being distant wasn't even a big deal. He glanced over at Alexis. She was so pretty. Her long brown hair shone in the sunlight that seeped through the cafeteria windows as she talked to Melody. Alex observed her looking at her food as Melody appeared to talk gently to her. Alex could tell just by looking at her that she was really upset.

"You did the right thing" Melody told Alexis.
"I'm not so sure" replied Alexis.
"Trust did the right thing" Melody replied. There it was again. That scary hint of confidence in Melodys words as she spoke. Like she really knew what she was talking about. How can she be so confident in such a serious statement?, pondered Alexis.


Alex walked over to Melody and greeted the rest of his friends. He didn't pay attention to Melody because he didn't feel comfortable around her seeing as how she hung out with Alexis for most of the day. He took a seat in between John and Jennifer. He glanced over at Michael who was eating cake with his date Amanda. Alex smiled at the sight that he had encouraged.

"I have to use the restroom. Will you watch my purse Jennifer?" Melody asked.
"Sure" Jennifer said, smiling at Melody. Melody walked away. Jennifer set her purse in between the gap that seperated her seat and Alex's. Alex glanced down at the purse to find a yellow piece of paper sticking out from the unzipped top. He reached down and pulled it up.


....the top read. Alex stared in awe as he glanced down to the bottom to see a section devoted to online phone number pranks that where described much like the one he got. No no no no no no! , Alex screamed at himself in his head. It was Melody! Melody wrote the note.

Alex glanced up to see Melody returning from the restroom. She was only steps away when Alex jumped up and shoved the paper in her face.

"What the heck!" he yelled. She looked speechless with a look that showed she knew she had been caught. "Why would you do something like this?"

Melody snapped out of her suprise and her look softened. " Im sorry" Melody replied softly then she started explaining."Well a week ago I overhead the coach talking on the phone to the former head cheerleader about her descision on making Alexis head captain. I thought if I made a fake number then you would get distracted and become like you have been.....distant. She would've gotten tired of it and I would've been able to put doubts into her mind which would distract her from cheerleading then what happened last night would've tooken place." she said as her look turned angry." I wanted that and I deserved it far more than her!" Melody yelled. "Now I'm the head cheer captain!" Melody shouted. "Coach called me this morning and gave me the news."

"But she was your friend" Alex pleaded. Melody shrugged it off.

Alex walked away from Melody in disgust. He phoned his mom and asked her to pick him up. He needed to visit Alexis.


Alex walked up the driveway and stood at the door. He breathed heavily and rang the doorbell. He stood there trying to think of what he was going to say but he didn't have any time. Alexis had opened the door sooner that expected. Alex stared at her. Her eyes seemed red probably from crying. She looked sad and really messed up. Alex knew it would probably kill her to see him all goodlookin and at the top of his game but he didn't care. He needed to tell her everything was just a misunderstanding and that he wanted her back.

"It was Melody. It's all Melodys fault" Alex blurted out. Alexis looked puzzled.

"What are you talking about?" she asked. Alex then explained everything. He explained the number, his distance for the past few days, and how it was all part of Melodys scheme to get the head cheerleader position. Alexis looked dazzed for a few seconds.

"Well?" Alex prompted.
"I dont know what to say." Alexis admitted.
"Well what about us? Does this make us alright?"Alex asked.
Alexis didn't respond for a few seconds. She looked around and then answered, "No."
"What?" Alex asked puzzled.
"I can't be with someone that can't be honest with me. You caused me alot of hurt even if it was Melodys plan. By not telling me you only made her plan succeed. Im sorry Alex" she said and then she closed the door.

Alex stood at the door for a few seconds trying to come to reality on what just happened. He then slowly walked back down the driveway towards his mothers car. He opened the door and got in.

"Well?" she asked. "What happened?"
"Just take be home" Alex muttered as he leaned his seat back and lay thinking.

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Awww... That's so sad... no It can't be happening!



I'm going to take another week to write and make ideas for the story. Sorry, i've been busy lately and haven't had much time to work on the story. I've already plotted out summarys for the next three pieces though. I just have to find time to write them. If I get one done before Friday after next I'll post but thats IF.

Anyways, if nothing else happens i'll be back December 2nd with a new piece.

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no! oh well



Alex walked along the streets of Suburbia. He decided to take a walk and pay someone a little visit. He walked along the sidewalk with a pair of jeans on, a t-shirt, and a blue cap on. He decided to get out and get some fresh air and take care of some business while he was at it. He walked along the streets on the bright and sunny Saturday morning seeing people water their gardens, walking their dogs, and most of them just sitting outside enjoying the fresh air just like he was. He had alot on his mind. The previous night had not gone anything like he had planned. He expected Alexis to run into his arms right when he announced it was all Melodys fault, but she didn't. Alex was shocked when she rejected his plea. He felt so horrible when he got back to his house. He had went up to his room, locked the door, and just sat against his wall thinking about all that had happened in the past few days for about an hour. He then got undressed and slowly went to sleep. He had never felt this empty in a long time. He wasn't use to not having Alexis as his girl. He wasn't used to calling her every Saturday morning when he got up. He wasn't used to not having her there for him but that was the reality now and he couldn't help it. He could only hope that somehow, someway, Alexis would give him another chance. But that hope was getting dimmer everytime he thought about it.

He reached his destination. He stopped walking and gazed at the huge two story house that laid before him. He didn't see anyone outside which was unsual for a day like this but he saw a red BMW in the parking lot so he knew she would be home. He took a big breath and walked up the driveway towards the door. He reached the door and slowly raised his hand to the doorbell. Do I want to do this?, he asked himself. Yes, he did want to and he was going to. He slowly pushed the doorbell and heard the sound echo through the door. He stood waiting for someone to answer.

He waited for about fifteen seconds and then decided that no one was home. He started to walk back down the driveway but then heard the door open behind him. He stopped. Slowly turned around to face Melody standing there in the doorway, staring at Alex, neither of them knowing what to say.

"What do you want" asked Melody solemnly.
Alex moved back up the driveway until he was only two feet away from Melody and the door. " I just thought you'd be happy to know that your plan worked. Not only did you get the head cheer position but you also destroyed me and Alexis's relationship and it hurts. It hurts not calling her in the morning, it hurts knowing that I cant hold her and kiss her anymore, and it hurts because a person that used to be her good friend caused it all."
"Im sorry" Melody said, actually showing some remorse but Alex saw right through it.
"No, your not. Your just a manipulative and backstabbing liar," Alex said coldly. "I hope the cheer position was worth a good friend. A friend who stayed with you despite me telling her it wasn't a good idea. Find a better friend. I challenge you." Alex said. And with that he turned around to start walking back home.
" Maybe I should just pick the ones that you do," Melody replied.
Alex turned aorund. "What are you talking about?" he asked.
"Jennifer. She wasn't exactly sticking up for you when Alexis asked us what we thought about breaking up with you."

Alex just looked at Melody and then turned around and started walking back towards his house. He felt low. Lower than dirt. He wasn't sure he could trust Melody but she had no reason to lie, not now. What did she mean Jennifer wasn't sticking up for him. He wasn't even sure he wanted to know which was why he didn't ask. But if it was true not only had he lost a girlfriend but he had also lost a best friend. He was confused and sad as he wondered home.


Alex walked into church along with his mom and dad. His older sister had taken a seperate car when she started to make the family late. Alex lead his parents to a nice spot towards the middle of the church. Alex looked around. The church was big. It many pews surrounding the platform, it had a huge and bright chandelor that hung from the middle of ceiling and lit up half the place. He glanced around to see people still taking their seats. Some people where just fellowshipping before the preacher got up to the platform. He looked around and saw Alexis and Jennifer sitting on the fifth pew from the front towards the side of the building. He noticed Melody sitting on the opposite side with some of her friends from the cheerleading squad. He looked at them, studied them for a few moments. He was trying to determine if he would be able to turn them against Melody. He wasn't exactly sure he could but he decided he would give it a try the following day at school. Because no one like her deserved to have friends. Alex continued to sit on the pew between his mom and dad, waiting for the service to begin and soon, it did.


After the preacher had dismissed the congregation for the day, Alex quickly hurried to the front to try and talk to Alexis. He stood in the lobby looking around for her but he didn't see her. He didn't even see Jennifer. He did see Melody hanging around her friends from the cheer squad though and slightly smiled as he was convinced now that he could get her friend to turn against her once he told them what a bad person she was.

Alex continued to look some more but he didn't find her. She must of left quickly or something, Alex determined. He guess she probably didn't want to speak to him seeing as how it might've been awkward. He looked around for his parents and found them talking to some other congregants in the church. He waited for the them to finish and when they did, they left.

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I'm so glad you are back! It was really good! You are getting better and better, keep it up! smile

Yeah your back! I still like it!


Alex walked into the classroom not knowing what to expect. Here it was, the second school day without Alexis as his girl. He had the feeling it was going to be weird. Alexis and him hung out with the same people so it wasn't like they could just avoid each other. But Alex didn't want to have an understanding. He was still having a hard time excepting the fact that they broke up. A understanding between them would've just been the confirmation. He still hoped he would be able to rekindle his relationship with Alexis but it was looking dimmer every second she wasn't with him.

Alex scanned the room for a seat and found a good spote right by John and Michael. He walked up the steps to the 3rd row and sat down next to John. It was about a minute before class and he was already having a big feeling or awkwardness in his stomach.

" Hey man" John said as Alex sat down.
" Hey" Alex said as he made himself comfortable in his seat.
" What happened at Alexis house on Friday night?" he asked.
" Am I sitting next to her?" Alex replied.
Joh chuckled. " I guess it didn't work out."
" Guess not"
" Is Alexis planning on avoiding you forever? Just like Friday?"
" I dont know. I dont really feel like approaching her about it yet" Alex said as Ms. Groggy closed the classroom and door and prepared for another boring math lesson.

Alex looked to his left and saw Melody sitting with the same friends she had been sitting with the previous day and church. He plotted in his head how to turn them against her. After what she did he seriously did want her to pay. He finished with his thought and decided to try and talk to one of them later on.

Alex sat in his seat half paying attention when he felt something hit his shoulder. It was light like a piece of paper. He turned around and saw a folded up note behind his seat. He reached over to pick it up and saw that it was for him from Alexis. He looked at it for a second and then turned around. What could it say?, he wondered. His mind suddenly flooded with thoughts. He opened the letter to relieve the sudden suspense.

Alex, I need to talk to you after class. Meet me by the water fountains.

, Alexis

Alex sat with a puzzled look.

Brunette Angel
Ooooh! I'm excited to see what she wants! Unless she's gonna confirm the breakup... sad...
I really like the way you portray Alex's feelings and how you describe stuff. You are getting more descriptive as you go and it's really making the story nice.
Keep up the amazing work!

I love this story!

it's ok...u need to have like a prblem to story...even if it comes the one chick said..i thought her name was alexis?...besides that, it's a pretty ok story...i think tho that they shouldn't be like the perfect people...ya kno? like not being the most popular person...or the hottest guy...just kinda dim that down abit and i think it'll be good...oh and i like the main characters name

I just thought that the whole depressed and hard kid feel was getting a little overused on this forum. I wanted to go another route and just create a kid that had the perfect life but didn't appreciate that much. I didn't want the kid to be all hard-core.

well solo is a stupid homophobic ****

He said his brother or something got on it and he didn't know about it and made stupid comments. So he says....

Revernd Maynard
Originally posted by Cringe
~Hi my name is Josh and it's always been a dream of mine to make that one story or RPG that everyone loves and everyone gets into and cant wait for the next twist or dramatic conclusion.Well this is my first try and making that story and i'm gonna really try.So dish out any constructive critisism and any good things you may feel about the story~


The Rest will be explained

Alex awoke from a long and peaceful slumber at about 9:00am.He could already see he was late to school and didnt coudnt waste any more time laying in his bed.Alex lived on a peacful surburban neighborhood where every one knew everyone and there was always activities that united the neighbors in a fun and meaningful way.Josh got up from his bed and took a shower in his large bathroom connected to his room.He was so spoiled and he knew it.He had posters hung up in his bathroom of a naked Pamela Anderson and Scarlette Johanson.His friend told him it was an awful mix but he didnt care.He liked being reminded of them for some reason everytime he went into his bathroom.His parents never went into his bathroom so they never noticed the poster and even if they did they wouldnt have said anything and would've just let Alex have his freedom.He sat in his shower on his little shower chair and just tried to wake up as the hot water pelted against his cold skin.After about 10 minutes of this he got out and put on some cloths.Alex was a traditional younge prep who always wore that latest fashions and cloths.He put on a nice pair of jeans and a quicksilver t-shirt with a blue jack on.He put on his white nickes,combed his short brown hair and went downstairs.He walked into his kitchen and saw his mom making breakfast as usual.

Mom-Good morning sweetheart.

Alex-Hi mom.

Mom-How did you sleep?

Alex-I slept good actually.

Mom-You'd better with those two extra hours you put in.

Alex-Yeah,sorry about that.

Mom-Well dont worry about it but dont make it a habbit or else you'll be ground mister.

Alex-*chuckles* I wont mom.

Mom-Good,now eat your pancakes.

Alex-Where's dad?

Mom-Oh you know.Off in New York on business.

Alex-Whens he gonna be back?

Mom-I dont know honey.He was suppose to be back late last night but he called and said he had something come up.Last minute.You know how it is.


I know how it is.I know all too well,Alex thought.

Alex glanced over at the counter between Pancake bites.He saw a small syringe fill about 1/4 of the way tucked away behind some towels.Drugs?Alex thought.Why?Could they be hers?He then glanced at his mom and saw her hand kind of shaking?She hasnt had her drugs today,Alex thought.She then wiped her ears and trembled some mroe.There was nothing Alex could do about it right now so he decided to just leave for school and let her get on with her business before she collasped.

Alex-By mom!

Alex grabed his backpack and leaped for the door.

Mom-But you didnt finish your panca......

Alex Slammed the door. my name is alex fear


Captain REX
Wow, odd, I know an Alex and Alexis that things didn't work out for...

Haha, weird messed


Alex sat through Ms Grundys class very distracted. I mean, his ex just gave him a note saying to meet him by the water fountains. What could she possibly want? Alex dreaded the thought of Alexis telling him they need to learn to co-exist. Alex was still not over Alexis and wouldn't be for a long time. Or what if she wanted to get back together? What if what she said Friday night was just something she said because she was confused and needed time to think? So many questions ran through Alex's head that he found it hard to think. He slumped over in his chair and laid his forehead on his desk. He sat thinking of Alexis. He wanted her so badly. He missed the feeling of her soft lips pressing against his whenever him and her where together.

Alex sat with his head on his desk for the rest of class. And then the big moment came. As he sat slumped he heard the bell ring and quickly brought his head up. He saw kids jump up from their seats as they put their books in their backpacks as they prepared to go to their next class. Alex watched as Alexis did the same and exited the classroom. Alex sat in awe. Then he suddenly snapped back to reality and jumped up to go to the water fountains. He almost got to the class door when John called out.

"Alex, you forgot your books!" he yelled.
"Oh right" Alex said to himself.

Alex lept back to his seat to collect his books and backpack. He had been so distracted by Alexis that he had forgotten to even pack up before he left the classroom. He finished and then for the second time headed for the door. Once he got out he could see Alexis standing by the water fountains just a little further down the hallway. He suddenly had a feeling of resistance like maybe he shouldn't go up and talk to her. What if it was bad news......but then again, what if it was good news. Alex made up his mind to go talk to her. He arrived at the water fountains. Alexis stood looking at him.

"Uh-hi" Alex said.
"Hi" Alexis said shyly. "How have you been?"
"Ive been-uh-good. Ya know, I've been um-well-sad" Alex said with a nervous chuckle.
"Yeah, well-um-we need to talk. I was thinking. If we are going to......" and there came the big word. The word Alex was afraid of hearing ever since Alexis broke up with him. "....coexist then we need learn to get over this awkwardness. We cant avoid each other forever ya know."
"Yeah, I know" Alex replied.
"So can we put this awkwardness besides us and be friends?"
"Um yeah sure."
"Good!" Alex replied. "Well I got to go now so i'll see you at lunch."
"Yeah i'll see you" Alex said. Alexis then turned around and left. Alex stood at the water fountains staring at Alexis as she walked away. He couldn't remember ever feeling a feeling like the one he was feeling right then. It was a feeling of deep loneliness. He felt very empty to the point where he felt like crying.

very good! I want more

ITs a great story! I liked every piece of it

Wow, thanks alot.

please post more

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