"A Daisy for keeps" short story

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Here is a little short story I felt compelled to write.

it is by me of corse.

A daisy for keeps
a short story by Dustin Goodwin

He had been in the hospital for days... as a man of 73 his Heart rate slowly easing. He couldn't get the proper exercise needed, because of the fact that he bore but one leg. This man....David......had the stare, the stare of a man who had seen the horrors of war, and the numerous count of torn apart bodies from Vietnam. David's sons came to visit, but they could not speak to him, it is hard to look in the eyes of a dying individual. David brought nothing to the room with him, nothing but a bible, that he held close to his heart. The bible was old, several dozens of years old. The pages were old and aged, much like David. a clutter of things were in between the pages. he has had the bible since 'Nam, and what a horrible Time that was......

----- "I need an advance on the first hill!" The plea's were faint, the ringing of gunfire blurred most things, the way a man hears, the way a man sees things, and mostly the way a man thinks. "I'm sorry sir, most men are already down there, choppers should be here within the hour to pick us up!!" said the private "Most men are already up there!" But that couldn't be, there were only about a 2 dozen on the hill. Well, from here a man could not tell if that dozen were alive or if they had breathed their last breath. But action had to be taken... "I'm going up there, private!" said colonel David. "I'll come sir, just lead the way!"said the private, the colonel nodded. many things were going through David's head at that time: will he the end result of a sharpshooters last round? or will he perhaps find that on the other side of the mountain were nothing but a handful of gooks defending ground? Chance, is something that needs to be taken in the army. and guessing the result of those chances were not an attribute of David's. it seemed as though it took forever to run 10 feet. the screams and explosions around him were hurting his head, and Suddenly the world flipped upside down in front of David's Very eyes, and found himslef lying on his back. he tried to stand up but he couldn't something was keeping him from doing so. It's as if someone was puling out the floor beneath him. But the floor was present, but a limb was not. He had been mortared. the world went black, the world was closing. until there was nothing........ several hours later, he woke up to the sound of spinning blades. He was in a chopper, pressure was going held to one of his legs, but the world was so hazy, he was unaware of which one. the chopper landed, and he was unconscious once again.................Several hours later, his left leg was in a shell of bandages, and he was attached to an I.V. from a blood doner. beside him, besides the other wounded soldiers, was a little Vietnamese girl, who had a band-aid on her left forearm. "Hi" said the little girl. her accent was very dry and almost flakey, "Hello", said david, thank you very much." he made a gesture with his hand towards the bag of the Little girls blood. the little girl held out her palm in front of her, and outstretched it. it was a tiny daisy, freshly picked. david then picked it up, and placed the daisy in this shirt pocket and patted his chest. "I will keep it forever."

---------- back in the hospital David was fading. his eyelids became harder and harder to bare. and in the hospitol, minutes seemed like hours and hours seemed like days..... But as if it were a ghost that appeared out of thin air.... A grown Vietnamese woman, in her early-30's, came walking through the hospital door, and looked at david, those were the same eyes he had seen 20 years ago. But then, David put on a pair of glasses, and opened up the bible. and flipped through the worn pages, and then turned to the page, in which this title read: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 The values of human companionship" , and there as if placed as a bookmark, was an old Daisy... David handed it to her, and then said, "remember it forever". And seconds later David did what he thought was meant to happen many years ago.............he breathed his last breath.

I would be absolutley thrilled for some comments

leana marie
wow that was really sweet...

I loved it, the message, the imagery, and language were beautiful.

Thank you so much smile

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