Harry Potter and the Final Battle

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This is my first story so don't go to hard on me. Please post what you think but don't post really rude things. I will probably, most likely post 1 chapter a day

---------------------------CHAPTER 1--------------------------------

Harry lay flat on his back, his mind swimming with thoughts about the prophecy, how it had said; And either must die at the hand of the other for neith can live while the other survives. This phrase had gone over in Harry's head a million times. He knew he had to kill Voldermort, no question about it, but Harry was still confused. For days he had looked out the window, not knowing what he was excepting, yet he was drawn to it everyday.
Harry touched his scar, which was a reminder of what had happened and what was yet to come. This teenage boy named Harry Potter awaited 12 A.M. so that he could turn 17, and embark on a new journey.
The clock ticked over to 11:59 P.M. "This is it" Harry thought. At 12 A.M., Harry would take off. He was also thinking about Ron and Hermione. Would they come? Part of Harry wanted them to come and the other part wanted them to go to Hogwarts for their final year.
Harry looked at the clock and read 12 A.M. He looed out the window, one last time, but this time he saw something. He saw thre dark figures coming toward the house. Harry swayed across the hallway, bue was stopped by Aunt Petuina. Aunt Petuina hugged Harry and said "Be okay, don't get hurt." She paused and continued, "I... well... I love you Harry, I just wanted to say, I loved your mom, Lily, too."Harry was stunned, he looked at her for several seconds and forced himself to whisper, "Why were you so mean then, all those years, you..." "I have one more secret, I'm a... a...." She choked on her words. "A WHAT??" Harry screamed, so loudly Aunt Petuina squinted and Uncle Vernon yelled "Shut up, boy" "Oh no. I'm a wizard, Harry" She kissed him on the cheek and ran back into her room. Harry stared open-mouthed for, what seemed seven hours,but what was only seven seconds,
Harry turned and saw three, very suprised, open-mouthed friends. Ron, Ginny, anf Hermione heard the whole concersation between Harry and Aunt Petuina. Ginny, Harry''s former girlfriend, had not talked to Harry since Dumbledore's funeral.
"Hey", he told his friends, who were were still suprised to blink and talk.
"What just happened?" ROn asked, while looking at Aunt Petuina's door.
"I don't want to talk about it" Harry said, but he really wanted to, yet he didn't know how to explain it.
"How did you guys get here?" Harry asked trying to change the subject.
"We fly halfway and then we apparated down the street" Hermione said, smartly
"Why?", Harry asked, but he knew why

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"They have protection almost everyhwere and plus Ginny dosen't have her license" Ron said, smirking at Ginny.
"Shut up, Ron" Ginny pinched Ron
"Oww! Mom said not to use those" Ron yelled
"Shhhhh" Harry told them, sternly "Let's go outside"
They crepted down the stairs and as Harry gripped the doorknob, he looked around one last time. He opened the door, and as he did, he stepped outside.
"Ok! Ginny, can I ask you something" Harry asked
Ginny nodded "What is wrong with your fingernails"
"Fred and George, those stupid gits, they came over for the wedding, and I picked this pink ball up and it made my nails, three feet tall"
"Wow!" Harry said as he didn't know what else to say,"Anyway, Ginny why are you here"
"I'm going with you guys"
"No your not"

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*Shows Self* The Mouse Slipped, I meant to give it an ok. Constructivly, It's A Bit fast paced. Paragraphs Help. Some Grammatical Mistakes. Overall,however, It stands out.

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"I know, I know, but I don't want you in danger" Harry pleaded
"Danger, smager, who cares? I want to be at your side when you fight Vol.. Volder.. Volermort!"
"Wow. But anyways, I won't allow you to go, sorry!" Harry said like that was case closed
"Look Harry, I'm a big girl now! I can fight for myself" Ginny was made now and you could tell in her voice.
"No!" Harry said sternly
"Just because I love you and..." Ginny said quietly
"You love me" Harry grinned.

"Yes harry, I love you" Ginny said queitly
They hugged each other and Harry gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. Ginny giggled and smiled, the way she always did when she was happy.
"Hey, Harry," Ron punched Harry playfully.
"Come on, you 3," Hermione said like a mother
"Mum, wants us home at 1:15" Ron said
"Well, it's 12:45 and it will take us at least 20 minutes to get to the burrow" Hermione said, smilling at Ron.
"Ginny hold on to my hand" Hermione said sternly "I'll take Ginny and you two can take each other. OWWW!" Hermione now had a tiny scar for were Ginny had pined with her long fingernail.
"sorry" Ginny said as she switched the other hand
Before you knew it they were down the street, waving at Harry and Ron.
"Come on Harry!" Ron yelled
"Huh?" harry noticed that Ron already was down the street and waving, too.
"Down the street" Harry whispered
Harry was down the street in not time, with his broom.
"We only have 10 minutes, come on!" Hermione said and at that she said "Acio Nimbus 2000"
"You fly, now" Harry asked
But Hermione, Ginny, and Ron were already in the sky flying on their brooms.
Harry kicked off the ground with his feet and was in the sky. Harry missed Quiditch and the feeling that he got in the sky as much as Ron and Hermione. He looked around and then put his eyes on Ginny. She was coming, there was no way around it. He still had the feeling of butterflies in his stomach whenever she smiled at him.
He love her, but he didn't want her dead.
By the time, he stopped thinking of Ginny, they were at the Burrow. He missed the Burrow and the Weasleys so much. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry mounted their brooms on the ground and landed. Harry noticed that there were lots of white decorations and rose petals everywhere. Then Harry remembered that Bill and Fluer's wedding was in a couple of days.
Harry followed his friends in the house and noticed on the Weasley clock in the middle of Ron and Hermione's name was Harry's. All four of their names clicked to 'home'. The next, thing Harry noticed was that beside Bill and Fluer was Tonks and Lupin, and a big congrats sign saying 'Congrats Bill and Fluer and Lupin and Tonks'

Tonks now had a blackish, grease, hair color. Tonks had a white flower ruffle dress on and it reached her knees. Lupin had a green suit with a purple dotted tie on and had a pink hat with a blue bow on it.
Bill was wearing a normal black suit on with a white tie and Fluer was wearing a baby blue dress which went to her thighs.

Lupin whispered to Bill "Your clothes are so boring."
Harry laughed while he looked at Lupin.
"What's so funny?" Lupin asked
"Nothing" Harry forced out while he was laughing "Just love your suit"
"Why thank you Harry" Lupin said while smiling "See, people know when someone has a fashion statement on" Lupin told Bill

'Keep thinking that' Bill thought

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smileMrs. Weasley hugged Harry so tight, he thought he was dead. Mrs. Weasley had her hair in pigtails, which was unusual and she had a yellow smily tie on with a bright firehouse red dress on.

"You like it Harry, it's the new fashion" Mrs Weasley asked, twirling her dress around.
"Um. Well it's something that I've never seen before"
"I just wanted to get in the spirit of wedding" Mrs. Weasley said, "Oh Dear It's so late, off to bed you four"
There were four moans but Mrs. Weasley gave them a evil stare that could kill you, so they ran upstairs like they were on fire.

When they were upstairs, Harry just laid in the spare bed, Ron put there.
"Good night" Ron and Harry said together to Hermione and Ginny.
"How can I sleep, when my mind is packed thoughts and Voldermort is out there." Harry asked Ron, but Ron was already asleep and snoaring.
"Good night, Ron" Harry turned off the lights and tried to go to sleep.

'Yes Master' a faint voice said that sounded evil and close to death
'THEN TELL ME WHERE IS THAT STUPID LITTLE BOY WHO COULDN'T FOLLOW ORDERS" This voice was a demented voice, who sounded full of life.
'I don't now master''Probably in the alley way"
The faint voice whimpered, and then sounded like he fell on the ground.

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"Wormtail" 'Yes, Yes, my lord"

"Bring me Draco Malfoy, NOW"

"Yes, Master"
A few minutes past and Wormtail brought Draco back.
"Now tell me Draco, what is wrong with you?"
"Snape interfered" Draco looked down and saw the 'unconscious' Snape, who looked pale.
"Don't lie to me. Never lie to the Dark Lord"
"Yes, Master" Draco pleaded

"You let that pathetic old man, wear you down. and then you listening to him compromising"

"No, no, my lord, nothing of the sort"

Voldermort lifted his wand and said...

Harry bolted right up and was sweating all over his body. By this time, it was morning and he saw that Ron was not his bed, so he got dressed and walked down stairs.
When he walkd down stairs , no one was there. Complete silence.

"Ron" Harry yelled out "Hermione"
He then thought the only place they could be was outside, so he went outside and was frightened and suprised of the massive noice, that his friends were making.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" everyone yelled

The front yard was decroated with stremers, balloons, and 4 stacks of presents.

All his friends were there, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Dean, Charlie, Fred and George, Percy, and to his suprise Cho Change was there to.
'This is going to be a long party' Harry thought as he walked over to Cho and smiled

Out of the corner of Ginny's eye she was watching them move every bone in there body very carefully.


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Ginny could now see that Cho had pulled Harry away and wanted to talk to him now. She was fulled with hate and jealousy because she really loved Harry. Every since she lay on his beautiful eyes and his unkept hair.

Harry wanted to know why Cho was here and why she wanted to talk to him.

Cho was wearing chopsticks in her hair with two buns and a beautiful hand knighted blue dress
"So what do you want to talk about" Harry asked
Just then, by total surprise, Cho pulled him against the wall and started making out with him. Harry couldn't believe it, but he did like it, the way her soft lips touched his lips, the way her elegant and soft hands touched his skin. Harry couldn't believe on Valentine's Dy when they went out on their first date, this is what he wanted, but now he wanted to kiss Ginny, so badly.

Ginny, who was watching them makeout, was disgusted in what she was seeing. She ran inside, with her hands over her eyes, crying.

Harry pulled away from Cho and said "You already had your chance"
He looked back to were Ginny was sitting and noticed she wasn't there anymore.

Inside, Ginny was crying so hard her stomach hurt. She was writing a angry letter to Harry. While she wrote, the letters were smudged with her tears.

Harry ran upstairs and tried to open Ginny door. Ginny had locked the door. Harry just decided to sit against the wall because aventually, Ginny would come out. Ten minutes past and Ginny came out of her room. She looked perfectly fine, no sign she was crying at all. She just walked by Harry and dropped a note in his hand.

Harry put the note in his pocket because it probably had bad, hurtful, things in the letter. Harry followed Ginny out of the door and into his party. He knew it was hurtful but he sat in the middle of Ron and Cho. Hermione sat across from Ron, playing footies with Ron and laughing and smiling alot. Harry put his hand on Cho's and looked at Ginny, she looked heart broken, so Harry decided to take his hand off. The food just magically apeared so Harry started eating. There was cake, cookies, brownies, and lots of other candies.
Harry decided to open the letter now and it said

Dear Harry, ...


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Since you decided to make out with Cho, why don't you bring Cho along with you to fight Voldermort. Well, while your at it, why don't you marry Hermione since you are always hanging out with her and talking to her.
Don't even try to talk to me after what you did to me.

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Harry couldn't believe it, the girl who he loved, hated him now.
"What's wrong, Harry?" Cho asked, putting her hand on his shoulder.

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Harry smiled at Cho, "Oh nothing, It's my birthday so I should be happy"
After 5 hours of opening presents, eating cake, and talking to each other, everyone went home except the Weasley's. Harry decided to tell Ron and Hermione about the dream he had, and he did. They were shocked because when he had dreams about Voldermort, they are usually true. They were shocked and told Harry, he should tell someone.
"Who? Sirius and Dumbledore are dead. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley will be to concerned and what can the professors at Hogwarts do"

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