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The name's Oketto, I'm a very powerful 5 level fusion super saiyan. I am the product of a dimensional creation from the past Vegitto and future Gojeta.
That means, my level 5 is actually a level 12 in power! HAAAA!

Anyway, I'm from the city of Diamond (DC) and I've roamed this land for over... well too many years. I... MUST... FIND... KAK-KAR'ROTTT!

SORRY ABOUT THAT! I tend to loose it when I think of my father.

I was born 2/22/noneofyourweeweemoneymaking.

I love comics and anime. I'm setting up for DBZGT's return with a whole new line-up. and guess who will be a part of the cast at some time? That's right -- fatha alway say, "If ever in trouble, call Connor Son!"

Ggghehnmmm. Oh, yeah, I'm trying to start my own comics company and line of titles. the law says that if i type names and such in these forums then, they become published, so if I choose which i've done with Oketto, I can betty my kissing poodle, surely sue yourasses!

Buuuttt, I will reserve those names and characters for more legal coverage. I'll be exciting! The company will be called Times New Roman Entertainment -- Inc if I go for corporation licensing.

black heroes, latino heroes, asian heroes, men, women, boys and girls --sorry no gaysupport here, but some interesting stories of gay heroes -- and villains. mostly aliens are villains. but you gotta' give it. Ya know.
I have to talk with Monotype and Microsoft to see what I can do to purchase/lease the title name. It'll happen I'm sure.

Well, I want to say more, so I'll leave this, Mr. Majestic, Thor, Pre-Supes, Gladiator and Supreme -- even Goku and Apollos are all very powerful heroes (Sentry too), but none will match my Nathan Matthews!

What the f**k?

uh, welcome Oketto...

Welcome to our house in the middle of our street welcome2

I dont get it.

Lord Nauj
Welcome big grin

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.