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Really an Updated Version of The "KMC senate" After the fall of the empire a New republic is being born from the ashes. No rules anything goes. Help Build the republic or help hinder it.

Start by entering a bio such as:

Name: Arac
Age: unknown
Rank:General , sith lord
Species: Kel Dor
Saber Design: Black handle with a hint of gold , curved blade
Saber Color: Gold
Alignment: Dark
Bio: After fighting in the war on the planet Kasshykk, Arac returned to the seante buliding to find it in hopeless curruption . Soon there after The palnet came under attack. Arac sacrificed his life to end the corruption. Soon after he was reserected however his blood was now cursed with a devil! He became public enemy # 1 and was hunted down by beings he once thought were his friends. During the the most recent battle on coruscant Arac exploded several nuclear bombs above coruscant. The heat approached super-nova setting fire to the atmosphere of coruscant and killing every living thing. This brought an end to the empire of Lord Bladius and from the ashes arac (Now Free of the devil) Plans to build a grand un-rivaled power even more powerfull than the empire its self.

I enter a motion that will decide our base planet Any suggestions?

Darth Extecute

Twilight Janick
Name: Temy Walker
Age: 26
Rank:General , Jedi Master
Species: 1/2 Human, 1/2 Protoss
Saber Design: Green with a hint of black
Saber Color: Yellow
Alignment: Good side of the Force
Height: 7'3''
Skin color: Yellow (the result of genetic jaundice).
Bio: She is galaxy-famous for her extreme intellect. She followed normal schooling on her homeworld, Proteidon, until a Jedi Outcast brought her to Alderaan. Before Alderaan's destruction, she moved to Naboo and founded her heavy metal band, Three-Door Monty. She is a very good flutist (Does any of you heard about transverse or concert flutes before? Because she plays of one.) and for this reason, she is the solo flutist in her band, just about as famous as Binks Floyd. After Magged Death became bankrupt, she bought Magged Death just to rename the band after that.

I'd suggest I'd give a base planet (Corellia), ask for permission and then validate my entry.

No permission. Closed.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.