Do you know people in a band?

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They don't have to big names or anything. I'm just wondering how many people are friends/relatives to people in bands.

I'm step brother to the lead singer in the band mentioned and played Quake3 against the drummer(who is actually quite good).

Yes actually.ME!1eye

I know a lot of ppl in bands....(but not famous bands)

My friend knows Silverstein's lead singers stepsister

I know my band...

erm... yeah i know some one in a band but hes only just started it so its kinda a rookie band.

I know quite a lot of muscisians, though it's all local. No really big names.

Though these guys are pretty succesfull over here in Holland

The drummer and guitarist are my uncles.

I got a friend who`s uncle was U2`s producer at one time I think.

Yep, myself...and evil engine #9 ex-bassist goatsmile around louisville area, decent band.

My dad's friend co wrote one of the songs for Britain in the Eurovision song contest. But they didn't win the part where Britain votes for whatever band gets into the Eurovision contest....

Anyway, some of my friends are in bands yes.

i used to talk to this guy online a few years ago. that was in a band. It was called like, Detached, or sumthing, from what i heard of the they were pretty good.

As of right now i'm in 2 bands

Same here but one of them is being recorded my band name is
Maifa killers 7th geration or (mk7) for short.

Yeah, all local bands, though.
But my brother used to hang out with Limp Bizkit when they were still local.

Darth Revan
Don't tell people that Limp Bizkit thing irl. You might get shot. no expression

I know a lot of kids who are in bands... But they all suck. erm


That was when we were in FL, I think they've kinda faded from everyones mind, but I'll keep quiet.

I know loads in local bands, and I played pool with the Kasabian drummer and my cousin when they were still Leicester local.

all i know is people in bands .Im also in one called Nothing but Losers.We have played with some semi big names.

Scum of the Eath "Riggs from ROb Zombies new band
Michale Graves "Formor Misfits singer"
Accident Experement "Pod's Formor Guitarist"

We are also in the midle of planning a show with Devil Driver in December

i know Lindsay and Tom from Frenzal Rhomb...thats about it

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My ex's cousin is the singer/guitarist in the Belgian band called Absynthe Minded

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