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Heck, that could have been an episode title!

Anyhoo, those of you with long memories of the game may remember the old 'Waht is the truth behind the Mausoleum of Demnos?' thread. That's good ol' Takuan and Galder for the bad guys, and really only Marcus and Xeth gor the good guys who had a long run at it (Roan turning up pretty much as the answers were coming, rather than the mystery being built).

Anyway, point is, the central feature of the original campaign- after the Avalar intro- was Kuylen's search for the fabled Masusoleum of Darth Demnos., As we know, there are certain truths to that place that were eventially found (and certain mysteries left unresolved), but on the whole, for a good 18 months of gameplay, the mystery of what exactly the Mausoleum was, what it did and what would happen when people got there no to mention how much of the legend was true) was the great mystery around which the game was built. For a good year, a thread lingered at the top of the SW RP area where people were encouraged to make inspired guesses, some of which were better than others.

Well, the new Campaign is getting well into its stride now- much as its second half doesn't actually exist yet- and I am sure all will be pleased to know that more such nysteries for long term discussion will be returning.

I'll leave it until we get a few more tidbits from the current games, but as time goes by this place will be the discussion area for the prominent veiled plot points of the Second Campaign.

Coming first, incidentally, is the mystery of Kuylen's Legacy. Though now gone, this Legacy is still a function of the campaign plotline, and he gets at least some relevance in every episode- in Episode I, the Dark Siders were trying to find him. In Episode II, the manner of his death was discovered, and Galder was plagued by memories of him all the way (a good excuse to have Mr. Carradine back as a guest star). In Episode III, the legacy shifted to the Jedi, as Roan runs into his family, his people, and awkward reminders about the kind of work he did.

As I say, each episode will have one such relevance to his legacy for one of the major plotlines, Light or Dark; all of this contains clues which allow you to investigate the mystery of his legacy- what kind of man Kuylen was, why he did what he did, and what eventually happened to him? This is of especial relevance to the Dark Siders, because the events between Zeiton and Prias are the missing link that may enable them to find the Archive parts stolen from Avalar, ohhhhh so long ago.

Once Roan finishes digging into the ways of the Boyar in this Episode I'll post that one up.

Coming after that will be some of the varied mysteries that lie in the campaign- like what the bloody hell some of the things you guys keep seeing in your visions are, debates about whether someone has four limbs or six, whether someone should consider dyeing their hair, who was it that killed Roan- and why was it an event connected to Doon succeeding in wiping out the Dark Siders? What is Rand's destiny that gave him the will to survive a mortal wound? What is the voice that brings death? Why has the Force given the onus of saving parts of the Galaxy from starvation to Gallagher rather than, say, Andro, who could do a much better job of protection? What is the choice of paths for the Dark Siders, why won't they agree, and why will the manner of the truth worry them so?

Many of these are hints already received but they get lost in the rough and tumble of things- so this will be a good place to keep them.

Coming soon!

Well, this does sound interesting - especially the Dark Siders bit.

Why can't we co-operate?! Well, at least, co-operate effeciently.

Basically, your motivations do not totally co-incide.

As in - Galder wants revenge and a killing spree, Melkor wants power, Rand wants power too, etc etc?

Well, we'll see.

Well, that doesn't sound heartening.

I don't really know what will happen, is the problem, really! But I am 100% certain that come the time you guys will simply not all agree.

Take me a year or two to understand what all of that voody means. Who's Kuylen?

I don't think Vlad was anywhere near that episode stick out tongue

Kuylen was the leader of the Dark Siders for the big campaign before this one. He was an NPC.

Originally posted by Ushgarak
I don't really know what will happen, is the problem, really! But I am 100% certain that come the time you guys will simply not all agree.

Come the time? Uhoh.

The DS players whio have been launching a full on assault on the future have a better idea of what I mean.

Oh - do you mean the fight or flight time of Order 66?

That makes me giggle as people have already suggested that Rianna do that laughing out loud which isn't going to happen! stick out tongue

Yeah, I'm certainly interested in this.....and we don't agree because we simply don't stick out tongue

Captain REX
Current mysteries on the board for everyone in general, be you a Jedi, a Renegade, or a Darkie...

Kuylen - We don't know why he vanished, where he vanished to, why or how he died, who killed him and why, or where his secret vault is.

Gallagher's Dreams - We don't know how he's able to sense Roan and Jelena's plight from such a great distance, even if he is greatly attuned to the Force, or why he was the one to receive visions of the Abbott, being that he got the personal bonus.

Deel Twain - His involvement in the drug-smuggling operation and why Andro found him dead and then suddenly alive is unknown.

The Desert with Jagged Stones - We know nothing of this place, but we've seen it. Rianna fought Battle Droids there in a hallucination, meaning Xeth and his crew are likely to be there hunting the Techno Union, while Jelena has forseen this place too, meaning the Jedi are likely to meet up with the Dark Jedi on this planet.

The Woman with White Hair - Takuan saw her first, Rand has seen her, Marcus' Padawan Vilpa has seen her, Gallador has heard of her; she came to Rand during his resurrection through the Force as a vision, and perhaps she is linked to the Desert with Jagged Stones, or even Kuylen.

The Tentacled Being with Lightsabers - Takuan saw him, Rand or Gallador heard of him vaguely.

Jolanta - Where'd this ***** go?! stick out tongue

The Sanctuary - This will probably be solved soon, but Roan and Jelena are having issues with the Dark Side infecting Cassilis, which has turned a simple battle to retake the Sanctuary into a blood-thirsty massacre of crazed idiots.

I do hope we solve this Sanctuary mystery soon. It's driving me insane.

Personally, I'm dying to figure out the Deel Twain thing. When we finally get down to dealing with Varm and/or Kathya, I want to try to take at least one of them alive. I have just got to know the answer.

Unfortunate that Gallagher only has Strike to Subdue to Level 1. If you or Zaland go for them, they will die. messed

Unless you try going hand-to-hand, of course. Then, they're just unconscious...a lot.

I was hoping it might work out that Gallagher could get in the final blow on one of them with StoS. Or maybe that once Kathya sees how I dealt with Varm, she'll give up (yeah right). I did think about going hand-to-hand, but I'm not sure if that'd work out. We'll just ave to see.

Indeed. And if anything, I'm sure Ithrorn will come up with something, as well as those men that Gallagher merely took out of the fight, rather than killed. Varm and Kathya would be the main prize, though.

Just a couiple of points-

The conceptual name for the oft-hinted Dark Side location is the 'Desert of Stones'- as in, it's not a sandy desert, the desert is of stones.

Secondly, the Dark Side effect on Cassilis is not recent, it's been there from the start. It's the reason everyone has been irritable and short-tempered, and why I have been winding up the Light Siders all story so that they would be irritable too.

Deel Twain... heheheheh... technically speaking you could work that out, but you would be doing absurdly well. THis one- like all the current Jedi plots- is harsh.

Gallagher's Dreams- easy. Not only is Gallagher an Acolyte, he is an Acolyte with the Cosmic Force specialist Talent. Even with that power, he might be surprised to pick up on the distress of a friend without meditating on it...

... but what he was picking up was a Disturbance in the Force, as has happened on Cassilis, for only the second time in this entire game ever. A Disturbance involving his friends- which he had seem a glimpse of in his visions- is one that he could feel.

The tentacled Jedi... you have not the slightest chance here. But I shall confirm that none of you have ever met him or seen him.

The Woman with White hair actually has another connotation that no-one spotted yet.

Let's kick off, then, with Mystery One- it gets to be first because it stretches back right to the very bgeinning of the game.




In the first Campaign, Kuylen was a remote figure. He was often absent, leaving his miniosn to their own devices. He preferred his followers to work for themselves rather than be micro-managed by him, and enforced this with a simple rule of "one failure I allow, two I kill you for."

(Simple rules, btw, would do the Dark Siders well)

When he was around. Kuylen never told anyomne more than he immediately wanted them to know at the time, which meant you had to have a whole lot of faith to follow him, which he expected of everyone- and in most respects, seemed to get. When he was not taciturn, he was normally giving orders. If he ever did talk to others, he would tend to talk about ways they could improve their Dark Side practice (he talked of killing with Edna, of the importance of Destiny with Takuan).

Unlike many Dark Siders, he didn't spend his time gloating in combat, letting his sword work do the talking for him. And even when he did, it was never quite what you expected- even complimenting Gundark on her improved skill over time.

Kuylen did change a bit towards the end, as the idea of the Sith seemed to start to overcome him somehow (though once in a fight, he went back to normal). But on the whole, this was the Kuylen people knew and interacted with. Now, this was important in game terms, because if Kuylen went around telling the Dark Side players what to do and helping them all the time, there couldn't possibly be a Dark Side game.

But the consequence of all this...

... is that no-one ever knew who the bloody hell Kuylen WAS. What kind of man was he? What kind of Jedi? Why did he turn to the Dark Side? How did he find out about Avalar and Zeiton? What was his ultimate plan- he talked often of invasion, but never gave details.

Without understanding who he was, how can anyone ever know what happened to him after Zeiton, until the trail terminates irrevocably on Prias. This might seem purely academic until you remember that sometime in that period he hid the extraction of the Avalar archive from Episode I of the first Campaign- that might seem like only Dark Side business, but it would very quickly become Light Side business if it were ever found.

The mystery of Kuylen's legacy informs much of the game thus far, and holds much potential for the future.

We can split the analysis of Kuylen into the out and out facts, and the surrounding facts that have also been discovered.


Larios Kuylen was born about forty years ago on the planet Charnel in the Constellation of Tasker's Crown, a region of fierce warrior people.

He was born into the noble Boyar Aristocracy, next in line to the House of Antanon, holding authority over the province of Antanon itself ans the subject worlds that fall under the House's dominion.

Quickly identified as a Jedi, due to the laws of his people that debar Jedi membership to the Boyar, Larios was officially declared dead at birth as soon as the midichlorian count was taken, and the inheritance passed to his cousin, Anaz (when Anaz was born shortly after).

Kuylen was noted as a fast learner. On Malastare, sword instructor Teshan- a non-Jedi sabre fighter who helped teach the Younglings before they became too good for him at Padawan stage- noted that the instinct for weaponry is so engrained into the Charnellians that the rumour has it that they are born knowing how to handle them, and that he himself had very little to teach Kuylen about the sabre, even at the earliest age. This fits with what Sunda has more recently discovered about the extreme genetic strength that is characteristic of Charnel.

Kuylen passed the tests with no great difficult and became a Knight. His one noted issue was with his patience- he was always quicker to act than to think, which was a shame, because he was no fool when he thought. The biggest impact this was making was onnhis potential with the Force- which was high, but whilst he was adept with tis basic telekinetic functions, his impatience held him back from its deeper mysteries.

Kuylen was a good Knight and soon became known as one of the finest swordsmen the Order had ever produced. In his time he trained two Padawans- the second was Argentis, another one of the Order's brighter hopes.

However, due to the continuing problem of impatience, Kuylen was pulled off active duty and assigned to the Jedi archives. Kuylen was an intense scholar as well as warrior, especially when it came to military history (and, it seems, the history of the conflict between Jedi and Sith), and so he did not feel too keenly his stint in the Archives as punishment, and he found out a great deal in this time. Nonetheless, he never felt settled without a chance to use his sabre- even if just as a badge of authority.

As times worsened, the Order could no longer afford to let a valuable resource like Kuylen stay in the Archives, and he returned to active duty. He strived to become a Master, but he was still young, in his thirties, and and patience was still an issue.

Kuylen disappeared some six years before the Battle of Naboo in a misison to Hutt space. The investigation afterwards showed indication that he had been eaten by a Rancor, and he was labelled officially dead.

Argentis told Gundark that Kuylen had been planning his drop out of the Order for some time- and in fact asked Argentis to come with him. Argentis refused, but did not betray his Master to the Council.

In his time of limbo, still thought dead, Kuylen made contact with the likes of Kir Ascar, Melkus Doon, and the original group of Dark Siders. Jolanta indicated that Chion had been with Kuylen as long as anyone could remember.

Kuylen viisted all known Sith Sites in this time. If you have an EU reference to any Sith-like world that played a big part back then but is in the Galaxy, and hence in the Republic, then Kuylen has been there. This definitely includes Korriban, but that place has only historical interest now, having been purged long ago. His most important finds in this time are some of the leads that would later take him to Zeiton, but more immediately, with Doon and Ascar's help, he discovered the location of Avalar, a secret so well kept that no-one seriously thoguth it was anything other than myth.

In the remaining time before the Campaign started, Kuylen spent his time building up the network of alliances that he needed to procure unlimited access to Avalar. There his original motivation became clear- he wanted to take the power of the extinct Sith. His strategic planning was long-term, and showed an unusual patience for him- however, thoughout the Campaign he continued to display impulsive tendencies.

Just after the Battle of Naboo, Kuylen suddenly declared to his fellows that the time to work in the open had come, and so the game started. This. cpmbined with his later talk of being driven by destiny, shows something important- an attention to parts of the Force he had little aptitude for as a Jedi. Kuylen's skills in combat are not significantly different (save the use of Dark Side powers) to what they used to be, but his ability to navigate the Force took a major improvement once he left the Light.

The events of the first Campaign followed.

Kuylen was last seen heading into the Tomb of Demnos. It was open when Gundark found it, presumably opened by Kuylen, but he was long gone with, it seems, nothing to show for it, when she got there.

He obviously escaped from Zeiton, presumably at the same time as the others, but they did not see him again.

At some point, according to the datapad recovered from his ship, he hid the Archive from Avalar within some kind of installation- presumably the Astrolabe is there also.

The trail ends at Prias, where Kuylen's crashed vessel was found; there were no survivors. Because there was wreckage, the ship must have been in atmospheric flight when it went down, else there would have been nothing to find. Everything important to Kuylen was on that ship, from the Sith tablet he carried with him, to the transmitter that he used to contact his allies in emergencies, to the location of the Archive. The ship was found 18 months after Zeiton, six months before the start of the Second Campaign.


Darth Sidious- Palpatine- wanted Kuylen absolutely as dead as a doornail ASAP, far more urgnetly than his long term Jedi plan. Of course, no-one knows this, but it is notable that Kuylen was at the top of the Bureau's Most Wanted list.

The Boyar really did consider Larios dead from birth- the law is almost physically real to them. It is interesting, therefore, that Kuylen often wore Boyar uniform- and, for that matter, his Jedi robes.

Kuylen performed a double-act with Saar, who was the other intellectual backbone of the operation. Yet he often kept Saar at arm's length, meaning he did not turn up until the fourth Episode. Kuylen clearly trusted pretty much no-one, and Doon's charms had little impact on him. (In fact, Kuylen had very keen Instincts).

Kuylen killed Argentis without a second thought. He didn't get angry, or emotional, nor did he even speak, not even to mock him about his choice.

Kuylen was nervous at the idea that a Sith had been seen on Naboo, and even went there to check it out.

Even as he plotted their destruction, Kuylen refused to speak ill of the Jedi.

Anaz mentioned that Larios' side of the family had always been a troubled one.

Charnels require absolute faith in the chain of command at all times. They also have a very strong sense of culture, for which reason they dislike the Jedi, for becoming one overrides one's own culture; Charnel is a planet where birthright counts.

Kuylen apparently had a great love for antique arcana- not just Sith stuff, also weaponry.

Kuylen's sabre skill was 16, he had a Strength and Agility of 7, a Dexterity and Speed of 8 (he also had the Warrior bonus), his Force rating was 13.

If anyone wants to add more, feel free!

Can I just say that I'd really like a saber score of 16?

And I'm really curious about finding out what the Desert of Stones is, because not only did I fight there in my hallucinations during the Golden Serpent fight, but it was something I had seen in my vision in that episode as well. So yeah. That makes me really want to know what it's about.

Anyone who wants to know what is in the Vault... all go beat up BC and Tpt until they post through it all.

I'm close to that 16

Originally posted by Ushgarak
Anyone who wants to know what is in the Vault... all go beat up BC and Tpt until they post through it all.

bobcrickett tptmanno1: boxing and bangin and bash

laughing out loud

This one's the best, I use it all the time when Rex is being annoying...bang

So! I guess soon this thread will have to turn to the next mystery- The Lady...

and Deel twain.

That comes under the general mystery of Sienar.

General Zink
It will all be interesting to read, even if it is not at all relevent to us.

I'm going to revive this thread, so that the Darkies can talk about possible theories regarding Kuylen's apparent imprisonment in the Tregana Void.

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