Legend of Zelda. Final Fate

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Urg...Is it morning already Navi?" Link groaned as he leaned up out of his bed.
The kokori forest had become a very quiet place ever since Gannondorf was defeated. Link had returned not too long ago and reassumed his normal life, which wasnt in fact so normal at all. Link's adventure had left a lasting effect on him, memories that he couldnt forget even if he tried. Being back to the good old days brought a smile to his face when he thought of the peril he had been in for so long.

"Wheres my cap...Crud, ive lost it again" Link said, sighing. He was tending to lose things alot more, it seemed as though his focus was always distracted. Everywhere he went he recalled a part of his adventure, then he ended up losing things.

Navi flew up to Link with Link's cap covering her body.

"Navi, what would I do without you" Link said, he slipped on his green cap and walked out into the village. He leaped from the top of the ladder leading to his house door to the ground and rolled down into a tree stump.

"Ow." Link said suttlely, it didnt hurt but he felt he had to say it anyway, it was suppose to hurt him after all.

"Oh your such a clumsy boy" Navi said to Link.

As he got up from the stump he looked into the distance and saw a blinking image of Zelda.

"Zelda! its been..." as he talked the image disappeared. Link slowly noticed that he would have to go back to daily life. No more fighting big monsters for him. Link hopped up onto of the tree stump he landed on and leaned back. He gazed into the sky and remembered how strong he felt when the ocarina turned him into a grown man.

"I was such a stud! I felt alot stronger when I was all grown up." Link said in a normal tone, not realizing that a villiage girl was listening to him.

"Link, your a little boy and youve always been, come back to reality will ya? You can start by helping me with this laundry" the girl said. She tossed a load of clothes onto Links head and he tipped off the stump onto the ground.

"Yea Yea...i guess so." Link muttered. He gathered up the clothes that had dropped and followed the girl to the stream, he helped her hand wash the clothes which took alot longer than he expected. Night had fallen and he had to return to his house and get some sleep.

Link got to his porch and listened to the humming of the birds and the swaying of the trees. With that he curled up in his bed, facing the wall and drifted softly to sleep.

"No, no more chicken, ive had enough" Link said to Zelda. Link was of course having a dream about Zelda, like he always did, or a dream about Ganondorf, the wierdest being him and Ganon plunging to their doom from a cliff.

The dream drew to a gloomy darkness, then suddenly Link was sitting in a chair infront of a lake. For some reason, though it was wierd to be facing a vertical lake, Link didnt seem to see anything wrong with it.

He peered into the lake deeply and saw a girl in a bathroom. Normally, he wouldnt watch this kind of thing, but the dream was restraining him to the chair. As he watched he noticed her hobble over in heart pain, she seemed to be severly hurt. Link, being Link and all, leaped out of the chair and tried to save the girl. He jumped into the image and feel through into a weightless, area. Link was surrounded by water but somehow he could breathe, he then saw Zelda in the distance, calling out to the girl that seemed to be dying.

"Zelda...." Link said, but he couldnt even hear his own voice, he struggled to get anywhere with solid ground and found himself inside the bathroom with the girl. He tryed to pick her up but his hands went through her body as if he, or she was a ghost.

Just then, the stall opened on the far right and Ganondorf appeared. He grabbed the girl by the leg and dragged her away. Link reached for his sword, ready to fight Ganon a second time. He lunged at him and swung with great force, but he couldnt touch Ganon either. Link was noticing more and more that this wasnt reality, but it still seemed as if whoever the girl was, he needed to know what she looked like, then he heard Zelda's voice.

, I need you, you too

"Who are these girls?" Link said, even though he could not be heard. Link followed Ganon to the outside hallway where he dragged the girl and noticed another girl doing battle with Ganon.

....This must be them but, why am I having this dream and why are they so important?" Link said to himself.

Link watched in horror as Ganon took no mercy on the girl, making sure she wouldnt live to fight another day. As he watched, a strange light shined through the hallway and blinded him, then a shock of lightning pierced him in the heart.

"AH!" Link yelled as he rose from his slumber. What a Dream... Link thought to himself as he leaned up.

"Sorry Link but you just wouldnt wake up" Navi said, she held his sword with which she gently poked him with to wake him up.

"Its ok, that dream was getting too wierd for me anyway, but for some reason I think we will be seeing a sign from Zelda soon." Link said to Navi.

Link stood to his feet and sat indian style on his wooden floor.

Who were those girls...? He thought to himself

Main plot ~~~~

At the end of the game, Ocarina of Time, the Sages sealed Gannondorf away, but they forgot one little thing: The Triforce of Power. Now, Gannondorf has found a way to break out from his captivity using the golden Triforce. Hyrule is now in great danger again, and it is up to Link and the Sages to defend the Three Goddesses' creation.

Character Sheet~~~

No Character sheets becuase you use one from the game or just create one if you want to create your own character.







Magic Powers:

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