-=- DooMGuy VS MasterCheif -=-

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Koala MeatPie
They are Each hunting Each other...

Each is Equipped With there Best Weapon.. DooMGuy with the BFG 9000 (Bassically Vaporizes Everything and Anything in Its Path.. and Anything Unfortunate enough to be within a 300 Meter Radius

And Master Cheif.. with whatever he has (Sombody fill me in...)

Master Chief has a helmet. Marine doesn't, he's a buffed-up human being. Even so, Marine would go down with a headshot.

Weapons are listed by official name, then a hyphen followed by common name. In parentheses are short descriptions as needed.

MC's arsenal consists of the M6C Magnum- Magnum, M7/Caseless Sub Machine Gun- SMG, BR55 Rifle- Battle Rifle (fires three shot bursts and has a 2x magnification scope), M90 Shotgun- Shotgun, S2 AM Sniper Rifle- Sniper (has 5x and 10x magnification), M41 SSR MAV/AW- Rocket Launcher (can hold two rockets at any given time), Plasma Pistol (can fire small plasma balls or charge up and fire a massive ball), Plasma Rifle (fires small plasma balls; fully automatic, but overheats after 10-15 shots), Needler (fires purple crystalline projectiles that, when over 10 are piercing an organism, explode), Carbine (2x magnification; fires quickly), Beam Rifle (5x and 10x magnification; overheats after 2-3 shots right after another), Fuel Rod Cannon (2x magnification; fires slow moving rods covered in green luminescence), Brute Shot (fires small fragmentation grenades), Sentinel Beam (fires a continuous beam; overheats within 5-10 seconds), Plasma/Energy Sword, Fragmentation Grenades- Frag grenades, and Plasma Grenades (sticks to organic beings and explodes after 2-3 seconds).

That should be a pretty accurate list of all the weapons he can wield.

Chief wins this. If you are giving them their ultimate weapon than the chief gets the scarab gun and just blows everything up all around him with its unlimited ammo and super big energy blasts. rolling on floor laughing

Yeah, that is pretty flucked up to have one guy with a godly weapon and the other with a peashooter.

What's next? Godzilla versus Beavis and Butthead?

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