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Koala MeatPie
What Do you usually Order? And what do you add on it?

Always Swiss Cheese no Matter what.

Italien BLT, Steak and Cheese, Cold meat
I usually add "Everything, Double hot Peppers"

Chicken Terriaky: Everything, Sweet Onion Sauce

Pizza Sub, Just tommateos, Olives, Onions.

Chicken Parmazan: Add Olives, Onions, Tommatoes, And Maranara Sauce (BEST SAUCE EVER!)

xyz jedi
What the f**k?

French Tip
I've never eaten at subway

It always seems like there are a lot of Pakistani people....and East Indian...

French Tip
I eat Penn Station

Country Parmesan Bread, Chicken Teriyaki, sub sauce.

Other than that, any type of cheese, vegetables, etc.

either honey oat or hearty italian bread, BMT (the one with ham, pepperoni and salami) with cheese (melted) then i have lettuce, onion, chilis and cucumber big grin

i used to work at subway n we'd get a free sub every break - was lush!

i have either a meatball sub with all the salads (except the hot peppers) and honey mustard/ranch dressing or a melt with the same. subways great, and i've become friends with the manager so i get staff discount

I eat ONLY the Italian BMT footlong on wheat breat with the follwing ingredients:all included meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, olives.
No condiments, no cheese.

Darth Macabre
The cheese bread, with Roastbeef and American Cheese. Lettuc Tomato, Mayonaise. Greatness right there.

Subway sucks. no expression

Seafood & crab, onions, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatos...and thats like...it. On white.

Piggle Humsy
I always have Foot Long Italian Cheese Steak with Sweetcorn, Gherkins, Red Onion with a Sweet Onion Relish. droolio

I've never tried anything else....just incase I don't like it cause I don't get to go to subways very often, the nearest ones quite a distance... and I don't want to ruin my subway moment. laughing out loud

I should really try new things...

whats the Chicken Teriyaki like? is it hot like spicy? confused
I've wanted to try it but worry it will be too spicy for me.. I can't handle things that are too spicy.. erm

steak and cheese with green peppers, cucumbers, red onions, those little carrot shavings, sub sauce, and chipotle sauce. yes

cold cut Triooooooo!! yes on a lightly toasted cheese bread

Piggle Humsy
anyone? confused

what is subways Chicken Teriyaki like?

spicy? hot? tangy? mild?

Jedi Priestess
Originally posted by hotsauce6548
Subway sucks. no expression

Indeed yes

This is what I call a sandwich droolio


damnit now Im hungry cry

I always get the Cold Cut Trio on White Bread.. with Swiss cheese and lettice, tomato and mayo!!

And i had one for supper too.!!

Lord Shadow Z
Foot long chicken breast sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber.

italian herbs and cheese bread
chedder cheese
bolignase sauce
footlong o yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

Plain bread, chicken teriyaki and swiss cheese.

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