A qustion to "Answer" (oh bad pun) for rabid fans

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Hey, I was just wondering about this villain, The Answer. When I was a kid I really thought he was cool but I never got his powers. Also I thought he died reviving Dagger a long time ago, but Marvel has some weird "I heart marvel"-titles and The Answer is apparently the main character in one! confused
So my questions are:
1. Is The Answer still alive?
2. What exactly is/was his powers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. flowers

I dont know if he is alive but I know his powers.
AFAIK he has the abilitiy to get temporary Super Powers to solve
a "Problem" If he has to fight Spiderman than he gets the right amount of powers to beat the crap out of him. If he has to dodge a Car he can leap away. He worked for the Kingpin. And when I remeber right he fought Spiderman after the secret Wars when he got his alien costume

Thanx. big grin Yeah something weird like that right, heh he's totally a dues ex machina (sp?).
Like Lifeguard in X-men, gets any power she needs to save anyone.
Wonder how long writers spend on those powers... I do remember some stuff like that, and also he could encrease his sense of hearing. Dunno why I remember that one... msn-tongue

Lord Magnus
In the four-part miniseries "Lethal Foes of Spider-Man", it reveals that he didn't die reviving Dagger but merely lost his corporeal form. He forms a bond with Dr. Octopus through the chip that connected Ock to his tentacles, and the Dr. took control of his powers for a while, and then something else happened, and... I forget. He's alive now.

What comics was the bad guy in? he sounds familiar but I would love to look him up.

Next Venom_girl
I saw him make a cameo in the Toxin miniseries. So I'd say he's alive... and currently rotting in Rykers.

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