Mindless Hulk Savage Hulk and Professor Hulk vs Lobo with cloning power

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Mindless Hulk is proably Hulk at his Strongest Savage Hulk is close behind and Professor Hulk very Strong and smart to.

mindless hulk then proffessor hulk then savage hulk then ******* lobo

lobo wins

He would go down until there were atleast 200 Lobos the Professor Hulk goes down then at 300 Savage Hulk goes down then at 500 lobo's Mindless Hulk goes down.

hulks teams up and destroy the earth. lobo kills himself lol

Well they could Throw Lobo into the sun.

no they eat themmm up yuummmy and ew at the same time

LOL...Lobo can only replicate if his blood is drawn right?
If so, I agree they win if they can throw him into the sun, drown him if at all effective, or eat him without making a mess...

long pig
Uh, no.
Lobo has went through the sun before. He's went through blackholes...alot.

He doesn't need to breath or eat or any of that crap.
He could throw them into the sun easier than they could him.

He's as strong, if not stronger than Superman. He's as durable as Mindless Hulk and his healing is a bit better.

Remember, Lobo can regen limitless amounts of blood with his crazy healing factor. And since this is Classic Lobo with clones, he can't lose.

All the hulks die other than Mindless, in which the hundreds or thousands or more Lobos beat on him until he finally dies....because Mindless Hulk can't survive very long without banner.

Lobo wins....pretty much 9/10

Evil Genius
I'd go further lobo wins 10 out of 10


One Lobo is badass enough to go toe-to-toe with Hulk for a while.

Multiple Lobos is just overkill.


What if Professor Hulk come up with some way to do something with the blood that he spills and even if he in the Sun how is he going to leave the Sun with it's Gravity pull?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.