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Hello all. This would be another story for all to carry on. I am writing a book, but can't seem to carry out the plot completely. Just trying to get some idea's as to where this story can go.


"You are saying we have no control over our futures. No matter what choices we make, we will always end up in the same place, because that is where we are destined to be." Christy looked over at her sister, a frown on her face. They were walking home from school. They had been argueing over the meaning of "Fate is a tangle. Follow one thread." since they had left the main doors.

"That's not what I meant. I am saying that you have to jump around on different threads, otherwise, like you said, you would not have the freedom to make your own decisions." Her sister countered. Christy groaned throwing her head back in frustration.

"Don't be so shallow Ell. Focus on where you are in life, trust in yourself to make the right decisions, and in the end you will have followed but one thread." Christy smiled as her sister threw up her arms in defeat.

Bothe of the girls turned their heads to focus on the road ahead. They could see their friend walking towards them, he was breathing hard as if he had been running, and in his hand was a paper.

"Christy, Elly, I have something to tell you..."

Ok it is all yours cool

Lord Magnus
"...I'm not really your unnamed friend."

The person who is not their unnamed friend pulls out a knife...

The sharp silver blade gleams in the sunlight.

"Wha--what are you doing? Who are you?" stammers Christy, face flushed with anxiety.

The strange man pulls back his black hood, revealing...

The Ones
a white face, all burnt and scarred. his eyes were red and burnt. he took the knife to his thorat and cut it

but instead of blood, there was a bright light coming out of the wound

Wind Sister
Christy backed away, her eyes wide with fright. She could feel her body going limp.

I should just give in, give up.

Her thoughts went in circles. She glared once more at the light and. . .

H. S. 6
... vomited. The pink-green fluid burst from her opened mouth, landing in a sick, chunky splash all over Ell and the stranger. It smattered onto the ground.

The stench of the puke was horrible. It was a burning, rooten-egg smell, searing Ell's nostrils as he accidentally breathed in. He attempted to keep his own lunch down, but he failed.

Now that their was a mass of seemingly wriggling puke on the ground, smatter on the three's clothes, and a stench of pure acid in the air, the stranger groped his stomach for a second, hoping desperately his stomach was strong enough.

The stranger opened his mouth wide, and a thick stream of orange and red liquid fell from his mouth. A pedestrian stopped to watch, and instantly found herself sick.

This is ridiculous... thought the stranger bleakly.

Then the stranger who's name was Kim noticed the tornado's forming in the distance... fire fell from the sky and the sun was covered in darkness. Kim ran in fear screaming her head off. Christi ran to Kim and started slapping her telling her to calm down. Crying hysterically Kim was ranting about the end of the world.
"Oh shut up you stupid cow" Christi said as she punched Kim knocking her down. Christi felt strange, like she should be killing... then a inhuman screeching could be heard as

Then a inhuman screeching could be heard in the distanc...IT WAS EVIL TEDDY BEARS!!! Christy, Ell, and Kim all ran in the opposite direction of the Teddy bears and tornados. smile (any can chang this part if they want) smile

As the three ran for their lives, Christi glanced over her shoulder to see if they had put any distance between them and the Teddy-apocalypse. "Christi, hurry up! There's a building just ahea-" Kim cut herself off, because Christi had dropped to her knees, her head buried in her hands. "Oh my God! Christi, are you alright?!"

Before these words were stale from Kim's lips, she noticed what had made Christi give up here futile escape. What seemed like 'teddybears' from a distance were actually a horde of ungodly Chimera spawning catastrophic tornadoes with a single flap of their 20 ft wings!

"It's all over." Christy repeted this over and over agine. Soon Ell gave up too. The chimera gained closer and closer so Kim dragged both Christy and Ell to the abandoned looking house until they made it to a celler filed with 20 people, food, and weapons. "Who are you and why have you entered our hidding spot?" angered an old man.(his name is M.C) all the people stared at the three, pointing their guns and spears. But just as Kim was going to present himself Ell collapsed and fell unconscious.

Ell Awoke sometime later and he could not for the life of him understand how he found himself in a dungeon full of fluffy but evil teddy bears. "How could they abandon me like this"? he thought. Just as the teddy were about to devour him he heard screeching noises and all went quiet again as he fell into a deep sleep without noticing the teddy's disappearing and him being carried off into a dark hallway by an unknown dark figure to his doom.

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