The House Heirs

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Ryt ok , spark of the moment idea, This may turn out to be a short story or a long story its generally an idea of a story of the last heirs of the four houses.... This may be a flop but i just want to note my idea so i can start my story on it..... i will start my story in my next post ...

havent got much ideas on who the heirs will be although i have a few people who i would like it too become..

right im going to make one post short or long not sure yet and i want you to tell me if you like it and want me to continue...this is sort of like a book 8 carrying on after book 7 (hasn't been written yet)i start my story as a continuation from book 7; basically in the book 7 which would prelude this what happens is that Harry has succeeded in destroying the horcruxes and now needs a plan to summon the power to destroy Voldemort because without Dumbledores guidance he is clueless as to what approach to take so ...

yeh that sounds like a cool idea go with it

Harry awoke fully rested and happy , the smell of breakfast wafting through the small crack in the door into Harrys nose making him only too eager to make his way downstairs. Harry got up out of bed and slowly walked down the stairs to sit beside the red headed family called the Weasleys. Harry was happier than he had been in a long while. This most wanted happiness was darkened a little when Harry read the prophet headline "Voldemort orders dementor attack on muggle village"
Harry didn't want to read the story he knew if was probably another result of death of an innocent person.
Back to business thought Harry as he finished his breakfast. He got up out his chair and was followed by Ron. The only person in the Burrow that hadn't attended breakfast was Hermione , Harry felt slightly guilty about this as Hermione had been locked up in her and ginny's room trying to find a plan to help Harry destroy Voldemort. Harry Ron and Hermione spent another day like the other many days going through books and books but to no avail, no helpful information at all. Only one thing had caught Harrys attention out of all the text he had read, a phrase in a book which title was long forgotten , "The strongest spells are the simple ones"

Don't have as much time for this story as i first thought. If anyone likes the general idea and would like to make a story on it then pm me and you can write the story instead other wise the thread will close so ... pm me if your interested

its goin realliii well i think u shud carry on xxx

Brunette Angel
I think you should stick with it too.
it sounds gr8 ... so far

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