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im not a big matrix fan at all, but smith is bad ass. i watched all three recently and spent most of the time skipping to parts with the agents. so what exactly can they do. is there a set strength level they have? a bullet to the head will obviously take one out, but what kind of injuries can they survive? could they beat one of the twins or ghost? if they are shot and dont transfer to another body do they heal quickly? neo was up and fighting after having his leg shot. pretty stupid i think, but do they heal quicker? can they alter reality at all, how did they remove neos mouth in the first one and why dont they do anything at all like that at any other time? was it just trippy to prove the movie is weird and new or does it make sense?

The agents are programs designed by the machines. Their job is to get rid of the humans trying to free everyone. They can not be hurt because technically they aren't tangible. They can take control of anyone plugged into the matrix. They can't be killed only deleted.

This brings up a very interesting question. If your brain is plugged into the matrix, and an agent takes you over, what happens to your body in the real world? More importantly, what happens to your brain while the agent is in control of your body in the matrix?

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if you recall, smith took over bane in the real world. this produced some abnormal activities and some scarring of the brain. but bane is unplugged. if you're inside the matrix and you've been taken over by an agent, you return to your "normal" self after. unless of course the agent was shot in your place, in which case, you'd be dead.

Yea but what is going while the agent is in control of your body while plugged in.

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to your physical self, nothing. remember, everyone plugged into the system is in a neural simulation inside those big pods in the endless feilds. the agents take over the residual self images of those still plugged in. you're actually an agent if you get taken over by one, but only inside the matrix.

what happens to your mind? I've been wondering about this for a little while now.

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your mind gets taken over. think of it as being possessed. you'd have no recollection of what happened or what is happening. i'd never saw an agent "free" a possessed mind. unless the host dies.

So true! Who's controlling the world?

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the machines control everything in the future.

Which is definitely a freaky thought if you think about it.

The only way to rid an agent of a host is by mortally wounding it as you would a human. Its an agent yea but if you slice his throat or shoot him in the heart he is forced to leave the host. Any sort of wound that is fatal to a human is fatal to them. This is different with falling and pure blunt force because They dont exactly take over the host. They just take over their signal into the matrix Disrupting their RSI. Therefor they look different and they are pretty much a completely different person. All they really did to the person is pull out their connection and put in theirs. What happens to you is more than likely eveything that happened to you that day would become dreamlike and you would wake up in your bed as Neo did after he was implanted with the naval bug in the M1. The matrix can implant memories into your head as it can anything it feels necessary. So it would probably just play off that whole day with a dreamlike aura and make u think it was a dream.

This raises another question..if the Agents could take over any mind within the Matrix...why didn't they when they first were chasing Neo?

If they were so set on stopping him, why didn't they just take over his mind and then have the Agent do suicide or something? Although the machines may find that illogical, I would think their programming and observations of humans would have given them that "Wit".

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because they needed neo to get to morpheus.

thank u man ur so great

neo could not be taken over, as he was not part of the matrix, nor can anyone who was freed.

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