The Decemberists

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Anyone else here heard of them/like them? Their album 'Picaresque' is burning a hole in my CD player.

one of the best bands around these days

DaRk Lotus
Never heard of them

Yeah, they're not really well known, but they're still good.

I like 'em, 16 Military Wives has an awesome video that I cant get enough of.

The Decemberists rule. The singer's voice is amazing, and I love how each song is a separate story on its own. Their album Picaresque is by far one of the best albums of last year. Every single song on it is amazing, it flows so well.

honestly, everyone should give this band a try.

if you like Neutral Milk Hotel or Belle & Sebastian or even Bob Dylan you should check them out. First pick up either Castaways & Cutouts or Picaresque...or both! If you like those, get Her Majesty the Decemberists and their EPs, namely The Tain

"There is a city by the sea
A gentle company
I don't suppose you want to?

And as it tells its sorry tale
In harrowing detail
Its hollowness will haunt you

Its streets and boulevards ,
Orphans , and oligarchs
And here's a plaintive melody
A truncated symphony .
An ocean's garbled vomit on the shore:
Los Angeles , I'm yours.

O ladies, pleasant and demure
Sallow cheek'd and sure
(I can see your undies )
And all the boys you drag about
An empty , fallow fount
From Saturdays to Mondays.

You hill and valley crowd
Hanging your trousers down at heel .
This is the realest thing
As anchient choirs sing
A dozen blushing cherubs wheel above
Los Angeles, my love

O, what a rush of ripe elan!
Languor on divans
Dalliance and dainty!

But the smell of burnt cocaine ,
The dolour and decay
It only makes me cranky .

O, great calamity
Dish of inequity and tears
How I abhor this place!
Its sweet and bitter taste
Has left me wreched, retching on all fours
Los Angeles, I'm yours.

Los Angeles, I'm yours .

Los Angeles, I'm yours."



I fall asleep every time I try listening to them.

I do not like them as a whole, but there are a handfull of songs that I like a lot.

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