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Hey guys! So As you can tell this is going to be a continuation of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. I must warn you. If you havn't read the HBP yet there will be some spoilers.

I am not writing this alone. Diamond~Kisses and I are writing this together If you would like to help please ask one of us before joining in.

Ok one more thing. Diamond and I Ship HARRY & GINNY and RON & HERMIONE If you don't like this keep your comments to yourself please.

Please give us suggestions. Weather they are critiacal or supportive we will take them to heart and listen to all of them.

We will start to post soon.
Hope you enjoy.
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Harry Woke up with a searing pain through his forehead. This has been happening alot lately. Harry sat up in his bed and looked around. This was going to be the last summer he would have to stay in this room. He looked at all the scattered books and clothes all over the room. This was the room he grew up in. Well not really. He thought i just came here during the summer. He looked over at his desk to see Hedwig gently sleeping in her cage. He then looked at his alarm clock. In bright numbers 11:45 flashed across the room. Harry got up and sat at his dek. Hedwig woke and hotted softly Harry petted her and she nipped his finger affectionately. Harry looked down at all the crumpled up letters around his desk. All addressed to Ginny. Ever since they broke up Harry has tried every possible way of explaining why they couldn't be together. But everytime he tried to write it down on a piece of paper it sounded as more stupid as the next. he picked up the closest piece of paper un crumbled it and started to read it to himself

Dear Ginny,
I hope you realize why we can't do this

Harry sighed and put the paper down. He crossed over to his bed and laid down. He looked back at the clock it now flashed 11:50. In ten short minutes he would be free of the Dursley's grasp and Mr. Weasley would be picking him up. Harry sighed and turned over. He couldn't help but think about Dumbuldore.

Harry awoke to a loud bang. He looked at his alarm clock. It now said 12:00. He looked around his room and saw Mr. Weasley standing there.
"I told you to awake when i picked you up!" Said a distracted Mr. Weasley.
"Sorry." Harry said rushing to put all of his stuff in his trunk. "I must of fell asleep while waiting for you."
"HARRY POTTER." Bellowed Uncle Vernon.
"Uh oh!." Harry Said. "Uncle Vernon must of heard you apparate."
Mr. Weasley helped Harry quickly throw all of his stuff into his trunk.
"Do you remember how to apparate Harry?" he asked.
"Yes Sir." Harry Replied.
"Right." Mr. Weasley said rather quickly "Concentrate on the burrow and lets go."
Harry saw the room that he had spent his whole life in disappear in front of his eyes. The farmiliar yet unplesant side effects of Apparation came upon Harry and he concentrated hard on making himself go to the burrow. As soon as he felt like he was going to throw up the farmilar scene of the burrow came into focus. The sensation of Apparating went away and Harry was face to face with Plump little Mrs. Weasley who was embracing Harry in a large hug.
She pulled away and told Harry to turn in a circle. Mrs. Weasley was surveying him.
"You look a lot thinner since the last time i've seen you. Have the Dursley's been feeding you enough?." Mr.s Weasley said.
Harry couldn't help but smile. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley lead Harry into the house. It was pitch Dark.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY." All the lights turned on and all of the Weasley's pluse Hermione and Fleur were there. They all looked delighted to see him!
Harry was so harppy.
"Harry!" Hermione embraced him in a huge hug.
"Gezze Hermione let the man breathe for pete's sake." Ron gave Harry a hug.
"How's it going mate? Ginny hasn't been that well all summer. I could tell she missed you."
"Hey Harry." It was Ginny

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hey dis is really gud n yeh hermione n ron all da way n harry n ginny it,d be mint if you carried on xxxx

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