The Top 10 Strongerst Ultimate Marvel Characters

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Who do you all think the Top ten Ultimate Characters are, in terms of physical strength. Which one of these Characters is it.
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Ultimate Hulk43

Colossus has shown the greatest feats but I go with Juggernaut.

He used to be just a superstrong mutant but now he has the gem of Cyttorak he has been amped up.


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Namor. Namor does not deserve to be on this list yet.

Perhaps when Ult. FF #26 comes out he will beat the crap out of Thing.

I think the Top 5 are Colossus, Juggernaut, Hulk, Thor, and Ironman with Colossus on top since he has shown us the most impressive feats so far in The Ultimate Marvel Universe.

1) Ultimate Thing - nearly knocked out Ultimate Wolverine in one punch....Just walking he shook the ground, making fire hydrants burst and rats to be bounced off the ground....Tore thru a 12-inch thick steel door like it was paper....Knocked out the Mole Man's Monster in 2 punches....along with the Human Torch, beat the snot out of like a hundred killdrones, the same type of killdrone who Mahr Vehl had trouble defeating ONE!

2) Ultimate Juggernaut - knocked out Ultimate Colossus

3) Ultimate Colossus - beat the shit out of Ultimate Thor and Ultimate Iron Man in the same issue.

4) Ultimate Thor - Beat the snot out of the Ultimates and if they didnt retrieve his belt he wouldve succeeded in destroying the Ultimates.

5) Ultimate Hulk - Nearly took out the Ultimates, but did not do as well against them as Thor did.

well Ultimate Thor is in the Ultimates so They may have been holding back, not taking anything away from Thor.

Ultimate Thing has done nothing to compare to Ultimate Colossus so far in the Ultimate Universe. Even if he did nock the mole man out in two hits, and rip through the stell wall, Colossus has been dominant in his battles and he has drug a submarine out of the ocean, and if juggernaut fought Colossus again Colossus would take the battle, I mean he took out Thor, Ironman and survived a nuke blast what else is needed. If he can take out Thor, and Ironman that he can take out the whole team.

Ultimate Juggernaut we dont no what he can do yet so cant judge.

Ultimate Hulk has shown the most power when when his blood was mixed the Caps

Colossus, Hulk, and Thor are the strongest no one can mess with them.

I dont no how strong Thing is, but I think he might be strong.


Psycho Ninja
THe Ultimate thing is uber strong !!!

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