Spidey's Healing Ability

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When Peter Parker was first bitten by the radioactive spider, he gained 20/20 vision. Before that, he had poor eyesight and wore glasses. If his acquiring of his super powers granted him improved eyesight, does that mean that his ability to heal from injuries should be enhanced as well? I once read in an old guide book on spider-man that he could grow back limbs if he lost any--similar to a spider. If that is the case, then his healing abilities would be greater than above average--perhaps in the league of wolverine. This could mean that there are inconsistencies in Spidey's healing abilities just like Wolverine's. What do you think? Also, I am referring to the comics Spidey, not the movie Spidey.

1. Spideys eyesight is above a average human

2. Yes he has a healing ability but he cant grow limbs. However broken bones heal within days if he rests. And his healing is so good that he wont have scars or other permanent injuries. His healing is superhuman but not in the league of Wolverine or Hulk.

3. This has benn done before

off topic, but what website can I check and read marvel heores profile and check their class strengths?

I only know the Marvel Directory but it is more than outdated.

X REPORT: Wolverine's orine equals Spider-Man's in a way to affect MJ. But that's not the problem here, it is the shocking faster heath recovery on Wolverine's part outmatching spidey in this case.

yeah I hate to say it but Spidey can't freakin heal on the spot like Wolverine

This has been done before. Spider-man has enhanced endurance and healing, but can not regenerate.

Lots of the same old threads have been done over and over...especially these hulk vs superman..no one says anything about them ..

Lord Magnus
I think we've about summed it up.

Well he does have a point. On the other hand, they have a search button for a reason.

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