Ego Gem and Soul Gem

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Can anyone tell me what the Ego Gem and Soul Gem do to the holders? I am referring to the six gems of the Infinity Gauntlet.

The soul gem imparts mystical dancing abilities unto its holder.

The ego gem contains the essence of the Infinity Being and when combined with the other 6 gems it resurrects it.

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I thought it made the user more "egoistic" laughing out loud

I heard that the ego gem gave a person power to control extra-dimensional energies, what exactly is that though? does that mean they can travel dimensions? (I don't see why that's different from the space gem as dimensions are just points in space) Anybody else ever heard about this ability that gem possesses?

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The Soul Gem allows its wearer to affect the souls of others, as well as the wearer itself. With the gem, the wearer can drain the lifeforce of others and imprison it inside an extradimensional pocket within the gem called Soul World, where all the imprisoned psyches are usually under the control of the wearer. The wearer can tap the psyches to gain memories and skills possessed by those within Soul World. In addition, the gem protects the wearer from soul-based attacks, as well as the attacks of Ethereal beings. With the gem, the wearer can affect Ethereal beings as if they are normal opponents, and the user can fire an energy attack that hurts a being's soul, causing intense and crippling pain. The wearer can also peer into the darkest corners of an opponent's mind to see their destiny in life and the weaknesses of their character.

The Ego Gem, also called the Dimensional Gem, granted its wearer the ability to travel between dimensions in the multiverse and omniverse, as well as detect and control the energies found in the chronal and dimensional stream. Using these energies, the wearer could banish opponents to other dimensions or force other-dimensional beings to return home, as well as summon other beings. The wearer can also see and attack beings in bordering dimensions, like the Ethereal or Astral. The wearer could use the surface of the Dimensional Gem as a scrying pool and peer into other dimensions, but its most important function was that this gem contained most of the consciousness of Infiniti, who would later be reborn as Nemesis, until defeated by the Avengers and Ultraforce.

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