ron & hermione

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hermione loves ron

my hearts desire is to have you by my side
i have never been able to tell you how i realy feel
my emotions have been on a rolercoaster ride
my lips have been locked with a seel

we argue because our passion is so strong
in my arms is where you belong
everything about you i love
its as if you were sent from above

i long to touch you n show you my true emotion
i long to kiss your soft lips
my love is deeper than the ocean
we need to act before our love slips love


very very pretty poem
does this go to a story? big grin

Hermione and Ron carried on their normal day
not saying the things they wanted to say
though in their hearts they knew
their love for each other was true

"stop it ron your being so immature"
cried hermione slamming the library door
"so what hermione go read a book"
too late she had already gone ,harry gave ron a confused look


nice poem your really good at writeing poems.
it sooooooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

awww cheers big grin

Cool Beans

Ron sat & stared,
hoping she wouldn,t notice,
still he was too scared,
to show his true emotions,

he was longing to be with her,
he hated fighting,
the present leson was a blur,
he watched as she was writing,

every time he came close to telling her how he feels.
he hesitates,and changes the subject,
he knows his love 4 her is real,
but he dosen,t want 2 be a reject


shite i just writ loads n then the fukka deleted it coz i make it up as i go along lol proppa pissd off now

samuel, darling, language!! there's no need for any ****in swearing around here

by the way poems beautiful!!

Hermione sat in the comfy chair by the fire,
thinking of Ron her hearts desire
she wanted to tell him her love was real
she wanted to say how she feels

I need 2 speak 2 you
she said to ron
i need to ask you some thing too
said ron much homework have you done

Hermione ran off cryin
Where are you going
Ron knew that what he was sayin he was lyin
& now hermione is still not knowin

does she really love me ron thought
is that y she ran off distraught
Rons heart was aching
he sat anticipating
it had to be soon
he had to tel her
his love was as whole as the moon
it was nothing like what he felt for fleur

aching hearts


The next day ran smoothly with very little said
every now & then ron & hermione would glance at each other
but then turn very red
Harry didn,t bring it up , Ron was like a brother

part of the reason harry kept quiet
was because he too loves hermione
he couldn,t bare to fall out with ron
so in silence he kept on

The next day things were normal as can be
there hearts were seeled
each lay asleep at night wondering what would happen to the 3
It was almost like a battle field
there love being cast off like a shield

more pliz its really good

that's really good. i luv da poems. write more! lol

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