Sith Wars Episode I: Rising of the Dark Alliance

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For years the New Republic has lived in peace, rebuilding what once was so grand and turning it into something much grander.
An army has been created to fight alongside the Jedi if need be. The concern of most senators lie with trying to merely keep the Republic safe, while others are worried about the well being of the political body itself...

For years the Jedi have thought the Sith dead, gone with the death of Darth Vader. They still train for an emergency situation, but no one expects one to arise. In consequence, the Jedi are not as prepared as they could have been.

In a dark ally, way down in the deepest parts of Coruscant, a small group of senators meet. The walk tentatively up to a dark shape in the corner. They can see his sharp eyes gleaming beneath the black hood.

"We have been waiting for you... "

The senators shivered as an almost metallic voice spoke to them.

"You called us, sir?" One brave senator spoke up, holding out a small treaty to the black cloaked man.

"Yessss." The man yanked the paper out of the senators hands.

"To whom does this treaty go to?" All the senators were becoming uneasy. Some one else was supposed to be there...

"The treaty goes to me." The mans malicious smile was the last thing the senators saw, before a flash of red light blasted them into oblivion.

The senators were found three days later, not a single one of them alive. Of course, this aroused suspicion in the senate, but it was soon blamed on a gang of twilighters in the down-levels.

At the same moment that the senators were being sent to their homeworlds, a man in a dark cloak walked into a small base on Tatooine. His sharp eyes glowed with delight. He walked up to another man, this one strong and muscular, and handed him the treaty.

"You have done well, Darth Syris."

"Thank-you Master." Syris bowed, and then fell behind. Syris was a very powerful Sith, and cunning as well. When the dirty work of taking over the Jedi order and turning the Senate against them was over, he would overthrow him. After all, Syris was the brains in this plot....he was the enemy.

Life in the New Republic goes on as usual, completely oblivious of what goes on. Strutting around with a "nothing can happen to me" kind of attitude.

The Jedi continue to train against an enemy that they have no idea exists. They don't know his ways, they don't know his power.

Deep in the heart of Tatooine, a dark force is rising...preparing. His dark eyes gleaming under his hood of black....


For Espio, to clear things up:

Darth Syris is the apprentice to another Sith Lord, but he shouldn't be. He sits in waiting for the right time. Scheming, revealing himself only at times to the senate and the Republic.
The Roleplay begins after the first attack on the senate, mentioned in the above sample.


1. No God moding

2. No intense language, younger guests still read this forum wink

3. Try to use propper punctuation and grammer in your posts. It is hard for others to read and roleplay along with you when they cannot understand what you are saying.

4. DO NOT ROLEPLAY FOR OTHER CHARACTERS! I have seen this, and it is annoying. Do not even move a character that is not yours unless the roleplayer themeself says "You may puppet my character a bit" and puppeting does not mean you can speak for them, just drag the character around a bit to keep the story going.

Failure to comply with this rule will lead to a termination of your character. Please, if you have been in roleplaying a while, just leave other characters to their roleplayer.

5. Please do not start roleplaying until your character app has been completed and accepted by me, or eventually, someone who I trust enough to accept apps.

6. Your application is important, try to take time, and put thought in your character. A well thought out character not only keeps the roleplay alive, but substitutes for a fun time in the roleplay.

btw, I am not picky with apps, unless the sample is soooo uber awful that I can't read or understand it, you are probably in wink
Other than that, we may just give tips on how to improve your roleplay.

The following post will be how the application should look. Then I will post an example, which will be my character.
The rest is up to you stick out tongue

((OOC: thanks Ush cool ))

Character Name: Self Explantory
Age: Do I really need to tell you what that is roll eyes (sarcastic)
Description: A brief description of what your character looks like.
History: You can make this long if you want, tell about their childhood.
Occupation: Senator, bounty hunter, Jedi, Sith, Dark Jedi etc.
Abilities: Such as force sensitive...not to powerful, if things get out of hand, and people create all powerful Jedi or something, I may have to make all newcomers Padawans, and you will have to search for a master yourself stick out tongue Don't overdo it please.
Personal Belongings: something that is dear to your character. This is not the place for magical items or anything.
Weapons: You know what a weapon is.....I hope.
Roleplay Sample: A sample of how you roleplay. This will be important in your app. Try to make it look nice stick out tongue

Now, I don't know, but some people may say that this isn't fair...I hope not. You will be excepted into the roleplay, this is just to see your character, and your style of roleplay. I am trying to make this roleplay fair for everyone that joins wink

Please PM the app to me, and I will tell you that you are excepted and maybe ask for some things on the sample wink

You can also PM me for any questions you have...

The following message is an application example, and this is also the character I will be playing.

Character Name: Elli Kateera ((Oh boy, what an original last name roll eyes (sarcastic)
Age: 20
Description:Long curly blonde hair. About 5"3', with vivid blue eyes.
History: At the age of two, Elli was found by the Jedi. Reluctantly, her parents had let her go with them to train. For years Elli studied with the Jedi, and loved what she did, all memories of her parents were gone.
When She turned 13, she got in a ship crash, which put her in the infirmary for almost four months. When she awoke, all of her memories were gone, of everything. She could still weild a lightsaber, and still use the force, but she did not know who taught her. No matter how hard the Jedi tried, they could not bring back Elli's memory.
Studying hard on her own, Ellie managed to teach herself the ways of the force. She still stays around the temple, but the other Jedi still consider her a padawan, lost without a master.
Now that something is threatening the Republic, all Jedi are being called upon. We don't know what this unkown force is, but we must prepare against it.
Despite being an "outcast" to the order, Elli will fight beside her fellow Jedi, no matter what happens...
Allignmentsad(Sorry everybody, forgot to add this one.)) New Republic
Abilities:Can weild the force, but still has much to learn.
Personal Belongings: Ellie carries with her a small piece of the ship, that she was apparently in when it crashed.
Weapons:Rhia carries a dark blue lightsaber, on the edge where the handle curves gently around the blade, is the word Passoinne carved in an acient script.
Roleplay Samplesad(Now this does not have to be of your character, it can be anything, as long as it it here))
((Hehe, I am not going to write a roleplay sample here, but remember it is required. I am out of time and must go for a minute sorry.))

I time, I hope to have someone else help out with the application if we get enough....after a while.

((OOC: "The Ones" has joined the roleplay. He plays a character named Darth Sorgo....of course he is a Sith. Description: A tall, white creature. His body whiter than paper. His skin is pealing off. Red Eyes. Yellow nails, His face horribly disfigured. He only has 2 slits for eyes, scarred. Red robes that has been torn and burnt. This is what I will do for each new arrival, this way we know when there is a new character without crowding up the roleplay itself with the apps.))

Elli stepped out of her starfighter, gazing at the many buildings that covered up all of Coruscant. She only paused for a moment, however, before she moved off to the Jedi Temple.
She walked through the doors, immediately turning towards the Jedi Archives. She was hoping to find something and Dark Jedi in there, but she did not know why. She just felt like she should study them...a instinct.
She walked up the many isles of the archives, gazing up at the many holograms and files. Looking down she gazed at the other jedi going about their business, and she felt a sudden longing to be excepted by them.
What had her life been like before the supposed crash? Why couldn't she remember? She looked down at her own hands, trying to see in them the smaller hands of her childhood, but nothing came.

((Sorry its short, family came. btw, my character is 15 not 20 embarrasment))

Captain REX
Hope you asked Ush for permission?

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Originally posted by Captain REX
Hope you asked Ush for permission?

EDIT - Nvm, you did. big grin

OMG, you suspected me of perfect record is ruined cry

Character Name: Dranan Drano
Age: 22
Description: Deep, rich, brown hair, handing down to his chin. Mainly pushed back behind his ears. Pale green eyes. Simple Jedi Knight Clothes, a very deep red color to them. Younger looking face, but a very painful expression is always worn. 5'9", athletic Build.
History: Picked up by the Jedi Order at a young age, Dranan knew nothing of his family. Mis Master, Kelin Servis, trained him well, building Dranan's Force Power up to a very decent level. While on a mission, Kelin was slain by a sith lord, who also nearly killed Dranan. Now at the age of 17, he was without a master, and cast out by his followers, and friends. For 5 years he contuined to train himself endlessly, joining the New Republic. He was Granted the Rank of Master, Though his alignment is questionable.
Occupation: Jedi
Abilities: Force Push, Force Jump, Basic Jedi Abilities.
Personal Belongings: His Masters Lightsaber Hilt, and Cloak. A beatifuly crafted saber. The base has a black grip that fades into a silver hull, extending tothe blade emmiter. The Cloak is a Deep Crimson Jedi Master Robe, worn by his formor master.
Weapons: Orange Single Bladed Light Saber
Roleplay Sample:


Dranan walked softly, and calmly through the empty allyways of the Slums. His eyes remained closed as his hood hid his face. 'He has always been troubled..." those words echoed through his head constantly. Like many, He had been trained in the ways of the force, but his desire for Greatness was holding him back. All Dranan wanted was to become Ledgendry... and to be well known....


((OOC: My Post usually range from 7 to 8 paragraphs.... but thats the sample you wanted, and i dont have tome right now to finish....))

Originally posted by DrananDrano
((OOC: My Post usually range from 7 to 8 paragraphs.... but thats the sample you wanted, and i dont have tome right now to finish....))

Thanks, your in of course, but please, I ask others to PM the app, it kinda crowds and can interrupt the roleplay wink

The Ones
when do we start?

Originally posted by The Ones
when do we start?

Whenever you please. We have four total members so far.

Espio X 20
'Zat include me? smile

Name: Victor Vinshuu
Age: 24
History: As a child, he lived with his fathers on a small star cruiser that traveled from place to place, buying food with the little money that they had. Victor's father was a Jedi, but did not work for the Jedi order, because he'd foreseen the destruction of the Republic. Instead, he helped people with the small problems, such as muggings and thievery. But one day, he was attacked and wiped out by a Sith named Darth Maul, and was killed. He told Victor to take his lightsaber and join the next Republic, which he had also foreseen. Then only could he live as a Jedi in safety, and not being killed in the unstable Republic.

Allignment: NEW Republic
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Abilities: Force user, and extremely skilled at swordsplay.
Personal Belongings: Father's lightsaber
Roleplay: Vector jumped up on the generator in a frontflip. He hammered down the Sith with his lightsaber, then kicked him off the generator.

((OOC:Ok, Espio, you are in, but please, if you ever submit a second app, PM it to me, that way we will not crowd the roleplay....already my roleplay post has been eaten. Will-One, you may also begin, but next time, can I get a roleplay sample?))

Espio X 20
Victor was walking down the streets with his hood coverinh his entire face in a shadow. There was some racket going on in an ally, so he walked down in. Suddenly, some thugs jumped him, and one took out a blaster pistol. The blaster shot darted at Victor, but he was suddenly gone, and reappeared behind the thug. He kicked him onto the ground, and crushed his rusty blaster pistol with his boot. Another thug threw a punch at Victor, but Victor Force gripped his hand before he could strike Victor, and crushed his wrist. Then he Force pulled the last thug toward him, and jabbed him in the rib with his knee, breaking half of his rib cage.

Espio X 20
As Victor arrived at the temple, he raised his head, and the ebony shadow that covered his face was illuminated by the bright moonlight. His eyes were shining and his hands were freezing in the cold weather.

Elli looked about her, breathing in the cool night air. Coruscant was so much prettier at night. Even after years on the planet, she had never gotten used to the splendor of the lights at night.
As she looked back at the platform in front of her, she a man standing up ahead, his body illuminated by the white light of the moon. She walked up gently, unsure of his business. She could tell he was a Jedi, there was a sense of power about him. She could sense him as a beacon of power in the force.
The Jedi was not the only thing Elli could sense, there was something else, but she could not quite figure out what. Whatever it was, it wasn't anywhere near. It seemed as if it had been there for days. A new presence that had been plagueing her senses for far to long.
Being as young as she was, Elli was slightly frightened by this new presence. She walked up to the Jedi, her hands shaking.

Can you feel it Master?

Will-one Kenobi

Willan stood motionless in the grand council chambers surrounded by some of the best in the New Republic, the tradition of a council of Jedi masters dated back to the Old Republic and continued to be honoured. At last Koton Lantor, a grim faced ceran, spoke 'The council has come to a decision regarding your fate young Kaminor' he said. 'And we have decided' Seasom Drin continued 'That you are ready'
'Ready for what?' Willan asked, Luke Skywalker spoke up for the first time 'the trials' he said with a smile. Willan Kaminor was overcome 'When do they begin?' he asked. 'Now' Luke said and suddenly two assassin droids bearing powerful discharge Electro-Staffs appeared and flanked him on either side. Willan centered himself in the force and he was enveloped by pink electricity...

Espio X 20
Victor turned around.

Victor: What? Oh.. Hello... Sorry, I was just thinking of someone I'd lost a long time ago.. But I'm a Jedi now, I must forget about what I've lost...
Sorry, what were you asking me?

((OOC: Yes, I was speaking to you.))

Can you feel it Master? There is something...I don't know what.

Elli's voice was barely a whisper, her hands where still shaking. Her senses seemed overwhelmed with this new presence, but she could not seem to locate it's position. She knew it was something elsewhere, on some distant planet, and she was amazed at how easily she could sense it where she was standing.

It has been getting stronger the last few days, but it is not anywhere near us. . .

Espio X 20
Victor: Yes... There is a disturbance in the Force... You can call me Victor, I am no master... Only a Jedi.

His saber was emmiting a lot of Force energy that Victor could sense.

((OOC:Elli knows you are a not a Master, since she does not have a Master of her own yet, she calls every Jedi above padawan "master" OMG I am in an almost desperate to roleplay mood right now.))

Elli bowed slightly to the Jedi.

And you may call me Elli.

Elli shifted uncomfortably, trying to shake of the presence that plagued her sences, and focus on the Jedi in front of her. Even though she had spent all of her fifteen years in the temple, she only actually remembered a few. She still stood in aw of any Jedi higher than her own rank of Padawan.

Have you seen the reports about the senators?

Espio X 20
Victor: Hm? Yes I have... I was actually sent to investigate one, but I didn't find much...

Elli nodded, deep in thought.

I don't think that so many senators could be killed by one gang of twilighters. What do you think M...Victor?

Elli tried to catch the eye of the other Jedi, knowing that her own were burning with an unkown fire within, of curiosity this time.

Espio X 20
Victor: ... It's not a group... It's one person. I sense it in the Force... But that's the thing, I sense that it's a Force user...

So you do believe that it was a force user?

Elli was excited that she had been right, but she could not smile about it. There was to much to worry about at the time.

How long do you think it will take for the senate to become aware of this? What are the Jedi going to do about it?

Elli stood for a second, thinking, then added:

Whatever it is, may I help?

Espio X 20
Victor: Well... The Jedi don't kow what it is yet, so I'm not sure about any of your questions.

His lightsaber was shining in the moonlight. The scratches and dents were dark, while the untouched parts were bright silver. Victor clutched it, because it gave him balance in the Force.

Elli jumped back as she saw Victor grab his saber. Still unsteady in the force, she could not sense his intentions. She looked at him quizically, every muscle tense, ready for anything.

((Short I know, but there is nothing else to write.))

The Ones
meanwhile, The dark lord Sorgo is gathering all evil to him, in an attempt to go to war with the jedi

Espio X 20
Victor: Easy, padawan. I'm clutching my saber because it gives me balance in the Force.

Victor suddenly sensed more dark vibration in the Force. The distortion of it caused Victor's mind to stop for a second, and his eyes started to turn gray.

The Ones
Sorgo sensed victor, he stepped into his mind and started to call him

(this is Darth Sorgo)

Espio X 20
Victor(thinking): What was that... I sense another prescence in my mind...

Wind Sister
Elli barely heard the other Jedi's response, immediately after sensing the new presence, she had sat down on the spot, focusing inward, calming her mind as well as her senses. Her eyes were closed, focused on locating the source, but now matter how hard she focused, her thoughts only seemed to be going in circles. Reeling from the sudden power.

Espio X 20
Victor ignited his saber. The bright orange blade illuminated the temple's entrance, and Victor grasped control of his mind again. He disignited his saber, and clipped it to his belt.

Wind Sister
((*bows* Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week...and the next if ya think about it stick out tongue ))

The sound of Victors lightsaber brought Elli out of her trance. She shook her head, thankful for her own force powers at this time.

What do you think it was Master Jedi?

She calmly stood up, adjusting her lightsaber so it was easier to access. Her eyes flitted in ever direction, taking in the different speeders zooming by.

Espio X 20
Victor was still silent. He may have regained control over his mind, but he still was in communication with this prescence.

Wind Sister
Elli stood back, trying to respect the Jedi's space, as she could tell he was deep in thought. She looked around again, fighting of the dark presence that was now so eminent. Her keen eyes browsed the different speeders for one that might be trying to get away, but she found nothing.

Looking back at Victor, Elli's mouth seemed agape, even after her years in the temple, the more experienced Jedi always awed her. She felt an emotional stab of pain as she remembered she didn't have a Master at all, and probably never would.

She glanced once more at the Jedi, then turned to tip-toe away.

Will-one Kenobi
Willan sat in deep meditation in his chambers, the days events flashing before his eyes. He saw the flash of his lighsabre, He heard the clash of the Assassin droid as it hit the ground in pieces. The Trial Of Skill
He felt the pain as the mark of a Jedi Master was burnt into him with the use of incredibly hot pokers. The Trial Of Flesh
And he relived the vision he had seen in the miror, The black robed figure slicing down Jedi after Jedi and burning his arm off at the shoulder. The Trial Of Spirit
Suddenly a new awareness hit him, a cold and dark awareness and he heard the snap hiss of an ignited lightsabre. Without thinking Willan leapt out of his window and hurtled to the floor just as the lightsabre was deactivated and a woman was walking away. Looking around him he saw there was no danger'Im sorry, but I felt a disturbance and heard a lightsabre ignite, I was...disturbed.

The Ones
Originally posted by Espio X 20

Sorgo breathed in and out. Since Sorgo had already come in contact with victor through the force, he decided he will use his mind to spy on the jedi.

Sorgo's armys were slowly increasing. soon he would be powerful enough to strike the jedi, hard and fast

Will-one Kenobi
Willan shuddered, he felt a great power rising, plotting
'Do you sense that'

Victor couldn't take anymore of this. He rushed through the doors of the temple and into the halls of trinity. Removing his cloak and his weapons, he sat down and started meditating, so he could regain peace in the Force.

Wind Sister
Elli ran down the many hallways of the temple, looking for a Jedi that seemed collected enough to talk. It was times like these when she wished, more than ever, to have a Master, and learn the rest of the many mysteries of the force.

Will-one Kenobi
'Or, you know just storm away, I dont mind'
Willan said. ,I know, ill go for a walk'
Willan spent many hours searching the underbelly of the street, suddenly he heard a scream from a rooftop. Without thinking Willan leapt up onto the roof and ignited his lightsabre, he saw a hooded man holding a Blood red Lightsabre and standing over... someone
'Leave them alone'
Willan said but the figure just looked at him and said 'This does not concern you' Suddenly he raised a hand and hurled Willan through a nightclub wall were he lay unconcious upon impact, surrounded by angry beings.

Wind Sister
Elli stopped in her tracks, her feet sliding for a few feet before coming to rest. Her mind racing with yet another pulse, this one nearby. She spun around, her hair swinging behind her. She pulled her lightsaber out of her belt, resting her thumb lightly on the power. Her eyes flitted up the hallways before she darted out of the temple again.
Her eyes searched the street, her hands shook. In her mind she just pleaded for a Master to teach her. Uncertain of her abilities as she was, she ran over to the edge of balcony, looking down at the levels below, and judging the distance down to the next one. . .

The Ones
Sorgo looked at his army. He was almost ready. Sorgo connected with the force and clouded it with the dark side. blinding all jedi from forseeing his attack and stunning them in the process

Wind Sister
((OOC: We have yet another member. Aliies will be joining our roleplay as a character named "Ala'ii" She is 17, with metallic grey hair. She wears a thick cloak of many colors, which is it shifty ))

Elli stopped, her eyes clouding, her senses dulled. She felt suddenly as if something vital to her life had been yanked from her. Her chest felt empty, her mind a dark void. Her entire vision of the world was changed. No longer could she see not only the appearance of things, but the depth as well. She was stunned by the sudden change in her mind.
She turned slowly, suddenly unsure of her footing, her knees wobbled slightly. She started walking towards the temple, her feet moving without her knowledge. Her eyes going in and out of focus, she blindly walked down the well-known hallways of the Jedi Temple.
Reaching a small room filled with circullar chairs, Elli sat down, crossing her legs and closing her eyes. She reached into the force, feeling relieved merely because she could still sense it, but the farther she probed, the more restricted she felt. The once clear, shining, water fall of light that was the force was now clouded, dull in color. She could sense what was, she could sense what is, but she could not sense what isn't yet.
Even though she could not probe the future, the young jedi remained in her meditation, seeking comfort in what she could feel, searching the different presences for what was. The farther she searched, the more she realized how little she knew. . .

The Ones
Sorgo turned to his army and gave a signal for them to follow. he ignited his saber and left the safty of the cave. his army comprised of dark jedi armed with lightsabers, bewitched creatures and evil men armed with laser guns. he was in the abandoned areas of corucant. sorgo marched across the harsh, unforgiving terrain and on the jedi temple.

Victor suddenly awoke from his meditation.

Victor: It can't be...

Grabbing his lightsaber, he ran out the doors and into the entrance hall.

The Ones
Sorgo and his army came to a stop outside the temple. people running for there lives could be seen around them. sorgo turned to his army and said: "Move into the temple. Kill all in your path" Sorgo then turned and watched his army run into the temple balsting and cutting down jedi.

Wind Sister
((That seemed fairly rushed erm The plot went from Semi-Intricate and Moderately Literate, to easy in both senses sad Just remember, Sorgo may just be another Sith with forces, Darth Syris should still be behind everything. ))

Elli sat bolt upright in her small chair, all her senses attuned to what was going on outside. She could sense great forces, greater than anything she had felt before, but it was not the same thing she had felt before. It didn't seem quite as menacing.
Even with her senses dulled, Elli knew that this would be to much for the Jedi. She silently tiptoed out of the room, her feet barely making a sound on the stone floors. As soon as she stepped into the corridor, the sound of ignited lightsabers reached her ears. Pulling her own out, she snuck towards the Archives. Upon reaching them, she typed a coded retreat message, sending it out to any Jedi not in the Temple. . .she warned them of the danger the Temple was in, without giving details.
The silence of the deserted archives was broke by the small hiss of an opening door. She could sense as well as hear the prolonged release of air from the doors seal. She sprinted towards the nearest shelf, concealing herself from the unkown person. Her lightsaber ignited silently, it's glow quenched beneath a blanket of force energy.
Not being confident enough in herself for head-to-head combat, the young padawan worked her way towards another door, this one invisible to anyone other than the Jedi themeselves.
After the fall of the Empire, Luke Skywalker had ordered a chamber to be built, far beneath the surface of Coruscant. If there was any threat to the Jedi Temple directly, the Jedi could retreat to this chamber through an entrance in the Jedi Archives.
Feeling this to be the opportune moment to open up the century old chamber, Elli punched in a silent code, revealing an entrance only visible in the force. She stepped through the door, her hair blown back by a gust of cold air. Using the force to guide her, the young padawan started down towards the main halls, hoping. . .no praying that maybe the other Jedi would catch on. . .

the paths of nearby speeders, mainly of a larger construction began to divert, hurtling out of control into Sorgo's armies. from high above the great doors of the temple, Ala'ii stood; a snarled expression upon her face as she connected the force between herself the liberated speeders, manipulating them to her will and heedless of the passengers.

many of the dark Jedi were already inside the temple, those left on the outside were literally swept away in her tide of destruction.

While the sizable force was pre-occupied with their wanton destruction and carnage amidst the temple, Ala'ii jumped down to the steps below to confront the maniacal Sorgo, her echani sword drawn and held aloft.

"I will ask you not why you have attacked, but i will ask you this; how do wish to die this day?" Her voice seemed to extend beyond nermal sound, echoing and rebounding powerfully from every crack, every corner. It was rather daunting to gaze upon her, the camoline cloak shifted and distorted in colour to match the cold metals underfoot. All that could be seen underneath her hood were the eyes, literally burning blue eyes that stared coldly from the force and fell upon the dark Jedi lord Sorgo, now just a few paces downwards the stairs from the temple.

Will-one Kenobi
Willan awoke and instantly tasted blood, the burn in his lip had opened and blood was gushing into his mouth. His hands were tied behind his back with electro-bonds and his lightsabre was in the hands of a scared looking Humanoid.
'Were am I and who are you' Willan asked and the humanoid replied 'We are senators who are not going to be ruled and walked over by you master Darth Syrius' Willan was stunned
'Who is Darth Syrius'
'Your master' the humanoid snapped 'we have your weapon and we are, we are g go going' The humanoid broke into tears and another senoter spoke up 'We are going to kill you with your own weapon and send it to syrius to give him the message' the senator ignited the weapon and cam toward Willan but Willan was to fast he reached into the force and his sabre sliced through the air freeing him of his electo-bonds. He leapt to his feet and when the senators drew blasters and let of a volley of shots Willan deflected them effortlessly he thew them into the far wall were they lay in a pile. Willan looked at the humanoid and said
'I will help you with your troubles although I do not know you, I hope that proves me to be no sith'
Willan turned and walked out the door but stopped as he saw the temple, he was chilled to the bone.

Without waiting for an answer, she sped down the remaining steps towards the dark figure, sword flying like the wing of an aircraft to her side.

With her movement, her cloak shifted so fast that it was an assault upon the eyes, her hood fell back against the rising wind and revealed the burning eyes, her dark skin tone and her hideous snarl.

"TO THE UNKNOWN, I SEND YOU!" she screamed, her voice distorting with her high tone.

Time and light themselves seemed to retreat at her charge, each long stride fell seemingly minutes between and the stars in the sky vanished as the terrain around fell under shroud. The silver-blue metal blade lowered outstretched before her, its tip aimed waist-height...

Wind Sister
Elli continued walking down the passageway, listening closely as she heard the entrance hiss for a second time. She turned around her eyes swiveling closer to the ground where a young padawan stood. Judging by the scared look in his deep blue eyes, she knew that he had seen a lot.
He was young, only about eight. Seeing her the young boy ran up and buried his head in Elli's robes. She smilled, gently rubbing his back.

It will be okay.

She looked into the deep blue pools of his eyes and saw only terror there. Grabbing his hand she continued walking down the shafty hallway. Listening as more and more Jedi opened the secret doorway and started down the dark path that only spelled the loss of the Temple.
Although the Jedi were perfectly safe down here, each and every one of them would be scared, it seemed. Elli was worried about the temple, yes, but more so about Coruscant. The center of the Republic, standing strong for many years after the fall of the Empire.
She looked back down at the young padawan boy holding her hand, and she knew she must be strong. Not only for her sake, but also for those who looked up to her.
She gathered the force around her like a shimmering blanket, sensing the Jedi entering the passage, and the distruction beyond its entrance. . .

The Ones
Sorgo walked inside and smiled at the mass of destruction he had caused.

"My lord, many of the jedi escaped though a door" one of the dark jedi said.

"GET BACK THERE AND SMASH IT DOWN!" Sorgo said with anger in his voice.

"But we cant see it" The dark Jedi said. Sorgo growled.

"Stand guard at the area they disappeard through. they will come back soon, and when they do kill them" Sorgo commanded. The dark jedi obeyed and ordered 1/2 the army to stand guard.

Sorgo looked down at his feet and saw a jedi lying in pain surrounded by a pool of blood. Sorgo reached out to her. a huge steam of lightning excaped the tips of his fingers and penitrated the jedis body. she screamed in pain until she died.

Victor hopped down off an arch he was standing on. He ripped off his cloak and unclipped his saber from his belt.

Victor: Your reign of terror ends here!

Wind Sister
Reaching the first large hallway of the underground temple, Elli let go of the young boys hands, retreating to corner to meditate. She sat down in a small chair, stretching her mind as far into the upper Temple as she could. What she sense scared her. The archives were full of Dark Jedi and such. But what scared her the most was Sorgo, literally a flaming torch in the landscape of the force.
Opening her eyes, she looked around the underground section. It seemed like most of the Jedi had escaped into the Buried Temple. Now all they had to do was find the exit into the Republic headbases. From there they could enter into the negotiating spaceship, where they might be able to communicate safely with either Sorgo, or whoever was truly behind it. . .

(The Ones, are you trying to say thats me on the floor?)

(if you read mine carefully then you'd see that i am now in combat with you... YOU are the Maniacal Dark Jedi im talking about and i just charged you, my character is not some hotheaded youngling trying to claim some honor...)

"Ignite your Sabre, fiend. And then may we do battle!" Ala'ii stated darkly to Darth Sorgo, "in force combat you'd find we are evenly matched so it is down to the clash of swords!"

She then noticed Victor beside her and nodded gravely, "hope you've studied Sith of late, Jedi!" she said, a humorless smile crept across her face.

Wind Sister
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Wind Sister
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Wind Sister
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Elli closed her eyes tightly, sensing yet another beacon in the force. The first to near Sorgo was new, a powerful presence that seemed neither wholly Jedi, nor Sith. Neither good nor bad. She was just there, protecting what already seemed lost. The second to appear was more familiar. The Jedi Victor had arrived on the scene.
Elli's heart leaped, with two Jedi against this unkown Sith Lord, the Republic might still have a chance. But she knew that that chance was dim, if it glowed at all. The Jedi had trained for years, but they had never expected a force so powerful, nor so cunning as the one they faced today.
Elli once more concentrated on Sorgo, entering into his mind. She found herself shocked to become "one" with the powerful Sith Lord. She could sense his every breath, could feel his burning hatred. With a jerk she brought herself back onto the plain of the force. Her once flaring candle of hope growing ever dimmer.

Ala'ii turned the blade over in her hand, then swung it around in a low left arc, her swing was in the ancient Sorensu fightling style of the Echani...

(Your move The Ones, describe your parry, block, dodge but nothing else to make a blow by blow battle, you too 'Victor')

Wind Sister
Elli could sense the newer source of force power ready to strike. She could feel her own heartbeat stop, awaiting Sorgos move. She focused all her force energy on the one ready to strike, trying to help. . .if only she could give her some of her own force powers, help her conserve energy. She concentrated hard, just trying to help. . .

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same but no sorgo... sad

Victor ran behind Sorgo and jumped at his back. Slashing at his neck, he started another frontflip to get in front of Sorgo.

The Ones
Originally posted by Aliies
(The Ones, are you trying to say thats me on the floor?)

Sorgo looked around. He was surrounded by jedi. "This will be a breeze" Sorgo said. He ignited his saber and slashed at victor. victor quickly defended himself and attacked. he was shocked to see he had hit sorgo. sorgo looked down and saw a deep cut. sorgo was now pissed off anhd emmited lightning around himself from his fingers.

The lightning seemed to stop a few metres from the two defending guardians, Ala'ii had her hand outstretched before her and it seemed that she was absorbing the energy, then dispersing it as a protectice aura for herself and Victor (think of a combination of Battle meditation and force absorbtion)

((you're not surrounded The Ones, just myself and Faroth are the only ones who hadn't fled via the archive tunnels, or slaughtered by your minions...))

Ala'ii became slightly irritated, the human Victor was too head strong and his form was quite easy to predict (No offence Faroth, just giving you a glimse of my char's personality) yes, he may have scored a hit but her own attack failed due to his swift attack and Sorgo's attempt to dodge. She had always fought better alone and against one or more opponents. For now, she accepted the young Jedi's assistance, to be thankful of it was another factor entirely.

~Jedi~ she spoke to Victor, not vocally but as an echo through the force ~You have not learnt the Makashi stance, to his back you must face and I his front. I see from his pace that he has trained primarily in forward motion, ever advancing towards his goal; let us counter him with a circle!~

The Ones
Sorgo infiltrated the force speech. Knowing this could be a wise move, he decided he woulod need help. he breathed in massivly, then let out a huge roar, that almost destroyed the jedi's hearing. From around the corner dark jedi and corrupted men came and aided sorgo

Will-one Kenobi
Willan saw the burning temple and forgot about trying to figure out who Darth Syrius was, all he cared about was the temple and the jedi, his family. Willan rushed to an abondoned warehouse and soon found a secret passage to the chamber underneath the archives. He rushed through it, centering himself in the force. he came out and saw a number of younglings and knights but he also saw Elli who he immediately ran over to
'What's happening, were are the master's, are you wounded?'
Willan begged silently she was okay

It took little effort for Ala'ii to block the simple thought and force patterns of the Sith, his mind was bent on anger and retribution, simple impulses that lacked tact and cunning; a true sith master does not unleash these uncontrolled, they use it to channel and focus the force.

~We are faced with many opponents, as a Jedi you will have learnt the Shii'Cho, the stance for such an occaision!~

Both Ala'ii and Victor fought to hold off both Sorgo and the now-oncoming blaster fire, it didn't take long for Ala'ii to realize that this fight was too much for even her.

~Flee Jedi, flee! only death will we find here~ she said once again, straining to protect the message from the Sith, ~I shall hold them whilst you make your escape, both the Sith and his minions will not notice your flight, i shall see to that!~

Ala'ii held her sword above her head, using the palm of her free hand to reinforce the block, the metal blade sparked and hissed as the Cortosis-Weave resisted the burning red lightsabre, leaving only slight sooted imprints and a few hot sparks upon her open palm, causing her to wince.

She pushed back the attacking blade then focused on those around her, connecting herself between both the force and her adversaries. she made them see what she willed, the impulses from the eyes are quite simple and a hotheaded Sith like Sorgo relies upon sight.
((sight beyond sight, eyes but a distraction...))

to them, both she and Victor dissapeared, they stood the same but were invisible to all others, though Sorgo would be able to oversee this quickly; enough time to make their escape...

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((btw, im a bit of a facts geek, it has got to be perfectly true to the mivies and the story that is SW, its an addiction but take rest in the fact that is not all that i do!!!))

The Ones
Sorgo looked around. He swung his blade at the space where they disappreared, hoping to cut them. Nothing hit his lightsaber. Sorgo then turned to his army and said "Tear this foul place apart"

Wind Sister
Originally posted by Will-one Kenobi
Willan saw the burning temple and forgot about trying to figure out who Darth Syrius was, all he cared about was the temple and the jedi, his family. Willan rushed to an abondoned warehouse and soon found a secret passage to the chamber underneath the archives. He rushed through it, centering himself in the force. he came out and saw a number of younglings and knights but he also saw Elli who he immediately ran over to
'What's happening, were are the master's, are you wounded?'
Willan begged silently she was okay

Elli's eyes opened, her mind still really with the amount of force energy she had felt the strange "Jedi" using. Looking up into the eyes of the Jedi above her, she felt her mind clear, an aura of peace returning to her thoughts.

I am fine, Master, thank you. As for the masters, I am not entirely sure. There are many Jedi down here, that is certain, but I don't know how many stayed to fend off Sorgo. . .Master, who is the Darth Syrus?

Elli gazed into the Jedi's intelligent eyes, visions from her old master rushing through her head. . .

If only I could see him again. . .or find someone to teach me.

But Elli's thoughts didn't remain long on her lack of a master, but on the current condition of the temple.

Ala'ii felt the touch of another's thoughts, a soft-feeling an unintrusive echo that was difficult to locate. She followed it like a blind man follows the sound of someone's voice, she held her eyes shut with her hand out, her pace now just shy of a sprint, momentarily forgetting that the Jedi Victor was desperate to keep up.

After a nearly an hour of searching, she found a pool... or such as appeared to the sightless force, a large congregation of Jedi and Padawan learners, many of them appeared shocked and frightened as she approached, though were calmed at Victor's arrival.

She could still feel the tension amoung them, though they were now safe, their home was raided and destroyed, leaving behind casualties...

"I will not stress the fact that this has been a tough trial for you all" Ala'ii began, her voice ringing alarmingly loud over the top of the low murmors and whispering, "Gathering here will only draw unwanted attention, we must press on and consolidate our strength" she couldn't help but notice that amoung all eyes upon her, a young girl seemed to stand out.

"The temple is in ruins, they hunted and destroyed your Jedi masters as they were their primary threat. All that remains now is that you survive and consolidate, I assure you that you will have retribution but now is not the time for such things."

Something felt wrong, she sensed a shadow nearby, an engulfing shadow, "Hurry, hurry, we must fly!" she announced suddenly.

Wind Sister
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Elli looked away from the other Jedi, her eyes flying to the newest member of their gathering. A smile spread across her face as she felt the familiar presence in the force.

This is the one who was so powerful

Elli looked up in aw at the new arrival, feeling almost grateful that she had survived, but she didn't know why it should really concern her. She looked around at the Jedi, still huddled up not moving. At last her own voice spoke out, she had somehow found the courage to speak to those older than her.

Well, you heard her. I, also, think we should move on.

Looking back at the newest arrival, Elli tried to catch her eye, but she didn't know why.

Ala'ii looked down amidst the crowd, the ground her was smooth dark asphalt. Seeing as it was night, she knelt down and rubbed the hem of her cloak, instantly turning dark-slate grey. with the combination of her black combat fatigues she appeared as a shadow-spectre, quite frightening to gaze upon.

Such is a time of war, she thought to herself, as it was once said; Jedi are keepers of the peace, not soldiers. They will soon realize that the Jedi code will not aid them here but merely to flee, if they wish to evolve then they must realize that they are chained morally

"Through Passion, my chains are broken" she muttered to herself, only audable to herself, or so she thought.

That girl keeps staring at me, like she is in need...

((as nobody has replied for a while... i'll carry us through))

Coruscant was the place if you wanted to hide, easy to get lost in the crowd but not for this situation, a host of over two hundred or so Jedi wasn't exactly the easiest group to hide.

They needed to get off-world, the docks would be their destination. that alone would be trialing, "Ready your swords, this will not be a pleasant trip!"

She simply stared, so many lightsabres, an elegant yet primitively predictable weapon that relied upon technology to operate, easily manipulated to overload... it could hardly be called a sword in her own opinion.

The sword itself is an elegant edge weapon, the lightsabre has no edge. A sword needed to be aerodynamic to fly through the air; the lightsabre burns ther air as it passes through it, creating resistance.

She could think of many reasons to select her Echani Cortosis Edge over a lightsabre save for one; she could not deflect blaster shots so easily, the skill to strike a shot was there but the sword vibrated severely every time.

The throng moved at her words, she felt like some grand sheppard tending to her Jedi flock.

She tried to still her mind, only to feel hundreds, if not thousands of eyes staring at her alone, not noticing the others.
The shadow grew ever looming...

Wind Sister
Elli looked away, moving along silently with the other Jedi. Her eyes sifted through the many others, searching for the young Padawan boy. Her mind was distracted, her senses plagued by the dark presences in the force. Her feet moved, but made no sound. She walked forward, but didn't truly know she was moving at all.
Her thoughts trailed off to where they were headed. There was a ship, large enough to hold all the Jedi, that was used merely for negotiation, and its security made sure that was all that went on inside. If you tried to start a fight inside, everyone would die.
Elli shook her head, the Jedi seemed to unstable to be able to concentrate inside that ship. She decided to leave it up to her elders to find out where to go. . .

Will-one Kenobi
Willan walked to the head of the crowd to talk to their 'leader'
We cannot board the ship master, the sith will find us and eliminate us and the tracking device on the hem of your robe is not helping, come I know a safer haven

Ala'ii stopped and raised an eyebrow to the Jedi, then peered down to study her cloak. sure enough, there was a minute device that would be difficult to locate if you did not know what to search for, the Jedi had keen eyes. she removed it and crushed the infernal thing underfoot, nodding a brief thanks to him.

"We do not travel to the ship, of this i am aware but we need to get to open ground, and none other is safer to defend whilst you are a host of Jedi!" she pointed out, "I have another path for us, it will require a sacrifice on my part but you will all be led to safety, you have my word" she looked deadly searious as she said this.

Upon arrival, she led them out to the centre of the largest landing pad, removed a small device from a utility pouch and placed it on the ground, it looked like a minute ion-cannon.

She fiddled with it for a few moments and stood back, a bright blue beam shone vertically and pierced the sky above, it was a laser beacon.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the enemy will also notice this, PREPARE TO DEFEND YOURSELVES AND THE YOUNGLINGS!" she commanded loudly.

Speeders soared overhead, making it difficult to determine between them and fighters. Ala'ii whipped around, studying the sky, her breathing suddenly erratic.

There was a horrible itch on her thigh... no a pain, she looked down and finally noticed a lightsabre graze from the battle before.

Sweat began to cloud her eyes, or that's what she hoped it was. She began to feel dizzy, what's happening, why do I feel this way, its like.... poison!, she then lost her footing and fell over suddenly to the horror of the Jedi around.

The stars above began to wheel and the lights from the speeders became one large dot, it can't be him already, he can't be here now, so soon.

She lost consciousness just as the Sorgo's troop dropships found them.

Wind Sister
Elli's eyes went wide as she saw the courageous woman fall, finding her own eyes clouding. . .with something completely different.
She blinked back the tears forming in her eyes, pulling out her own lightsaber. It gleamed menacingly in the dark passage. She closed her eyes, letting herself fall into the force, feeling instead of seeing, the enemy around her. The buzz of her own weapon mixed with that of the other Jedi', her own blade zipping through the air.
Not once did the young padawan open her eyes, not even to see where her blade went. She allowed the force to completely guide her actions. Blocking where blocking was needed, and striking where an attack was necessary. . .

((nice, but we're out in the open on the huge landing pad, how did we get in a narrow passage ?smile?))

Wind Sister
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((nice, but we're out in the open on the huge landing pad, how did we get in a narrow passage ?smile?))

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The dropships seemed endless, they now bore dark Jedi, it literally seemed hopeless.

There was a deafening explosion as one of the airborne dropships was turned into scrap, a super-high-pitched engine came within earshot. It was a huge ship, about a third the size of a Star Destroyer and of an unseen construction, it was definately alien to all but Ala'ii, it began to obliterate more of the troop ships.

Fighter craft took over as it landed as best it could in the narrow area, a long and thin boarding ramp lowered to the street.

"IF YOU WISH TO SURVIVE, YOU WILL GET THE FETH ABOARD THIS SHIP!" sounded a deafening male voice, the younglings were the first to oblige, running past the nine-foot-tall figure.

He ran up to Ala'ii and delicately took her over his shoulder and back to the ship.

Sith troops advanced on both sides and were nearly at the landing ramp from behind, it was now or never. The jedi made their last sprint towards and many were cut down by blaster fire as they ran.

At last the ramp closed and the large ship spooled it's turbines and took off into the night sky.

The huge man appeared before the Jedi inside the vast storage chambers that led from the ramp.

"Seeing as you fled from these enemy I suppose you have another destination, we will take you there but I'm afraid L'kiena, or Ala'ii as she goes by cannot accompany you..."

Wind Sister
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(Will-One, say where the haven is and that will be our destination.))

Will-one Kenobi
Willan hurried onto the ship and began to tend to the leader Jedis' wound using the force he closed the wound and smiled at her
'Is that better?' he asked. He pulled out a holographic starchart and said
'Take the ship to here' he pointed at the a blank space on the map
'There is a planet there called Sorkana VII I removed it from the archives after my master was slain there, noone knows the planet exists we will be safe there'

Wind Sister
Elli blinked as she heard Ala'ii could not travel with them any longer, but took it without a word. She shrugged her shoulders, dismissing the fact that Willan seemed like the only Jedi truly capable of leading the group now.
She looked around her as young padawans moved towards their masters, asking questions that could only be answered by their elders. She hung her head slightly then moved off to a quiet corner, where she sat down and closed her eyes. Delving deep into the force, she reallized that it truly was her master. The master of all the Jedi. Teaching and sharing wisdom that can never be comprehended by any mortal. The thought made Elli feel slightly better, a smile splaying across her face.
She found a solitude in searching the force, sensing the presence of the other Jedi. Then her mind traveled as far into the clouded future as she could go, wondering if one day she will find a master, or more importantly, will there be any masters at all. . .

"That planet is near the core worlds, not the republic but of our people's enemy, let us hope we go unnoticed" the Giant said softly, "As for L'Kiena, how is is that you came to know her, I was not aware that she had made any contact with Jedi?"

Wind Sister
Elli listened with half an ear to the different conversations going on around her. She could sense more than hear the frantic nature of their voices. The Jedi were scared. The strong people who protect the Republic were scared.

"L'Kiena, this is rather typical of you, what did you plan to do to these 'Jedi' once you found a safe location?" The huge man asked her, she was locked behind a force screen in thier brig, "Our scouts say that you are the one who slaughtered their masters, what were you planning when you did that?"

"The Jedi order is stagnant, if I did not intervene they would'ave brought about their own destrution with their arrogance. So many younglings survived because of my actions and will now have a chance to learn things beyond the Jedi code..." She said calmly, "And what makes you so sure that I killed them, the temple was swarmed with the dark ones bent on their destruction whilst I was outside fending off their leader"

As he turned to leave, Ala'ii got his attention once more, "There is a lone girl amounst them, I wish to commune with her, if that is alright?"

He eyed her scepticallyfor a moment, "What is her name then, outcast?"

"Elli, I believe, and you could at least act like I am your daughter once in a while, it wouldn't kill you..."

"My daughter is dead, YOU killed her and stole her identity, fiend. I will grant your request... you may see the girl" he glared maniacally at her for a moment before turnig away, disgusted.

For the first time since she leaned she had powers, a single tear rolled down her cheek...

Wind Sister
Elli opened her eyes to the Jedi around her, her heart racing.
Where are we going? What will we do once we get there?

She looked around, gazing at the panic stricken faces around her. She stood up, moving to an even quieter corner where she plopped down on the ground, putting her face in her hands.

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Ilemniier, her father reluctantly returned. "The girl does not wish to to speak to anyone, it seems you're influence digusts people and..." he studied her face for a mooment, "...and you have shed tears, weeping for the death of my daughter, are we?"

"You are cold, colder than Hoth ever could offer."

"Are you trying to spread the guilt, outcast?"

She just stared at him, "Is it possible that you think I will take back what I told you when you left? I DISOWNED YOU, THAT MEANS YOU ARE NO LONGER RELATED TO ME, and I will kill you with my own hands if you dare to place the name Kuramnii on the end of your own."

"So what will you do with me when we get home?"

"It's not your home, and we will place you infront of the council, they will most definately sentence you to death by rifle" he said, a small smirk on his face.

"So thats it, they kill me and then you get on with your life, you don't care that you'll never see me again. doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"It makes me wish that you had reconsidered joining the forces. they turned you into a monster!"

Tears now apparent in her eyes, "I was conscripted, I was only eleven, you think that I wanted to kill all those people"
"You really wish to make peace on your heresies?"

"If it is test you want, i'll do it, even if it kills me... I just want my old life back!"

Wind Sister
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Elli looked back up, rubbing her eyes with her fingers. Standing up, she moved towards the small boy who she had held hands with on the way down. Once more she gazed into his eyes, seeing a despair she did not know was possible to exist in one so young. She watched the boy swallow his tears, wiping his face with his sleeve. He looked up, and Elli's heart caught in her throat.

Where is my master, Elli?

Her sharp intake of breath seemed almost to echo around the room, though maybe only to her. She bent down on her knees, looking into the deep pools. She found tears welling in her own eyes. She scooped the boy up, drawing him to her chest. She could feel the sharp rising and falling of his chest with an uneven beat, telling her he was crying again.

It's ok Cody, you will be fine.

Looking around the room, Elli thought about little Cody. If she could not find a master for herself, she would at least find one for this boy. As she led him over to another master, she thought about his own peculiar needs. Finding the perfect open Jedi, she told him of Cody's predicament. She almost smiled as she watched him bury himself in his new masters arms. Her mind fell to her own missing master. No one in this room would train her, not a single one. She knew nothing of what went wrong before the crash, but being shunned by the Jedi afterwards would always plague her mind.

The ship shuddered almost unoticably as it dropped out of hyperspace, there destination directly infront of them. ((I have no idea where we are, Will-one, you sholud've given more description so i'll make it up))
The planet was quite damp and temperate, half the surface was swamp whilst the latter was lush rain forest.

The air stank of decaying plant matter and heavy rain, thin and whispy marsupial creatures darted left and right at the ships's approach. Their landing site was in a battle scarred village that had been constructed in a clearing of the rainforests, remnants of Imperial and Republic equipment and armour lay scattered in random location, the only traces of a battle long since fought.

Other thenm flaura and fauna, the planet was barren of any sentient life. Anyone left planetside consumed quickly by one of the many preada tor that lurked in the jungle.

The Jedi decended the boarding ramp of the alien vessel, it's purple, blue and silver hull shining proudly in the midday sun. Some of the crew unloaded supplies and helped escort the children off the ship, the giant man Ilemniier too escorted Ala'ii.

They exchanged a few words before he removed her shackles and returned to the ship, giving the command to leave immeadiately in their native tongue...

Ala'ii looked mournfully as the scout cruiser acended into the clouds and byond their sight, her eyes were sore from when she cried and the skin around itched.

She heaved a large sigh and called the Willian, "Young Jedi, you fought on this planet, yes? The ships sensors detected a low power source of Republic technology, I will entrust to you the role as our guide, lead us on..." she gestured towards the path in the trees.

Will-one Kenobi
Willan nodded and stepped forward
he said and he lead the jedi to a small tavern in which he and the Jedi entered he walked up to the bartender, a hevily armoured geonosion, and said
'I wish to speak to Trangor'
'What is your buisness?' the bartender asked. Willan smiled
'None of yours'
he grinned and the bartender said 'Willan Kaminor, I never thought you would return here after the demise of your master'
'You know me, duty calls me here so here I come, but the temple was attacked so I need to speak toTrangor about project Z'
'Of course, of course, I give you our best rooms untill Trangor is available, come right this way' Willan and the other Jedi followed the bartender untill they reached some luxorious bedrooms where the Jedi split up into their respective rooms. Willan turned to the Jedi
'We must sleep for now I will contact you all in the morning, holo me if anything comes up'
And with that Willan closed the door.









((One night's sleep, eight hours and a $#!T load of Zs))

The single Red giant roze from beyond the horizon, its peircing glare and the deadly radiations it emitted weakened to a safe level by use of the ozone. Many insects and local wildlife sounded the coming day with a raucous cascade of sound, the air still smelt of rain and decaying plant matter.

Ala'ii had not slept at all for the night, meditating recharged the body immensely and broadened the mind, she hated doing as it made her feel like one of the Jedi, the feeling of being bound to an ideal made her shiver in digust. She found herself in requirement of meditation, the recent events led her to that requirement...

She left her room, it was remote fromm the rest and she requested solitude the night before. Ala'ii felt out casually with the force as she walked by each consecutive room that the Jedi stayed in, and finally entered the one she was searching for...

It too was inhabited by only one patron, the young Jedi-girl, Elli was the one she wished to speak to, about something they both needed...

Wind Sister
Elli's head shot up as she sensed the presence of another outside the room. Tentatively, she walked up to the door, putting her hand against the cold metal. Backing away, she used the force to open it, not wanting to be to close, just in case. Her eyes searched the newcomer, the woman who had led the Jedi to the landing pad.
She bowed deeply in respect, then stood aside to let her in if she wished.

"There is something that we are both in requirement, that I have been meaning to ask you..." She began, very unceremoniously, "'s just that, I've never even considered this for one moment, ever. I really have no idea how to best convey this so I'll just say it now..." she heaved a large and slightly painful sigh, "What would be you answer if I offered to train you, it wouldn't be of the Jedi arts but it allows you to chose your path. Now, I am no master, you don't have to call me as such, just as a friend teaches his secrets!"

She finished, but was now blushing (if it could be noticed though her skin) rather profoundly, her face felt like it was on fire.

"So, what'll it be?" she asked again, a childish smile on her face now...

Wind Sister
Elli blinked, unable to hide her shock. Her cheeks flushed red, her hands working in front of her. All she could manage was a slight nod, unable to meet the womans eyes.

Why would she choose me? What do I have to stand out?

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~I hope this doesn't alarm you, your thoughts are as loud to me as if they were physically spoken...~

She leant forward and raised her chin to meet her eyes, ~The reason I chose you is because a connection had formed between us during my encounter with that Sith, I felt someone else add to my ability, I scared me at first; I have never experienced something like it...

she got to her feet and gazed out the windw to the rear of the room, ~Besides, you were feeling upset at the same moment as I did, it seems you influenced me at the time and tears were shed... There is a point where the connection is forged, when the apprentice teaches the master in turn; you showed me that I had a chance to be reunited with my people through guilt...

"For that, I respect and admire you" she said finally, emotion caught in her throat, "And another reason you are the one is that you are not Jedi; you may disagree, but they will not train you and you learn by personal experience without seeing through the eyes of the Jedi, as I do! None of the others will ever experience this, no matter how they tried or suffered, this is because the Jedi order is stagnant and has cracked from the inside."

She continued to stare at the rugged terrain of the view from the window for a few mor minutes before turning to leave. At the door, she said without turning, "Now is the time for the next stone to be leapt upon... my apprentice"

Wind Sister
((OOC: Let's see how long I can drag this post out, nothin more to do bored ))

Elli's eyes shot down to her feet, her mind racing in circles. She remembered trying to help during the battle with Sorgo, but how was she to know that she was helping the very person standing before her.
She shifted her weight, unsure of whether this was good or bad. She had always wanted a master to train with, but being a kind of rebel from the order, she had never in her wildest dreams thought she would actually become a padawan learner again.
She pondered what the woman had said, trying to decipher from her words, a puzzle to be solved, but everything seemed too clear.
For Elli, everything had to be a puzzle, something that had to be sifted through to find the answer, something that was never quite clear until you she had spent hours peicing together the small details. She always noticed the obvious, but it was too obvious to care, she noticed most, the small things in between.
She looked back up, viewing the world around her in a whole new light. Someone was actually going to teach her. Finally able to except the fact, Elli almost lepted with joy, her head felt light as she walked jumped around the room. After a few minutes, she finally composed herself, trying to act like the fifteen-year-old that she was, but she couldn't hide the smile that had spread across her face.

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((It wasn't bad and your grammer was quite good, have read it carefully and it makes sense smile ))

Your move now Will-One... I acn't exactly foretell what project Z is so im kinda stuck...


The-Ones, you could post on an update as to what your doing now, to spice the story up a little...

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Wind Sister
((OOC: Suggestions are loved and appreciated Aliies. A little guidance may be just what is needed. Thisis the first roleplay I have started myself anyway, I only join that of other peoples messed))

Wind Sister
((OOC: Ok, I feel this is a perfect time to catch up on plot and give updates on the movements of the mysterious Darth Syris. The plot seems to have shifted towards Sorgo, and I would like to start on a catchup and move on, kinda thing messed Oh well, the following post will be review and "the unknown" and after this, I will have triple posted eek! ))

Wind Sister
His eyes shot open, gleaming in the shadow his hood cast across his face. His raspy breath echoed throughout the dark chamber. His hands shook with the weight of many years, his fingers gripping the air in front of him.
Syris stood up, slowly bringing his head up to face in front of him, where another, muscular, man stood. A smile spread across his dark face as he gazed upon his master. The time was coming, it wouldn't be long now.

Master, what a. . . .surprise to see you here. What could bring you out of your warm room at this time of night?

Syris's seemingly polite inquiries fell short on the wizzened master, who had long gotten used to the fake sincerity in his words.

I have come here because of a certain senator. . . she seems to have shown up on our doorstep Syris

Syris' eyes narrowed as he listened to his master, nearly hissing the words.

And how. . .

The question is not how, Syris!! But why. Why is a senator at our doorstep? What have you failed to see!?

Syris could feel his heart beating. His master was angry, but for the first time in his life, that did not scare him. He was certain of his abilities now, but this new surprise may cause some doubt.

You wish me to speak with her?

Syris did not need an answer, a glare from his master was all that was required. He walked down the halls, his cloak billowing behind him. In the force, he was no beacon, he was no show of power, he was a cloud. . .no, he was nothing. He was a black whole in the liquid light landscape of the force.
He entered the room with the senator, recognizing her as one he had met with before. Her eyes darted around the room, stopping cold as she gazed upon the Syris' gleaming eyes.

What is it you want?

His cold metallic voice rang out shrill in the room, only causing the senator to shiver all the harder.

Its the Jedi Temple sir, it has been attacked, and we were not informed like you. . .

Forget the promise!!

Syris' voice was no longer shrill, it roared through the room, shaking the very chair the senator sat on.

Who has done this!?

I...I don't know...

Syris formed his hand into a fist, lifting the senator from her chair, pulling her closer to him.

I think you do.

His voice was softer now, almost a whisper, changing to a hiss most like that of his master's.

It was....a man..named.....S...Sorgo.

The senator sputtered, uttering the words between gasps for air that would not come. With that, Syris narrowed his eyes, releasing the limp form of the senator onto the ground. He looked down at the dead body, twisting his mouth into something that just may have been a smile.

Thank you.

He turned around and called upon a servant standing outside the door. His hands flexing next to his body, the strange smile still twisting his face.

I wish to speak with this...Sorgo. Maybe I could use him as an Ally. . .for now.

The servant backed away, nodding his head. Not in agreement, but in fear, in fear of what might happen if he denied those gleaming eyes, ever shining beneath the cloak.

((OOC: Until someone completely new joins the roleplay, I will act for Syris, sooooo, if The Ones ever posts again, and wishes to speak with Syris, I will play stick out tongue ))

((BTW, 'yous' all better avoid me in a force fight, man... (Fat Pizza was just on the TV smile) I've been RPing in another forum devoted to SW RP and dueling, I've fought Darth Revan, Nihilous. Sadly one ended in stalemate, lol... the other against Revan still rages though he just broke my nose with a rock))

((Still waiting on Will-One for his next directing post... WHAT IS PROJECT Z? is it like a soylent green type of thing?))

Wind Sister
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Originally posted by lordzeb
((sorry to interupt, but is it too late to sign up?))

((It is never to late to join in, we would love to have you playing. Just PM the character application to me using the same catagories as I posted at the beginning of the roleplay. Does it make sense?))

Will-one Kenobi
OOC- Sorry ive been away for a few days with no internert access, but dont worry the plots about to pick up!

It was not the chiming of his commlink that woke Willan it was instead the ripple he felt in the force that seemed to be caused by the Jedi called Ala'ii. Willan answered his commlink and he heard the voice of Trangor 'Willan Kaminor, old Borry told me that you wanted to talk about Project Z'
'Yes, is it up and running yet?'
'It still lacks a vital ingrediant, a force using entity'
'All things use the force Trangor'
'Ah but I need a Force using JEDI to power Project Z'
'But Trangor that's madness, a Jedi could never survive playing the role of a battery, I wanted to tell you to reprogram it'
'Thats all very well but I have a new employer now, who is willing to pay a much larger fee'
'And who would he be?'
'A man named Syrius, not that it's any of your buissness Kaminor'
'And what are you going to do Trangor'
'Simple i'm going to honour Syrius' wish and use a Jedi as a human battery, Trangor out'
Willan silently cursed as the commlink went dead and he suddenly sensed a disturbance. he barreled through his door and through another door just as he saw a black robed figure remove the sleeping Cody from his bed and leap out the window. Willan gave chase and followed suit, destroying his commlink in the process...

Originally posted by Wind Sister
((It is never to late to join in, we would love to have you playing. Just PM the character application to me using the same catagories as I posted at the beginning of the roleplay. Does it make sense?))

((yep, thanks big grin ))

Wind Sister
((OOC: We have a new roleplayer, but I bet you expected that stick out tongue. The character's name is Jenn, she is a dark jedi with red hair that is kept in braids. She uses two dual-bladed sabers so. . .yah. . .watch out wink Have fun lordzeb. ))

((thanks. i will big grin ))

"Jenn," came a soft whisper. "Jenn, time to kill again."

"Master." she muttered in her sleep. She didn't want to get up, but knew if she didn't, she would be inflicted with pain. She was only in a night gown, and her hair was a mess. Jenn didn't have time to worry about her looks, and she was trying to impress no one. She got up out of her bed, and went to get her Dark Jedi robes.

Using the force, after she put her robes on, she got her two dual sided lightsabers, and attached them to her belt. She quickly combed her fiery hair, before racing out of her room. Her master wasn't going to be pleased with her. Jenn walked out into the main hall. She bowed, seeing her master.

"Why are you late, child?" asked her Master. "I sense you are troubled by the same thing as each night. That is your greatest weakness child, and you will not become a Sith that way, is that understood?"

"Master." she responded.

"We shall work on your fighting more today, child." she said to her pupil. "And maybe we can work more on the force with you child."

Her master took out a lightsaber, and ignited it, showing the traditional colour of red.

Igniting her dual lightsabers Jenn lunged at her Master, not waiting for her Master to attack. Jenn had good agility, but wasn't fast enough for her. Lightsabers clashed against one another, as Jenn had two dual sided lightsabers, her Master only had that one, and Marie still didn't stand a chance.

((more to this post later. i got to go hehehe))

Wind Sister
Elli, too, felt a slight ripple in the force, but only slightly. Enough to catch her attention, she, as usual, plopped on the ground and closed her eyes, sensing whatever it was that caused it. But, try as she must, she could not locate the cause.
She delved deeper into the force, taking delight in its calm power, sensing her next move, rather than planning it.
As she delved deeper, her mind started to wonder. Where was she going next? Would she and her new master be a part of "Project Z" ? She had no way of seeing it herself, only time would tell.

(may I join this???)

The Ones
~Sorry, been away. What have i missed?~

Wind Sister
Originally posted by The Ones
~Sorry, been away. What have i missed?~

((OOC: Syris has become aware of what you are doing to the Jedi. He wishes to speak with your character asap. If possible, other than that, the Jedi have escaped to another planet and are planning something, which is unkown. ))

(May I join???)

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Originally posted by soren
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((OOC: Welcome to the roleplay soren, hope to see your character involved in the plot soon. ))

The Ones
Sorgo's armys were roaming freely on the lands of coruscant. Killing at will. Destroying everything. Sorgo himself on the other hand, has gone on a hunt across space to track down the jedi that escaped him. If he says they die, they die. He didnt like it when he didnt get his own way. with sorgo were 100 of his best men. The Jedi temple has become sorgo's base.

"My lord, we have recieved a message, someone names Syris wishes to speak with you." his Lutenant informed him. Sorgo sensed the reaon why he wanted to speak with him. and said

"I will not make the same mistake i made 1000 years ago. I will not be made a pawn again"

(what's going on???)

Wind Sister
((OOC: A man named Sorgo attacked the Jedi Temple, but the Jedi themeselves escaped to a planet farther away, unkown to Sorgo. And now, I must once again step out of my regular character and go to Tatooine with Darth Syris. ))

The hood was blackened, no eyes gleamed from the darkness. They were closed, Syris was deep in concentration. He probed the force, locating where Sorgo was.
He had not been pleased to here that Sorgo would not speak with him, but it didn't matter to him. It was just another obstacle waiting to be pounded down in his path.
As he probed deeper into the force, his attention strayed porpusefully from Sorgo, his keen senses, much better than that of any Dark Jedi or Sith, quickly located the Jedi. He had been informed by an unkown person where they were, and what they were planning.
To any standing near by, they would have seen the hood suddenly alight with two gleaming torches. His raspy breath once more echoed in the quiet dungeon. Someone was here to see him once more.
He stood up, his cloak billowing around him as a he moved through the halls as gently as a feather. He entered the same room where he had killed the senator to see someone else sitting in her place. He went over the strong man with his keen eyes, taking in the brown cloak, green eyes, viewing his small belt containing a Naboo pistol, and a lightsaber.

How can I help you Master?

Syris bowed at his Sith Master, respecting him for being able to live among the Jedi without arousing any suspicion.

At the moment, the Jedi are clueless. I think your plan just may work, my apprentice.

Syris bowed again, and watched his master exit to his ship, ready to go back to the new Jedi base. . .

Soren: *he was traveling in space....he needed a master to train him in balance and teach him to use the force* "...*sigh*..."

Wind Sister
((OOC: What happened to all the roleplayers messed ))

Elli's eyes shot open. There was something here. She could feel it, but she could not figure out what it was, good or evil, kind or malicious. She stood up slowly, not sure of what to do next.
She stepped lightly out of her room, her feet not making a sound as they strode forward. Her breath came in long sighs, they, also, were unheard in the night.
Looking around, she stepped outside. She found a quiet spot to sit, and looked up at the night sky ((can I? lol. )) Her eyes looked not at the stars, but at the dark spaces in between. In those dark places, she could imagine anything, she could let her mind wander forever, and it made for the ideal place to think.
She delved into the force, not with her eyes closed this time. She searched the area's around her, letting the force guide her in many directions. Her feelings of uncertainty gone, she slowly drifted off to sleep, lying in a quiet cove under the starry sky.

Soren: <he landed on a planet because he needed repairs, and a place to sleep, he slowly wandered around the strange planet. when he got to the more urban part he was nocking on doors trying to find a place to sleep.....he seen Elli and thought for a little while and seen a tree. he climbed up and fell asleep there because no one would lend him a room.
he started dreaming, he was having a vision but he couldn't comprehend it. he rolled over and fell out of the tree and woke up with a shock> "....*gasp*...." <he sat up and thought for a seconed. he eventually fell back to sleep>

The dark-skinned, becloaked girl locked the door of her solitary room, ensuring noone was able to see or hear...

She took a few mechanical items from her utility belt, all of which looked completely useless and broken. Ala'ii fiddled with the small pile for a moment, piecing it together expertly and forming it's intended construction; It was a cross-phasal, sub-light coded transponder modual for communicating with her home forces in events like this when she was seperated.

((This next part you'll find out later as I'm writing it in her language...))

"Zamfyr, ek Amenakae... Zamfyr, ek Amenakae..." she whispered into the device.

"Kerii'Eka, Zamfyr... Coumoanae'Ilac tenshenannae, etua corbana'Kyay eck zar eyanekamzoe e rytamen 'Syris', tentua ta stottoa kriemn etu uylimane', Amenakae karoomf..." It was the voice of the giant, her father.

She dissasembled the minute device and replaced it in her belt-pouches, "Syris..." she whispered absentmindedly.

Wind Sister
Elli jumped up, her lightsaber in her hand. It was not the thump of the Jedi falling out of the tree, but a sudden surge in the force. She had felt it earlier as well, almost as strong as it was now.
Her eyes searched the area around her, but the only new thing she saw was the unfamiliar Jedi lying on the ground nearby. She moved over towards him, then thought better and turned back inside.
She reached her bedroom, gently closing the door behind her. When she tried to lay down, she reallized she couldn't at all sleep, so she moved off to an open area in her room. Pulling out her lightsaber, she practiced her forms, using the force as little as possible.

((OOC: Nothing for my character to do, and honestly I don't know the names of any forms yet sweatdrop ))

Soren: -he woke up with a silent yawn and seen that the woman was gone, and he heard the faint buzzing noise of a light saber and looked in the direction he heard the sound- "Who's in there?" -he threw a peble at the door hoping to get the womans attention-

Wind Sister
Elli jumped, her lightsaber barely missing the hem of her robes. She pivoted, facing the spot in which the noise came from. She lifted her shining lightsaber in front of her, sensing whatever it was that had made the noise.
Her muscles relaxed, her lightsaber lowered, but she did not flip it off. It was only the Jedi she had seen outside. Tentatively, she walked towards the door, her senses attuned to the slightest thing her lightsaber prepared.

((W-S, Check out ' ', the first page has a list of many of the known forms for Jedi/Sith))

Originally posted by Wind Sister
Elli jumped, her lightsaber barely missing the hem of her robes. She pivoted, facing the spot in which the noise came from. She lifted her shining lightsaber in front of her, sensing whatever it was that had made the noise.
Her muscles relaxed, her lightsaber lowered, but she did not flip it off. It was only the Jedi she had seen outside. Tentatively, she walked towards the door, her senses attuned to the slightest thing her lightsaber prepared.

Soren: -he ignited his lightsaber. the red light shined bright on his face.
He laughed a little because he didn't know why he ignited his saber, it was just a bad habbit, he could feel she wouldn't harm him- "Who are you?"

Wind Sister
((OOC: Thanks Aliies big grin Now I know that Makashi seems best fit for my character. ))

Elli tensed again, her lightsaber coming, once more, even with her face. Her eyes were filled with the red gleam of this mans saber. She delved into the force, becoming one with it, letting it guide her actions.
She relaxed bringing her saber down, appearring as if she wasn't prepared at all. Speaking in a leisurely voice, she stayed as secretive as necessary in her own mind.

That is not important, or it shouldn't be. The true question is "Who are you, and why are you here?

She stepped back slightly, waiting for a response.

Wind Sister
((OOC: Aw, Aliies, your leavin me/us in suspense cry ))

(I think I'm Niman - Kai-Kan )

Soren: "The name is Soren, who are you?" *he stared at her with his brown eyes his expression showing trust, and friend ship, and kindness and happieness*

John Bak'or
((can i join?? ive never rp'ed here before i'll pm you that thing later))

Wind Sister
Originally posted by John Bak'or
((can i join?? ive never rp'ed here before i'll pm you that thing later))

((OOC: It will be good to have you, just remember to think your roleplay sample out, we'll see if I accept it wink ))

John Bak'or
hmm it'll be a shorter than what i normally write but it is a sample, after all

John Bak'or
((wind sister has accepted me so here i am my name is john bak'or (suprise suprise) and im a jedi knight, 17 years old, lizard species))
'sorry am i intruding??' said a raspy voice. john steps out of the
shadows and looks at the two, his tail twitching.
the lizard had been meditating when he heard a loud thump and had decided to find out what was wrong, when he had come acroos a girl, slightly younger than himself(but he couldn't really tell with humans) and the man who named himself soren talking.
'I dont think we have met before. my name is john bak'or, jedi knight, and you two are?'
((OOC yeah allies ur kinda leaving us in the dark))

John Bak'or
Originally posted by Aliies
((W-S, Check out ' ', the first page has a list of many of the known forms for Jedi/Sith))
((thnx for those forms. my character'll be hard, considering he uses his tail as a third "arm". i would say john is a mix of niman and jar'kai and ataru, since he can cling to walls like most lizards. but he also likes confusing enemies by swithcing his sabres through diferent arms (and tail) continously (in other words he juggles his sabres very fast) so the enemy cant tell when or where hes gonna strike. this provides maximum defence to counter his offensive form smile ps. im not god modding im just describing my character more now that im in the game))

John Bak'or
((actually scratch the last bit. just niman jar'kai and ataru))

((If I reveal my sub-plot, the whole story could be ruined, just keep at it and you'll know... in time, Mwaa haa haa *cough, choke, spit* damn sore throat... stick out tongue))

John Bak'or
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