Harry during the summer

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Regulus A Black
in the books, we only get a few weeks of what goes on during summer break for harry but what happens during those weeks. at the end of one book, it is the end of june, then at the beginning of the next, it is the end of july then goes strait to september and we miss weeks in their except for book four where the quidditch world cup is, and school doesnt start til septemember so my question is, what happens in july and august this is for us to write our version of Harry's summers starting with the first book, and going up until after the sixth book, skipping the summer between 3rd year and 4th year

so here we go

Harry and the Dursley's arrived back and number four privet drive after retuning from Kings Cross Station in London. They immeadiatly became fearful of Harry, when Harry offered to give Dudley a nice pair of ears to match the tail he used to have. In order to make Harry happier, they allowed him to have Dudley's second, but much smaller bedroom.

"Why, are you giving me that bedroom?" Harry asked.

Regulus A Black
"Well Harry, your growing up, and soon you will be to big for your cuboard," Petunia lied

Harry thought this was kind of suspicious, but he didn't argue, he always wanted his own room. "Will you help me get my stuff upstairs?" Harry asked.

Frightened, Uncle Veron said, "Of course Harry," and he signaled to Dudley to help harry get his stuff upstairs."

that night after Harry was asleep, Uncle Vernon snuck into his room, and put a lock on hedwigs cage.

Then he took the cage and through it out the window.

Harry woke up "My dream are getting worse and worse"

Regulus A Black
Harry then found that Hedwigs cage actually was locked.

He tried to sleep but was unable to.

Regulus A Black
He quickly decided that he would sneak down, and get a snack from the fridge

Stepping lightly on the steps, Harry reached the kitchen. Opening the fridge, he had to close his eyes for a second to allow his eyes to ajust to the light.

There didn't seem to be anything appitizing in the fridge, that is untill harry moved a big pot of leftovers out of the way. Behind that pot of soagy beef was a huge, beautiful chocolate cake. Harry's mouth watered.

Only a little bit.... he thought.

Regulus A Black
Only a little bit turned into half the cake. "I'm gonna be in so much trouble if they find out I did this Well" Harry thought, "If I eat enough they will think it was Dudley.

Regulus A Black
Harry ate all but a slice of the cake, then snuck back up to his room. Being so full he forgot to avoid the stair that creaks. Suddenly he heard Uncle Vernon scream.

Captain REX
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Uncle Vernon went downstairs to find that almost all of the cake, but one slice, was gone. Uncle Vernon charged up to Harry's room to see if Harry was there. Then Uncle Vernon .......

surprised to see that Harry was laying in his bed, sound asleep, tiptoed (a funny sight because of his great size) out of the room. Harry slowly opened his eyes, grateful for his narrow escape. "That was close" Harry thought... "Too close"

He went to bed with a full stomach. The next morning he was woken uo by his over larged cousin to make him breac\kfast because his parents had to go somewhere that morning and left their diddykums home with Harry.

"Wake up snd make me breakfast!!!" Dudley ordered and left the room.
Harry got dressed and went downstairs to see Dudley waiting.

Harry, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, got out of bed, pulled on a white t-shirt, and headed to the kitchen. Dudley was waiting there, looking as though he did when he didn't get enough presents for christmas.

"What?" Harry said as Dudley stared at him.

"Where's the cake?!" Dudley half screamed. Harry, fagley remembering last night, having just woken up, looked startled, which was to his advantage when he figured out what Dudley was talking about.

"Don't look at me, i didn't do it." Harry said, sounding repolsed by the very idea. Dudley didn't seem quite satisfied though. "Maybe you slept ate it last night" Harry said, laughing inside his head, imagining Dudley, walking with his hands in front of him, going to the fridge to eat a whole cake.

Dudley saw his amused expression and went beserk. Jumping up, the chair he was sitting on got flown back, and Dudley approached Harry with a crazy look in his eyes.

Harry panicked. He did the only thing that came to mind; and the one thing that would get him in the most trouble.
"Boogily snoogily, bippity boppity, snarl flegling...." Harry chanted, waving his arms in an extrem manner. Dudley stoppedhis advance, a frightened look now oving his once crazed look.

Then Dudley ran out of the kitchen forgetting all about his breakfast and cake screaming "Dad,Dad, Harry's doing freakish things". That's when Harry bolted it to the back patio door only to be stopped by his uncle Vernon. Harry looked up into the angry face of his uncle and thought *I'm in for it now *

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