Harry Potter 7...my style

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I have relitively goten bored so im going to start my own story. I have not yet come up with a name, because I only do it when i finish. So This is the first FanFic ive made, so be patient. I hope to update when ever possible and for my readers to enjoy it. Thanx


How are you liking it so far? reading

thumb up or thumb down


It's good, your posts needs to be lenghtier although i keep getting told the same thing so... u don't need to take my advice .... ;^)

it's just that i've been busy with school... so i'll post asap

good!!! i like it keep up the with the story

hey good work *thumbs up*
I'm glad ur grammar and spelling are good too big grin

Thanks guys... It might be a while before i post... i hate essays and studying for finals... mad oh well.

exams in january? mine's in may...anyway gd luck & i hope u will continue posting afterwards

i like it keep it up
thumbs up


hey your story is really good stick out tongue

post more soon

me likey. when ya gonna post again? i am sooo bored and really want to read some more of this!!!

there is more to come i have written out like to chapter 6... but im sick... cough cough.. and having so personal issues i have to deal with... so i will get some more done asap!!!!
thanx for the support

this is some story, its really gr8 its so good, plz write more soon,
im new here, well not exactly, iv read some other h/p fics but havnt really been able to comment on them cause i didnt no how to register on dis thing, i started to read from kmc just last christmas,
well its gr8
keep up da good work

by da way, how do u write ur own stories on here?

you start a topic in the area you want to write
and update it buy posting comments

that's how i do it

0o0o0o0ohhh! I like it. :smile: please resume to the story soon!
I understand if u have tests and lots of essays due soon. I have those CTBS test things next week, so I might not be on much.

please keep writing...your story is great!

I like it a lot too!! please DO continue soon please


keep goin plz your story is great

yes do plz


i love cliff hangers plz write more its really good

WldGrnAgel whwere have you gone

yea its great


Scotty Brockman
HEY!!!!!! j/p good post, so when are you going to post????

P.S. Won't you check out my story and comment my story A final Battle with Voldemort if you like it.

great post. i love your story!

Go on with the story I really like it so far. Please write some more.I can't wait until chapter three.Thw suspense is killing me!I give it a thumb upso far.


very good post!!!and also as a reminder about apparation it feels as if ur being sucked through a rubber tube

very good but id like to point out that Petunia doesnt like Harry one single bit and also despised her sister.

but other then that its really gr8 and cant wait for the next part.

yes i know that in the other books that petunia was mean to harry, but it explains that the hatred that she felt toward him is originally from harry's father...so like yea...anyways....

hope to update soon!!!

I like the CLIFFHANGERS!!!

Namine Etoile
Tis good.

woot!! school is out for me so hopefully i willed get kicked into writing again
sry it's been a while.. been so hectic trying to finad a job and finals and essays!!!

now im finished for two months!

Sorry you guys for like not posting in like a freaking year.. well not that long.. but long enough... i had an okay summer and i totally lost a lot of stuff... which really sucked... oh well. but I have taken what i have writen from here and gettign ready to start chapter 4. I know that these chapters are kinda short... but i have been really really really busy with being a junior, and yet again school drama(the bad kind) but tis all good..hopefully ill get some replies and ill but up the next section up soon

i need to read and brainstorm,... or as pooh says.... think think think....

Miss S Malfoy
Yeah Thats Really good and I disagree it needs to be longer at all mine are all really short chapters there like less than 15 lines each. mine is Called Luna and its A DM/LL shipper

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