What do you want from hp7

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personally i want sirius back,harry to find the horcuxes,ron and hermonie to stay together and him not go back to hogwarts theres more but ill wait

well i dun think sirius shouldn't be back, gotta give harry more to grieve about..laughing out loud

but i agree wif u about R/Herm and H/G, him not going back to hogwarts

not all storys neccesarily end in love but hermione n ron deffinately afro

Regulus A Black
well i don't think that anybody that has died will come back, like Sirius or Dumbledore, the whole reason JK killed them off, is because the strongest magic Harry has is love, by killing off the people close to Harry, JK provides an equality between him and Voldemort, Voldemort has no love in his life, and all those that Harry loves, or is loved by, are being killed by Voldemort and other death eaters but anyway, i would like for Harry to actually return as DADA teacher, think about it, who better to teach DADA, then somebody who has defyed Voldemort more then anybody else.

well i think that harry is gonna have to die, after he defeats voldemort, because he himself is the 7th horcrux

that would be so awesome

so he beats voldemort but then voldemort is still that spirit thing and everything becomes clear and harry has to die to end it

hey, Garbo. Clever idea. that would be sad... but TOTALLY AWSOME!!! rock

But I would prefere this to happen: in the sixth book Voldermort said that either MAlfoy killed Dumbledore of he died. i think one of Voldie's deatheaters are going to try and kill Mslfoy but then Harry does his usual hero thing and saves Malfoy. Then Malfoy will be friends with Malfoy and something like that. And also... seeing as so many people who Harry loved are dying. I think Harry should die. He would be happier then. He would have his mum and dad back, Sirius and Dumbledor.

I think Professor M will be headmaster of hogwarts, HARRY WILL NOT DIE, charlie will die, HARRY WILL NOT BE BACK AS DADA TEACHER, and the arc sirius fell into did not kill him because they never got his body, think about it it will make sense, and the last horcux is going to be hogwarts it's self...........thats the reason LV came back to ask D

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