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Chapter One
The begining

Knowing what I do know I bet the end would have turned out different,but in life you only got one shot, so make it your best.

I was bourn in a world somewhat like the world you people know call earth.It was different where I lived though.You couldnt just walk around in broad daylight. The rich people carry flashknifes they are somewhat like your swords but they kill if even touched by them.There was only three people who have survived a hit by them, the prince Quincivil, the King Rodrick, and me Kunnick.

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(continued from above)
When the rich people see me walking down the street they try to get me arrested, I say try, because the only weapons the police use are flash weapons.When I got hit by the flashknife I was 15 years old.the feling I got was like a burst of energy.
Now my city is in a time or terror there is no one who can help us but you, Xavior. The prince and king are hostages to the beasts that took over our city. The beasts are Sareds they have the minds of the most brillint thinkers and are larger than any of our race they use weapons caled kinpike. Their weapons look like a pichfork but then they mutter their spells they can shoot fire and other dangerous things out of them.

please help us Xavior your the only one who can save our race.

Xavior Davis looks up from his letter. "yeah, right. Good try victor like im going to fall for that." Xavior lived in a foster home on the edge of Canada and Minisota he never knew who his father or mother were. He was 16 years old and was a sophmore at his high school, he started jv for wrestleing, he also started varsity football for free saftey.


When he was 2 he was put into foster care. He is the fastest kid in his school, the tallest, and the strongest. His foster parents had so many kids to take care of he wasn't noticed most of the time. His fostor parents names were Tom and Yin Griffin, Yin was a imagrint from china. The only real child the griffens had was their son Victor. Victor was Xaviors age, but not as talented in sports. Ever since Xavior beat Victor in wrestleing, Victor has been trying to get Xavior kicked out. So far he has failed. (anyway back to the story)
Victor walks down from his room at the end of the hallway. "What the hell did you say orphan?" Xavior ignors his coment, hes used to Victor think hes better than everyone else. " Why did you put this letter on my bed?" Victor looks puzzled. "Orphan I wouldnt go into your room even if I was paid to." Xavior now gets angry and grabs victor by the hair where he drags his to his bed to show him the letter.
Xavior watchs Victor struggle on words.Finally Victor finishes and says. "Who in their right mind would want you to save them, they must have some killer weed." Xavior grabs him and pushes him back out of his room. Xavior goes back to his bed where he rereads the letter puzzled he puts it down and gets ready for school.

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During school he asks Victors friends about the letter but they give him no answers.
Weeks went by and still no answerto the letter he found finally he just gave up.
Three days after he decided to give up he got another letter. This is how it went.

Xavior the time has come to forfill your prophecy and save our race. You need to pack your thing and be prepared to leave tomorrow night at 2:37 am. We have use almost all our resources to bring you here please help us. Your father needs you and so does your brother.
be ready, the code is Roivax. We will meet you at Finginton Park this our chance please help us..
p.s. bring army boots, and a knife
Xavior looked down at the note in awe. Finginton park was 10 miles away. How was he supposted to get there at 2:37 in the morning.Wait thats in about 15 hours. if I want to get there on time Ill have to pack now."I'm not going" Xavior said to himself."But what about my father and brother" "besides its a school night." I will go even if it isnt true whats the worst that could happen." I'll take Victor's car and be back befor he wakes up."
and so that was the plan, not a bad plan by the way but something goes very wrong.

in the end everything was black, not literally, but everything that Xavior knew or though he knew
(ill just get back to the story)

It was 2:30 and he was 5 miles away from the park. He wanted to be early, to find a hiding spot in case something happened. The spot he wanted was inside a fallen over tree. He slowed down as he approched a stop sign. He looked to bolth sides and saw noone, so he punched it and burned out. The speedonitor clicked up 40,50,60,70,80,90,91,90,92,70,40,10,0
"SHIT!!" Xavior says as the car dies. He had borrowed his "brother's" pickup truck and he killed it. Slowly he gets out of the car and pops the hood. Smoke just pours out." Must of blown the engine son" Xavior jumps and looks at the cop stareing at him." Can I help you officer?" askes Xavior."what the hell are you doing out here at 2:31 in the morning? You need a lift" questions the officer." I'm on my way to Finginton park to meet someone" "can you help me?" askes Xavior."lock your car up ill call a tow truck then give you a lift over to the "someone" at the park".Xavior looks at his watch as the cop drives away.It was 2:36 and 12 seconds.Xavior finds the tree and climbs inside it. The time clickes by 2:37,38,45,56,3:23,3:35, and it gets to 3:37 Xavior says to himself."It's been an hour I'd better go home. He slowly gets of the tree with his bag and sees a green light. Slowly the light streams down from above till its covering Xavior. He feels himself being lifted and passesout.

(there is no try there is only do-yoda)

"I think hes starting to come out of it" the voice sounds distant, so far away. " Xavior listen to the sound hear me" this time it was a woman's voice, wait not a woman's voice a girls. Xavior struggles to regain conscious.Slowly he slips away. When he wakes up he is all alone in a cage."I must find a way out" he slams into the side of the cage. Amazingly the cage door flies open. He is now in a room strangly familiar. He rememberd this room from when he was little.............

( I'm starting this story now from where he was a child )
Fire was storming down around the city. "Their coming to take the city" the voice again comes from the distance. A man enters the room. From what you can see of his face it is scarred and badly. Most of it is covered by his hood." Give me the child, I will take him somewhere that they wont harm him." the voice is crackled but you can tell it is coming from the man in the hood." Where will you take him" the voice sounds weak and is coming from the lady lying in the bed.
"It took me a while but I've found a planet far far away from their reach, its called".............
Xavior snaps up from the bed hes now lying in. " You gave us quite a scare, we thought you were stolen from us" Xavior notes he says stolen.

End of Chapter 1
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