Best year in Music?

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Victor Von Doom
Usual rose-tinted BS.

Alpha Centauri
2001. Possibly 2006 soon.


94', 96'


River Wild
The 80's was the best for me!

the 90's and from 2002 to last year

Phat J
its the best year, not the best 13 years

Afro Cheese
It's just the older generation stuck in their "our generation >your generation" state of mind again. Everyone considers the era they grew up in to be the "golden age."

It looks like '06 for music could be the '98 of videogames. geek

Phat J
i dont have a favourite year, im sort of all over the place. being a hip hop fan im more mid 90s until now because im not really into the old school stuff.

You youngins' got to admit, there are some pretty heavy hitters in that article though. And yes, I've been taught a painful lesson that when voicing my opinion on the music forums, it's just that-my opinion, not law.

But anyone agree that there are some pretty big names of old farts in that conversation?

Alpha Centauri
I didn't see anyone denying it. I'll personally still fo with 01.

And stop using "youngins" as if it means they know less. You thought Zeppelin were American.


for me, '88 was the best year for music

AC, Sssshhhh.

Don't tell anyone. embarrasment sad wink

Alpha Centauri
Why not? You did. Continue using age as a factor here (youngins etc) and I'll never let you forget it.

I'm not saying a 13 year old girl has the wisest choice in music, but then discuss the music...not her age.


I prefer the (late) 60's, 70's, and 80's yes

Silence, AC! For I am the great and powerful.....Oz. stick out tongue

Alpha Centauri

"Zeppelin could compete with The Beatles in US Vs UK."

Classic. An ageist music fan makes an ironically juvenile faux pas smile.


Sir Whirlysplat
I think 67 was a great year, and the original post makes a lot of sense, 76 - 77 the punk explosion is also a contender, 89 - 90 The stone Roses make a splash paving the way the Manchester sound and Factory Records, Raves and Modern Dance Music.

It's all good for me 67 birth influences still heard 39 years later. Yup 67 influenced everything but hip hop.

Victor Von Doom
I think it's definitely got to be a year in the 90's, but I'm not sure which I'd go for yet.

My fave year is probably 1986

1967 was good:
The Beatles released "Sgt Peppers" and "Magical Mystery Tour".

Hendrix released "Are You Experienced" and "Axis: Bold As Love" and played his legendary Monterey performance.

The Who had their (in)famous performance on the Smothers Brothers show and were riding high (though "The Who Sell Out" isn't legendary like the other albums I mentioned).

Miles Davis released "Sorcerer", John Coltrane recorded "Stellar Regions" and "Interstellar" before his death in the same year.

The Rolling Stones released "Between The Buttons"

But i still think that 1966 was better.

Originally posted by Ronny
I prefer the (late) 60's, 70's, and 80's yes
Same here. yes

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