Harry Potter and the Four Horcruxes

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Hello everyone. I am not too patient when it comes to the Harry Potter books and as the seventh book will take at least a year and a half more, I will start a story of my own. I am not a very good author and will require your help and suggestions. So here goes my story

Harry laid awake in his bed with the memories of the past in his mind.
He remembered how his life had been affacted by the Dark Lord, Voldemort just because he was in a silly prophesy and because Voldemort chose Harry and not Neville as the boy who was related with the prophesy. He remembered how he was orphaned in a minute by the dark wizard. Because of him he was send to the Dursley's to spend his life who hated Magic. Because of Voldemort Sirius, his godfather was sent to Azkaban. Sirius spent twelve years of his life in Azkaban before he broke out of the prison to kill Peter who was a traitor and because of whom his best friend and Lily were killed and his godson was orphaned and had to live with the horrible Dursley's who were his only living relatives. Due to Voldemort Cedric was killed
when Voldemort regained his body at the end of the Triwizard tournament. Sirius was killed in Harry's fifth year when Voldemort had tried to steal the prophesy from the department of mysteries. And a few days ago Dumbledore, the greatest wizard ever and the only one whom Voldemort ever feared was killed by Voldemort's most faithful Death eater Severus Snape whom Dumbledore trusted.

Remembering all this filled Harry with hatred. Suddenly an owl flew into Harry's window and Harry at once recognized as Ron's owl. He untied the letter from the claws of the exicited owl and gave him owl treat. With that it flew again in the dark night. Harry opened the letter and read it.

Dear Harry,
I hope you are fine. Bill's and Fluer's marriage is fixed next week. Dad and I will come to take you from your Uncle's home tomorrow. After the marriage you, me and Hermione will go to Godrics Hollow and continue the search of the four Horcruxes. See you tomorrow mate.
With love

er sorry the letter was from Ron. So it should be
With love

Thanks. Please tell if you like it. Alsu feel free to give suggestions.

Here is the next part of the story.Hope you like it.

As soon as Harry woke up the next day he started to pack his things. When he reached for the two mirrors Sirius had given him & the fake Horcrux he found himself again surrounded by the memories of his past.
The moment he was finished with the packing he heard two pops. He recognised the noice as the noice of someone apparating or disapparating. He saw Ron with his Dad. They were walking towards 4, Private Drive. Ron noticed Harry looking at them from the window and waved with a smile on his face. The Weasleys approached the door of Harry's uncle's house and Mr.Weasley knocked the door and entered.

"Who the hell are...."Uncle Vernon bellowed but stopped in between recognizing the people in front of him as wizards. "Why are you here?"

"Hello Mr. Dursley. I understand that Harry has not told you about the reason of our arrival." Mr. Weasley said calmly.

With that Harry entered the room with his trunk, Firebolt and Hedwig.
"Good morning Mr. Weasley."
"Good morning Harry."
By that time Petunia & Dudley had also entered the room.
"Uncle Vernon. I am going with my friends and leaving this house. I will be off to do the work because of which I was sent to this Earth. It is possible that I might die. I assure you that you will not see me again. I thank you that you gave me a place to live. Good bye."
Harry was surprised to see that his aunt was a little frightened.
"Bye Harry. Good luck."his aunt said.
With a nod from his Uncle and Dudley he walked out of the house.

"Where are we going Mr.Weasley and how?" Harry asked.
"We are going to the Burrow and I have brought a portkey. Here Ron,
Harry touch it."

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And soon he was thrown on the ground. He stood up to see the familiar building of Burrow. He was greeted by Mrs. Weasley who gave him a bone crashing hug, by Hermione, Fleur, Bill. Fred, George, Charlie and in the end by Ginny.

Meanwhile somewhere far away Snape and Draco were outside a house 'THE RIDDLE HOUSE'. They entered the house and went to a room and knocked. "Enter" came a high cold voice of Lord Voldemort.

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They entered the dark and cold room. They saw their master sitting on a chair and Wormtail standing near him. Snape & Malfoy kissed the hem of
Voldemort's robe. Peter went out of the room at Voldemort's order.

"You called us Master?" Snape asked as Malfoy was too frightened to say anything.

"Yes I am happy that my greatest foe is now no more but I am disappointed to see that it was not done according to my orders.
As far as I remember I gave this work to Draco. I see that he has not completed the work that was given to him.Right Draco?"

"I am s-s-sorry master" Draco replied nervously.

"Master that stupid Dumbledore was trying to get Draco to their side.
But Draco showed his loyalty and did not allow Dumbledore to escape." Snape said.

"Ah! I agree with you Severus as I know that my good for nothing old
teacher has that power. But I believe that he should not been given that time. And no one till now has been able to escape with saying a
sorry. I believe in punishments. CRUCIO."
Voldemort's wand had been pointed at Draco's heart and the room was suddenly filled with Draco's screams.

"As you had been of importance in Dumbledore's death so I am sparing you but don't repeat it."

With that Draco and Snape exited from the room.


I will write in a few days. I am thinking what to write next.

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The wedding day was coming nearer. All were excited as the coming Sunday was wedding day not only for Bill and Fleur but also for Remus and Tonks. Bill had asked Charlie to be his best man and Fleur had made her sister her maid of honor. All were happy for the two couples.

"Harry can I talk to you for a moment please?" Remus asked Harry.
Harry noticed he was nervous about something.
"Yeah sure" with that they left the busy kitchen and went to Molly and Arthur's room, which was empty though being on the first floor.

"So what's up?" Harry asked Remus.

"Harry I was wondering..um.. if you will .. become my best man for the marriage? If you don't want to then it is OK I will ask Arthur." Remus added in a rush.

"Remus I will be really happy and honored to do so" Harry replied with a huge grin on his face.

"Thanks. After James and Sirius you are closest to me."

"I will love to be the best man of my father's best friend."

Meanwhile Tonks had already asked Ginny to be her maid of honor to which she had agreed happily.
Soon the wedding day came and all went to the nearby church.
The wedding was followed by a delicious lunch made by Molly Weasley. All admired the lunch.

Soon the guests had left and only the Weasleys, Lupins (Remus & Tonks), Grangers and Harry were left along with Fleur's relatives.

How was that? I could not write more due to my exams.

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"Ginny, Ron, Harry & Hermione! Come down fast. Your Hogwarts letters are here." Mrs. Weasley said in a loud voice.
The four teenagers came down soon. Harry took his letter and was about to throw it in the fire when Ginny said," Harry at least see what is it written in the letter."

"Ginny it is of no use for me. I am not going school from now" Harry protested.

"Harry please for me"


But the first thing he saw broke his heart.
At the place where the name of the headmaster/mistress is written, instead of Albus Dumbledore's name Minerva McGonagall name was written. He once again remembered that horrid night.

His friends looked at him with sympathy in their eyes. A piece of parchment fell from the envelop. Harry picked it up. It read:

Dear Harry,
I know you have no intention of coming to school but please I have an imp. matter to discuss with you about Albus's death. The parchment is charmed so no one other than you and me can read it. You can tell Mr. Ronald Weasley and Miss Granger. The matter is to be kept as secret. It is a very confidential matter.
Mineva McGoagall

Any guesses about the mysterious letter?

hmmm im not sure but maybe its about the phoenix, or a horcrux? its good, keep going, but heres just a lil constructive criticsism. Describe things more, cuz if u want it a lil closer to JK's style, she describes a ton of stuff. otherwise great!

Nope the letter said something about DD's death.

It is related to that only.

OH! I had written quite a good amount of story but my stupid computer had a problem and all was vain sad

Thanks for your advice silver_stars. I will follow it. I will write day after tomorrow.

And more guesses please.

Here is the next part. Hope you like it. And do remember like every other person I also love feedbacks. Please tell me what you like in my story, what is wrong and what you will like in my story so I can change it.
Well for now Enjoy.

Above in his room, he was consulting about the letter with Ron and Hermione.He had told them the content of the letter.

"Whatever it is, it sounds important," said Hermione.

"Yeah! Otherwise for McGonagall to act like this..." said Ron.

"Yeah she was actually forcing you to come to school," said Hermione.

"Yeah this is exactly what is worrying me too. But as soon as this is finished I will leave the school and go on the hunt of Horcruxes," said Harry.

"Harry I wanted to make a correction. Um... when that work of yours is completed we are going to leave the school. We are also going to the school with you for as much time as you are staying there," said Ron.

"Yeah! You both are going to the school with me but you are staying there for the term which I am not," explained Harry.

"Harry we are not going to leave you alone especially with that mad murderer and his so-called death-eaters behind you," said a determined Hermione.

"You are Not coming"

We ARE and you can't stop us because if you do we will track you down or follow you" said Ron.

Their argument continued for sometime when Harry finally had to allow them to join him in his search of Horcruxes.

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They were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn't notice that someone was standing outside their door who was listening to their conversation though he/she should not.

It was Ginny.

Inside the room the conversation was still continuing.

"Harry when are u planning to tell Ginny about this," Ron asked.

"I am not going to tell her for her own good," Harry answered.

Outside Ginny had listened enough. She entered the room with a very angry face.

"What don't you want to tell me?" Ginny asked clearly angry.

"Um.. nothing," Harry said.

"Tell me Harry Potter or I will kill you,"

And Harry had to tell her all about the prophesy which Dumbledore had told him at the end of his 5th year.

i like it but not as much as your other story. The one you took over. The James and Lily one. I just think your leaving out a lot of stuff like i dont know it just seems like you skipping things.

Its good, but you're leaving out some quotation marks and it has a few Spelling errors and such.

Thanks iluvhpsomuch1_7 for bringing the skipping part in my notice. This maybe possible because I am in a hurry to bring Harry to Hogwarts but now I will try my best and will explain in detail.

Originally posted by Hermione202
Its good, but you're leaving out some quotation marks and it has a few Spelling errors and such.
I think it is possible because I am in a hurry nowadays because of my exams. I usually do the spellcheck part but from last 2-3 posts I am not doing it but I will improve it now that my exams have finished.

Thanks for the feedback. I feel a little discouraged if I don't get a feedback.

Here is the next part. Hope you like it.

Ginny was completely shocked when she heard the prophecy. From what she understood her love Harry was in danger. Yes, it was true that Harry had been in danger from the time of his birth but it was different to hear the prophecy from Harry.

And now there was no Dumbledore, the greatest wizard of all ages, to protect Harry from Voldemort or to help Harry fight the evil forces. Dumbledore was the only wizard, Voldemort ever feared and now he was dead. He was killed by Severus Snape who was trusted by the Headmaster beyond anything. Ginny's heart was not accepting this truth but her heart knew that this was true.

She looked at Harry who looked the complete picture of misery. His shoulders sagged, his eyes haunted and sad, it looked as if all the weight of the world was on Harry, which actually was. Harry can no more deny his fate. He knew he had to fight Voldemort. He had to kill him or be killed in the effort.

"Harry, what do you exactly mean by 'neither can live while the other survives'? It can't be.... no it is not possible, tell me Harry please," Ginny said.

"Yeah! It means exactly what you think. In the end either me or Voldemort has to die and till then Voldemort will continue to harm me. This is all I had to tell you," Harry explained.

"OK. But you are not telling me everything. I can see this in your eyes. You are afraid of telling me something. What is it,Harry? Tell me," Ginny asked.

"Ginny please don't force me. It is for your own benefit. It will save you from harm. I have already lost many near and dear ones: my father, mother, Sirius and now Dumbledore. Ron and Hermione are adding to this danger please now not you," Harry pleaded.

"Tell me I heard a word Horcrux or something like that. Either you tell me or I will ask someone else," Ginny warned Harry.

"Tell her mate or she will continue to force you," Ron said.

"Ginny, before Harry tell you, you have to promise you will not tell anyone," Hermione quietly said.

"OK I promise. I will never disclose any secret of Harry or of any of you," Ginny promised.

And with that Harry drew a deep breath and started explaining to Ginny about horcruxes.

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Next part-

Ginny was more shocked when she heard that the horcruxes were the cause of Dumbledore's hand which she now knew was cursed and also his death. She was horrified at the idea of Harry going alone to find the horcruxes and also deal with them without the help of Dumbledore.

"I am not alone. Ron and Hermione are going alone with me," Harry assured Ginny.


"You are not coming with us Ginny and that is final. You have to finish your studies," Harry said seeing the look on her face and knowing what was coming.

I know it is not much but sorry I have to go. I will write soon.
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The next part-

"See, Harry. No one is safe anywhere now not even in Hogwarts after Dumbledore's death. To die here or at Hogwarts is not better than to help you in your search." Ginny argued.

"Ginny, by coming with me you are endangering your life," Harry tried to make her understand his point.

But Ginny was as arrogant as Harry perhaps more in the present case. She refused to be left alone.

Seeing this Hermione said,"Harry you remember which power Dumbledore always said you have and Voldemort doesn't 'the power of love' Harry. Your love towards us will save us Harry."

" Hermione I loved Mum, Dad, Sirius and Dumbledore too but my love didn't save their life. Please, You are not coming Ginny and this is final. And you can't come on your own. As you are a minor you will first have to ask your parents and they will not allow you to come & put your life in danger."

"You are wrong Harry. We will allow Ginny to go with you because we know that she will not be in any danger while you are with her," Mr. Weasley said entering the room with Mrs. Weasley at his heel.

"You both heard everything?" Harry asked uneasily.

Is someone here?

If there please reply.

Also can anyone guess what is the urgent matter about Dumbledore about which McGonagall wants to talk to Harry that she is actually forcing Harry to come.

Tell me if you have any idea what to do till Harry reaches Hogwarts.

MMM.... It's ok. You can do better i know ive seen it.

I am trying my best.

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I am, and I think that you are doing great!!! I just thought that its ... uhm.. how can I say it.. A bit weird or out of place that Mr. and Mrs. Weasley would let Ginny go with Harry... But otherwise its totally awesome!! stick out tongue

Um let me try to explain. The Weasley parents have loved Harry not because he was great Harry Potter but because he had worked his way into their hearts.

So they were happy that the boy who was like their son was dating their daughter.

"No we did not. And if Ginny wants to go she can. She has our full consent."


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The next part-

Harry went to the common room where Ginny, Ron and Hermione were waiting for him.
By the looks he saw on their faces they were probably worried about him and anxious about something too.

Hermione said:
"Sorry Harry I and Ron were not able to wait for you due to the Prefect duties."

"And I was waiting for you but Colin called me," Ginny said.

'It is ok. Why are you all worrying I am not a kid. Well McGonagall met me in the Great hall and she has asked me to meet her after breakfast," Harry told them in a low voice.

"But wouldn't you miss your class?" Hermione asked.

"No she told me that it would be a free period," Harry answered.

After a game or two of wizarding chess they retired to bed. Neither of the four teens could sleep well. Finally they went to sleep after turning and twisting in their own bed.

The next day all four were very exited. They were among the earliest among the ones who ate early breakfast. And to their surprise they found McGonagall and Tonks talking and eating their breakfast on the Head table. As the four teens entered the Great hall they were noticed by McGonagall. Harry quickly ate some breakfast. He could see that both teachers have finished their breakfast and were looking at them.
As soon as Harry finished his breakfast he went to Professor McGonagall who told him to come to her office.

"Phoenix" McGongall said and the way to her office was revealed.

"Please sit Harry"
Harry sat at one of the chairs. He could see that their was a hint of a smile on her face.

"I want you to meet someone." she said.

"Who Professor?" Harry asked.

"I will like you to meet none other than Professor Dumbledore," she said and suddenly a door on her left opened and Professor Dumbledore emerged from it. He looked solid enough and so he can't be a ghoust.

As if he had read Harry's mind Dumbledore said smilingly, "No, I am not a ghoust and yes I am alive."

"But Professor I myself saw Snape kill you with the killing curse,' Harry said.

"I think I shall leave and make sure no one enters till you are here." And with that Professor McGonagall left the room.

"Well Harry I think you were taught in your fourth year about the Unforgivable cures. You must have been told that the killing curse does not works until one means it to. Severus didn't mean to kill me. So it didn't kill me."

"But you had put a body-bind curse on me and it was removed just after the killing curse."

"That Harry was magic of wandless magic."

"But your body was burnt," Harry asked.

"Ah but I remember that you had seen a phoenix flying joyfully into the blue sky." Dumbledore said his eyes twinkling.

"Yeah but..... " suddenly the realisation hit him," you were that phoenix?"

"Yes I was. I am an animagus Harry- a phoenix."

"So you acted as if you were dead when you were not and we didn't even realise it."

"I am sorry about the fact that I put you through such a situation but it was important so that Severus could get closest to Tom."

Harry was breathless. He was speechless.

"Now without further delay I think I should tell you about the estimated location of another Horcrux."


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