Most overrated menace - Darkseid, Doomsday, Mindless Hulk, Thanos

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We go through these big team ups periodically; someone has become a great menace to society, and it takes a dozen or more heroes together to overcome them - sometimes more.
But how many of them are more rep than menace? How long could the story really go if the heroes really thought intelligently, and the writer wasn't stringing along the story to unreal lengths?
These four guys - Darkseid, Doomsday, Mindless Hulk, Thanos - have all been the centre of attention in the past. But which one is most deserving, and which others are just going on inflated rep, and have less power than we think?


Doomsday in my opinion is by far the most overrated menace. Think about it. Whenever Thanos causes sh*t to happen, it takes like all of Marvel Earth's Heroes to stop him, including the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Defenders, even the Infinity Watch. When Darkseid used to come in his prime, it took entire DC teams to stop him such as the JLA, JSA, and many others. When Mindless Hulk caused sh*t, it took the entire Avengers and Fantastic Four just to slow him down, and the combined efforts of Iron Man, Namor, Wonder Man, and IMMORTAL Hercules to actually stop him. All it takes to stop Doomsday tho is one hero, Superman, so he must not be that big of a threat.

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Mindless Hulk is the most overrated.
Guys like Iron Man and Namor have knocked the Hulk out on their own. Then other times, it takes nearly every Avenger to gang up on him to stop? Those messes are the results of heroes not using a strategy and all their powers, including strikes from the air.

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Doomsday is easily and by far the most overrated. Just some crappy Hulk ripoff with no value as a character whatsoever.

Hulk. He's a threat physically. But other than that...

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