The Sith Chronicles: The Darkness

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The Darkness

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Chapter One

"Mum, I'm going to Sean's house." called a fourteen-year-old Jenn Magen.

No answer came from her mother, which didn't bother Jenn, since her mother was like that all the time, ignoring her. She didn't know if it was intentional or not, and She couldn't afford to worry much about other things. Jenn couldn't afford much of anything at all anymore. Whenever She got paid, her mother would get all the money She had worked for, and Jenn, She got nothing in return, not even a piece of bread.

Whenever She got home, Jenn would change from her work clothes, and washed up as best She could to impress him. Sean was the only friend She had, and at times it felt more than that. If her father ever found out that She really liked Sean, then he would forbid her from seeing him again. He always wanted his little princess to marry someone who was an honest, hard worker, meaning he wanted her to have an arranged marriage, marrying the man her father idolized, not caring what Jenn wanted at all, wanting to be with the live of her life, her est friend Sean. Sean the farm boy, Sean the Mechanic, Sean the Technician, Sean the Shopkeeper, and Sean the love of her life.

Jenn's job as a slave was doing th things that needed to be done in one's family, cooking, cleaning, and caring for crops that needed to have gentle care. Every day Jenn had to walk five miles a day in the glaring sun, and when the day was done, she had to walk back for five miles. From four to six she worked with no break. As soon as she got home each day, she would change from her work clothes, and put on her semi clean clothes, like she was doing now. She would wash herself as best as she could, wanting Sean to be impressed by her looks. She always wondered to herself if Sean cared about her the way she cared about him.

A soft knock on the door made Jenn jump. No one ever visited their house, and whenever someone did, it was always bad news. She quickly finished getting herself dressed, and fixed her hair, checking the mirror for a few seconds before running to the door. Her house that she lived in with her mother and her father was called an adobe. It was made of mud, and other material similar to that, and was dried by the blistering sun. It wasn't a pleasant place to live, but everyone on the planet had the same kind of house, but those that were richer, they were able to have larger adobes.

Opening the wooden door, she was caught by surprise. It wasn't whom she had expected it to be. Jenn felt her face go slightly red, as she saw her best friend, Sean in the doorway. She wondered to herself how he had found where she lived, but found that unimportant. Jenn didn't want Sean to see the house that she lived in. It was too embarrassing for her, since Sean's family could afford more, but they were not rich. Sean had a warm smile on his face; something that made her heart race out of control. She muttered hello to him, and told him to come in.

He walked slowly into the adobe, taking everything in. Jenn was surprised that he didn't seem angry, or surprised. He just had his normal expression, which made her relax a little. The tension was still there though, and she wasn't sure it was going to leave. Feeling uncomfortable, she quickly left the hall, and raced to her bedroom, making an excuse that she had forgotten to do something. Jenn didn't want Sean to see her red in the face from embarrassment, nor did she want him to see her look upset. It was rude of her to leave him like that, but she felt really shy, and awkward at the moment.

Sean was busy looking around to notice Jenn gone. He found the place rather impressive compared to his own. Everything was tidy, and kept in the right places, unlike his house. The adobe he lived in was old and falling apart. Everything inside was a mess. Nothing was in the right place, and when Jenn had gone over to see what she thought was his place, she really saw his Master's place. He didn't' want her to think that he was a slob, because she was his friend, and Sean cared about her a lot. He didn't want anything to happen to her, and he didn't want to lose her as a friend.

"You must be Sean." said a voice walking into the room.

It was a burly man, who stood tall and had an angry look in his eyes. Having him in the house they lived in didn't please him at all. This was Jenn's father, the father who wanted to have an arranged marriage. He glared at Sean, not liking him one bit. His face couldn't be seen, only his devil green eyes. He never liked the sunlight, always keeping to the shadows. No one really ever saw his face, and when people did, it frightened them.

Jenn came running back into the room, seeing that Sean was looking at something. Following his eyes, she found out what he was looking at, which made her bubble up with anger. This was the main reason she didn't want Sean to come over, because of her father, and his plans to have an arranged marriage. Glaring at her father, she tried to shoo him away, but he stood still in place. He didn't plan on moving, she could tell, and wanted to leave the house as soon as possible.

"Sean...would you like to walk in the Market today?" she asked Sean, trying to get her father distracted.

"With what money?" asked her angry father. "How would you go to the Market without any money?"

Her father's plans were quite simple. He was going to try to show this Sean character that Jenn was poor, and that he couldn't possible fall in love with her. He knew that boys these days only liked someone for their money, and he wasn't going to tolerate her daughter getting married so she would have to work all day in the house for her husband, and when it came time for a job, he would get all the money, instead of getting stuff that she needed. He didn't want Jenn to be a slave all her life. He wanted her to live a happy life, doing what she pleases. He didn't want that life to involve him. She could have anyone in the world, and she had to choose some guy he didn't even like.

"Ignore him." she whispered urgently.

Jenn felt herself go red in the face again. It was true that she had no money, because the money she did earn from working went to her mother, who was gravely ill, which meant that she would die soon if she didn't get the right treatment. The money her father earned went towards food, and other necessities. It felt like to Jenn that it was her job to try to get the treatment for her mother though they )her father and mother both refused her offer. Jenn had forced them to take her offer, and told them that mother was going to get better, but her father (unfortunatly) had his doubts.

"Okay." Sean whispered back, not taking his eyes off her father's.

Her father didn't intimidate Sean, and wasn't the least bit frightened. He didn't care that Jenn had money or not. She was his friend, and didn't care if she was poor, or if she was rich. It didn't matter to him, for he cared about her all the same. He wasn't going to give his hopes up on her, hoping that someday he could marry Jenn. But he wasn't sure if Jenn wanted that to happen or not, so he daren't ask her yet, in fear of the results.

Grabbing her hand, Sean gently pulled away from the house, not wanting to stay any longer. The sun was red, and it was as hot as ever. Sweat quickly rolled down Sean's face as they headed to the Market. He offered her some of his water from his canteen, not caring if it was the last of his water or not. Jenn looked like she was parched, and he was worried about her. He insisted, though Jenn refused. He didn't need the water; she needed it more than him.

Hours went by as they walked together, hand in hand. They looked at the many things on Market Street, finding them all interesting. Soon they had left the Market, and Sean led her to a large sandy hill. There was no grass at all on the planet, and hardly anyone knew what grass was. The sun was slowly setting, and the stars were becoming visible. They both sat on the ground, watching the moon slowly rise up in the night sky, when Jenn pointed at something that had caught her attention.

"What is that?" she asked him, pointing to the object that was in the sky. "What do you think it is?"

"My Pappy told me once that the Senate ships would usually land here to get parts for their crafts, but I don't know if it is true or not."

Jenn gave him a quizzical look. She didn't know what he was talking about, or what he had meant. The thing in the sky was coming closer to them, and pretty soon, it swooped over their heads. Sean had his body over Jenn's protecting her from the strong winds the ship brought. He stayed there for a few minutes longer, wondering if it would come back for them. But it didn't, and Sean got up, helping her get off the ground.

"We should get back." Sean said to Jenn, holding her closely to him, as he tried to comfort her.

No words came from her mouth, and her throat was too dry to speak. She nodded to Sean. Letting him lead the way, she followed closely behind. The ship was no longer visible and she wondered where it could have gone. For a few minutes neither spoke, but just walked in silence.

When the two got back to the Market, their eyes had saw a horrible sight. Fire was loose everywhere, buildings were up in flames. Jenn gasped at the tragic site, wondering who could've done such a terrible thing. People were frantic, running in every direction. Men were shouting, women were screaming, dogs were yelping, and children were crying. Sean tried to shield Jenn's eyes, but she wanted to see what was happening.

Running back to Jenn's house, they saw a hooded figure exit, holding something that emitted what she thought as a ray that was in the colour of red. She knew that this person had done something to her parents. It walked slowly towards the two of them, Sean stepping in front of Jenn blocking the person's path. Sean urged Jenn to run, but she wouldn't leave him.

Anger boiled up inside her, thoughts were running through her head. Her mother and father could have been dead, she could die, and so could Sean. her first thoughts were to lunge at the person, wanting to unleash her rage. Jenn wanted to see that person suffer. The strange thing was, Jenn never felt that way before. It, at first, scared her, but then she felt a remarkable sort of power, just waiting to be released.

"It has begun." the person said in a low hissing voice. "The Jedi have already made the first move, and now the Sith will make the last."

With a swish of its cloak, it had vanished. She ran into her house, sighing with relief that her parents were alive. Then without warning, Jenn began to feel ill. Her knees gave out, and Jenn collapsed on the ground. She felt someone gently push her shoulders, begging for her to wake up. Jenn recognized the voice being Sean's, and she slowly opened her eyes.

"It will happen in one year." a voice ran in he rang. It was the same voice that spoken to her about the Jedi and the Sith.

Seeing that they were still on the sandy hill, Jenn gave him a perplexed look. He looked at her, worried that the siesta she had caused her to have trouble thinking straight. Sean's eyes never left Jenn's, worried that something might happen to her again. Jenn was confused though, which made Sean more worried. She kept on looking everywhere, hoping that she would see fire, but saw nothing at all.

A year until what? Was it a year until whatever she saw was going to happen? And what else had troubled her were the thing that was mentioned about Jedi and Sith. She never heard of those names before, and she was sure no one else knew about it. Jenn could still feel the anger that was once burning inside her, she knew something had to be done. Jenn had to make preparations, but who would believe her? Who would honestly believe her?

After reassuring Sean that she was fine, Jenn walked alone back to her house. She kept on thinking of the fire, and of that mysterious person. Though it wasn't true, (or so she's been telling herself) she couldn't help but to think about the strange event. She didn't bother to say hello to her parents, but instead just went to bed. She was too tired for much more, and frankly, she thought that none of what she saw was her problem.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

One year passed since Jenn had her vision, which during that amount of time, she convinced herself that it was the heat that made her pass out, and made her have the vision of the fire, but each time she told herself that, she always asked the same question; why did it feel so...real? If it was only a dream, then why was she sweating when it was cold that night? What did Sean think of her after that night? Should she have told him the truth of what she saw? Or was it best for her to keep it a secret?

Just one thing troubled Jenn, other than the fire. She had heard two things that sounded vaguely familiar.The two words that she heard troubled her greatly. Sith. Jedi. What did it mean? She knew she heard those two words before, but Jenn couldn't figure out when she heard it, or where.

Not too long ago, during the hottest day of the year, Jenn had another vision. It was when she was with Sean, waking together with each other, like they did every day. Jenn was feeling extremely weak, but she said nothing to him. She didn't want to cause Sean to worry about something as small as that. Jenn didn't find it that important to let him know about what she had saw.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Violet," said a low whispering voice. "Come to me..."

A woman dressed in violet coloured robes came into view, bowing ever so slightly to the cloaked man before her. A hood covered her face, revealing nothing of her physical characteristics. She muttered her thanks to her Master, and brought her head up to look at him.

"Master, I am forever in your debt." Violet whispered softly.

"Silence." he said sharply to her. "I have yet to see your abilities to fight."

Underneath her hood, her face wore a panicked expression, because what he was saying, suggested that he wanted her to fight him, and that meant that she was going to lose more than a right arm, or her left leg. She nodded in approval to her Master, not wanting to disregard his wishes.

After bowing to him once more, she took off her robe, showing her real identity for the first time. Violet had long auburn hair, with purple highlights, hence the name Violet. It was her favorite colour of them all, and not only that, she imagined violet to be one of the colours of death. On her belt, she had two red dual lightsabers that she cherished with her life, because her old Master gave it to her, before she was killed in a raid, and she has kept them since.

Striking first was her Master, trying to get to her side. Upon instinct, she used the Force to bring both lightsabers to her hand, igniting them upon contact, blocking the attack from her Master. Violet grinned at what she did, and started to become overconfident in herself. Slowly, she became too cocky, and thought that she had the upper hand in the battle. Lashing at her Master, with all the strength she could muster, wasn't the smartest thing to do.

Creating a Force Shield sent Violet backwards, making her crash into the wall. She tried to get up, but her body was aching all over. She gasped for breath, as her Master towered over her. Fear ran through her, as his lightsaber was soon underneath her chin, barely touching her. Sweat rolled down her face, wondering if he was really going to kill her or not.

Without much thought to her next move, she used the Force to push her Master away from her, buying her some time to think of what to do afterward. Again, without much thought, Violet took one of her dual sided lightsabers, and threw it towards her Master, not even bothering to use the Force to guide it. She was too confident in herself, which soon she knew was going to regret. The lightsaber missed it's mark, and Violet was too weak to use the Force to send it back to her. Soon she collapsed on the ground.

Not much later, she could feel a foot on top of her chest, giving her difficulty in breathing. She began to cough madly, wanting to get a big gulp of air, but whoever was on her wouldn't allow her. It seemed to her that this person wanted her to suffocate, and die. This person didn't want Violet to live, but the question was, who was this person?

Blurred vision, soar side, broken bones, and so much more that she couldn't explain at the moment, all made her sick to her stomach. It felt like she was slowly dying, never to be able to see the sun's rays anymore. It seemed like she was already dead, that she was in hell at that very moment, reliving the pain she had endured for so long, so long and yet, she knew somehow that she was alive. She could feel her senses come back to her, and she soon was able to see who was on top of her.

With renewed strength, and strong determination, she threw her attacker off of her, and immediately, used the remaining power she had of the Force, to send her lightsabers to her hand. Violet went charging at her Master, with a look of terror in her eyes. The demon hidden within her has finally woken up. Anger flowed easily through her, as she swung her lightsabers at her Master. She was swinging them so gracefully, it seemed like she was in a trance, like nothing could stop the flow of her swinging motions. It was like she was in some sort of never ending dance. Flowing with the rhythm, the rhythm of her heart beating, of the sweat rolling down her face, the movement of her lightsabers, and her feet, the look of terror in her eyes, all made it so that they all formed together as one, in a twisted sort of gave her power to do what she was determined to do. To defeat her Master, and to prove that she was going to be a true Sith.

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