Harry Potter and the Final War

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Well, well, well, i guess somebody did decide to read this! evil face muahaha. Well now you're stuck reading my fanfic of the seventh Harry Potter book. evil face evil face Happy Dance (sorry i just love those smilies). By the way, this is by no means the real book and all harry potter related items are fully of Ms. Rowling's work, and by no means am i saying that i wrote anything of the harry potter books, this is just a fanfic. So enjoy!

Chapter One

In all of England, but especially on Privet drive, a fine veil of grey mist blanketed the Muggle and wizarding world. The hope and happiness seemed drained, and unnatural chill about, though grass as dry and parched as if the weather were acting like it should in the middle of summer. While the rest of the muggles curled by the fire, Harry Potter paced his bedroom.

The only emotion he allowed himself to taste was the itch to try some magic and begin his hunt for the Horcruxes. The rest of his emotions were brushed, rather pushed, to the deepest corners of his mind, although all clambering to be felt.

One of the emotions involved a girl, a girl named Ginny. How Harry missed her, longed to talk to her, see her, even just hold her hand... Sternly he pushed the thought out of his mind and glanced at the luminous dials of his alarm clock. 11:45.

More frustrated than ever, he paced again. Impatiently, he glanced at the clock again. 11:46. He let out a sigh then flopped on his bed. Where would Hermione, Ron and him search for the Horcruxes? So far he could only think of a single place which would be the orphanage.

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Great, so far. Nice flow of words. thumb up
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Chapter One (con'td)

Where else could the Horcruxes be? Images floated through his mind, the Riddle House? The graveyard where Tom Riddle senior lay? Harry sat bolt upright in bed. That was it... the graveyard...

A sudden beeping from the alarm clock brought Harry back into the real world. Once more he glanced at the clock and his heart gave a leap. It was 12:00, he was of age! Slowly, a feeling of crackling electricity, a zing of opportunity, a sense of freedom overtook him. He could do magic...

"THAT RUDDY OWL!" Uncle Vernon shouted from his bedroom.

Hedwig had started screeching violently in her cage from the start of the alarm clock. Now she clicked her beak inquiringly at her master, for he was fingering his wand in a peculiar way.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" he chanted, aiming for the lamp.

The lamp hovered, and a smile creeped on the face that had been so morbid. He had just needed a taste of magic that wasn't underage. No Ministry screech owls came shattering the windows, no Aurors Apparating and snapping his wand in half. Then, suddenly as the smile came it vanished. No longer did his mother's protection run through his veins, Voldemort could come knocking on his door at any moment.

A spasm of terror, or rather a kind of terror that could put one in a hospital for several days, he made a long sweeping motion with his wand at his open suitcase and shouted "pack!" like Tonks had done two summers ago. He needed to leave now. With a loud crashing noise the items fell pell-mell into the trunk resulting in a very angry Uncle Vernon.

"Just what do you mean by it, boy?" Vernon Dursley demanded, bursting through Harry's door, his ham-like hands curled into fists.

"I have to leave, it's not safe for me here anymore," Harry responded firmly.

Uncle Vernon spluttered as if he were about to retort, but at that second Aunt Petunia, guiding a waddling Dudley, entered the room.

"Good luck Harry, good luck against Voldemort,"she half-whispered, and bent over to give him an awkward, stiff hug.

Surprised by the sudden emotion of Aunt Petunia, Harry heaved his trunk off the ground. Uncle Vernon's piggy eyes tried to sort out what was happening. "So he has to fight the guy who-"

"Killed my parents, yes," Harry finished impatiently. "And now I have to go."

With a last backward glance at the Dursleys, standing immobile in their bedtime things, he stepped out on to the porch where Ron and Hermione apparated. He had work to do.

That's the end of chapter one, hoped you liked it!
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thanks all my fans :smile: i know i havent updated in a while, but heres a short blurb.

One hundred miles away from where Harry Potter Disapparated, a pale, blond, boy groveled at his master's feet.

"Please master, forgive me!" Draco Malfoy begged.

"Draco, Draco, Draco," Voldemort sighed. "What am I to do with you?"

Then, without the slightest warning, Voldemort raised his wand and shouted, "Crucio!" As Malfoy twitched and screamed at his feet, Voldemort leaned down and whispered in his ear, "If you fail me once more, this will be your fate. Your screams will ring forever in this house, and when your body can take no more I will dispose of it."

Voldemort flicked his wand again. "Stand up Draco, I have an assignment for you..."

* * *

wow, i just remembered this story so now im posting more.

With a loud pop! Harry Apparated at the Weasley house, along with Ron and Hermione. He landed only inches away from an unsuspecting Ginny, who turned fiery red at Harry's closeness and let out an "Oh!"

Harry grinned, with a tinge of sadness to it. "Nice to see you too."
Unable to control himself, he bent over and kissed her... just as an exhausted looking Mrs. Weasleys wobbled in.

It was Harry's turn to blush as Ron chuckled and Hermione nudged Ron, but Mrs. Weasley apparently chose to ignore what she just witnessed.

"Hello Harry," Mrs. Weasley greeted warmly. "My, you look thin, I swear, you boys look as if you eat nothing at all! Can I get you anything dear? Toast? Eggs? Juice?"

When Harry's stomach growled, Mrs. Weasley refused to take no for an answer. She bustled about the kitchen humming as she flicked her wand. Bacon sizzled on a pan, a pitcher of juice poured itself. This would now be Harry's haven, since Hogwarts could be one no more.

His heart sank. Hogwarts. He could never go again...

"Here you go, Harry," Mrs. Weasley interrupted his thoughts as she smacked a plate of food before him.

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