The Triangle (R/Hr/D)

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Hermione & Ron sat opposite each other, cross-legged, on the common room floor. The fire was dying down, as it was getting very late now. In just a few hours time they would be sitting in the Great Hall, trying to hold back the yawns, and half-heartedly tucking into their breakfasts.
"We best get back to bed," Hermione grinned "and remember we musn`t tell anyone, Ron. Not yet. We can`t let it affect out studies".
"Oh, O.K then." he sighed, too elated to care.

Hermione smiled.She stood up, brushed down her pajamas, and wished Ron sweet dreams. He sat and watched her as she walked away, and when she was out of earshot, whispered "Bloody fantastic".

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"Whys Malfoy looking at you two like that?" Harry asked, through a mouthful of pumpkin juice.
"God knows, he's probably talking about us with those little minion friends of his...eurgh, it makes me sick!"
Even if love was in the air, Hermiones hatred for a certain Slytherin student was not about to disappear. Well, she wouldn`t call it a hatred, more a distaste. Infact sometimes, she wasn`t even sure she disliked him at all. She was quite fond of him. Oh, dear. This can`t be good, she thought. Poor Ron.

"Your doing WHAT?"
"Keep it down Harry, I don`t want Hermione finding out I`ve told you...she'll go bloody mental." Ron whispered.
They had a potions lesson next, and Snape wasn`t one to be kept waiting, so Harry and Ron grabbed their bags and made a beeline for the door.

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charleestokie, r u readin the same story as me? that was great! u dont need to make it any better as its ok as it is.

that was great hun! OMG like you left it open. It was great good cliff hanger!

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post again! your story is so good! i love the cliffhangers! makes me wanna read more. good job!

Not a bad story


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Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.