Duel Rules -- please read!

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If you ever wanted to put your signature making skills to the test and challenge someone else, this is the place to do it!

However, naturally, there are going to be a few rules.

Make sure the person you want to duel is willing. Best way to go about this is to contact them via PM and ask.

You need to find someone to judge the duel. They will choose the image you have to work with, any specific criteria, and set the deadline for the contest. When it's over, they will judge and decide who they think is the winner.

You have to use the image(s) supplied by your judge and match all criteria for the duel. If you do not, you will be disqualified. If there is more than one image, than only using one is fine, and outside images may also be used, unless the criteria state otherwise.

Also, the signature must be NEW, made specifically for your duel. If it's found out that you reused an old one, you will be disqualified. On the same note, if it's discovered that you stole (ripped) a sig made by someone else, you're out. Ripping a sig for the duel will get you barred from all future duels.

Judges may create the duel threads, but I ask that you use the following format, for simplicity's sake:

(duelist name) vs. (duelist name)

Judge: (name)

Render: (render URL here)

Criteria: (any criteria, such as size, style, color scheme, etc)

Deadline: (put the time and day it will end, AND how many hours that is from when the thread is started)

I ask that you do not post the image/renders in the thread; rather, link to them. If you need, upload them to imageshack.

Gamerenders.com and Planetrenders.com are my reccomendations for render sources.

I would suggest that deadlines are at least 48 hours minimum, so that people who are busy with school and such have time.

Please don't clutter the actual competition threads with talking and such, there's a discussion thread for that. Also, if you want to duel or judge, make it be known in there.

If the duellists agree, they can request that the judge changes the render. Likewise, if both feel that the judge is being disagreeable, or sets criteria that they cannot reasonably do (such as animations), they can request a new judge and new duel set up.

Do not post your entry until you are sure you are done! You may NOT change your entry!

Do not ask for signatures in this forum! There is a thread for that in the Signature forum itself - ask there! The ONLY exception to that will be if the judges want the duel to be a competition for a new signature for themself.

Have fun, and PM me if you have any questions!

Okay, there's been some confusion over what a render is lately, it seems.

A render is an image that has already had the background cut out so that it is transparent and is saved as a PNG image.

Is it a JPEG? Does it have a background? Then it's not a render, and it's no good for use.

Also, you may NOT use images from deviantart in duels.

Okay, as of late there have been problems with people not reading the rules. From now on, those who cannot read the rules or break them can and will be barred from participating in and/or judging duels. So read the damned rules!!!

I want to say something about extensions real quick.

As in, I feel that the ability to get one may be getting abused here.

They're supposed to be for emergency situations only -- ie if you get sick or have to go out of town unexpectedly or something else comes up where you are busy with no warning.

If you know you'll be away or busy...then either don't ask for a duel, or ask for a long enough deadline.

And if you're just being lazy, then you really have no right to an extension as it's your own fault.

What is stock photography?

Lately, a lot of stuff about using stock photos has been going on around here, and some people are a bit confused as to what stock is.

Stock photos are photographs that are taken for the purpose of being used by others as long as they are used within the terms set by the person whose photo it is. Some stock is free, some is not. Free stock sites are http://sxc.hu, http://morguefile.com, and http://imageafter.com. Pictures of bands/celebrities, images from video games or movies, etc. are not stock. Something is only stock if it specifically says so, or comes from a stock website.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.