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Hiya well me , pinkdi@monds,Cole2005 and Shinobirikari have decided to write our own Harry Potter 7 , we know there's loads of these storeys already, but oh well


4 now

Hermione nervously glanced over at Harry these last few days have been a blur , Dumbledores death had shocked the whole of the wizarding world ,especially Harry , Harry had not said a word since being on the Hogwarts express , Hermione & Ron had not dared say anything .
Harry had been so angry lately snapping at any Little thing, true fully Hermione had been glad to get home & study for next years NEWTS , but she knew how determind Harry was to defeat the Wizard who was responsible for killing his parents & it was because of him snape had killed Dumbledore ........Voldemort , weather she would see her final year at Hogwarts lies in the hands of Harry , after all her & Ron had promised to help Harry in defeating Voldemort & the Death eaters

The wild scenery flashed past the train window, still Harry sat in silence. He was surrounded by those closest to him, Ron, Hermione and Neville. His mind kept flashing back to the night... the night Dumbledore feel. The night the hope of the wizarding world vanished. All summer Harry had thought of the same question, how was he, a 17 year old student meant to defeat the most powerful wizard alive?!

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Ron could feel the tension in the room and it made him quite nervous. Glancing around, he shifted uncomfortably as he looked at the others. Ron's skittishness seemed to have annoyed Crookshanks for the ginger cat soon jumped in his lap to still him. And this sudden movement initiated by Crookshanks triggered a chaotic chain of events.

The ginger beast landed heavily in Ron's lap which caused him to jump up, yelping. And once forcibly removed from his seat, the cat leapt across the compartment to overturn Pigwegeon's empty cage onto Neville. In turn, the seventh year released his toad to dodged the falling object and land with a thump at Harry's feet. Trevor in the meantime knew freedom when he saw it. Taking advantage of the situation, the toad bounded towards the door which had be conveniently opened by Ginny and Luna.

"Trevor!" Neville exclaimed stumbling to his feet only to trip over the cage and into Hermione's lap.

BTW: Diamonds and I thought that for the characters that people are not "controlling:, per se, the rest of us could use them. To make sure that it isn't just the four of them speaking to each other.

Ryt im gonna be ginny for a bit

"is this a bad time"

For the first time Harry manged to gaze away from the window ,
"oh hia Harry"
The break up had been very painful for both Harry & Ginny, but Ginny understood & said no more.

Hermione could see Ginny was looking very upset "come on Gin lets go & help Neville look for trevor

Ginny & Hermione left the compartment

Its ok Ginny i know how you feel its gona be alright were all woried about Harry.

Harrys mind had been distracted from his chain of thought by the disruption that had just occured. He continued to gaze at the spot where Ginny had just been standing, he loved her still. Yet he knew he couldn't be with her, she would be in far too much danger. Harry had only reluctantly agreed for Hermione and Ron to stay with him there was no way he was going to lose Ginny. The compartment began to darken as a chil breeze swept through the open door.

Ron hurried out of the room, dragging Neville with him as her saw Harry stare at his sister. It hurt him so much to see his best friend going through so much pain. "Com'on Neville, let's find that bloody toad of yours." Adjusting his robes, Ron began to move down the corridor, looking into open compartments and apologizing to those he disturbed.

"Crabbe! Goyle! Hurry up, you goons!" Draco snapped at his sidekicks, who were both eating their way through a large bag of pumpkin pasties each.
"Well, where we goin'?" Crabbe grunted.
"Where do you think we're going? To see the fairies?" Draco barked. He had been feeling very tetchy since the night of Dumbledore's death. He didn't want to get on the train, he just wanted to run away with the other Death Eaters and get away from school. But his mother had written a letter, telling him to go back to the train. The Death Eaters had not hesitated to agree. Draco found this suspicious, but said nothing about it.
"Huh?" Goyle mumbled.
Draco dragged himself back to the "conversation".
"Potter. We're going to find Potter, you idiots."
"Oh..." Goyle did not ask why. He may not have had many brains (make that no brains), but he knew when to shut up.
"Aha..." Draco breathed, as he spotted Weasley come out of a compartment talking to Longbottom about his toad. Draco entered the compartment they came out of, and saw Potter staring at...nothing. "Potter, how lovely to see you."

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Harry reawoke from his trance, the doorway was filled by 2 large shapes, incomprehensible from that of gorillas.
"I bet your suprised to see me aren't you Potter!" Malfoy spat at the boy sat next to the window, Harry jumped up from his seat and pulled his wand out, "I am going to kill you Malfoy! You... you killed him. You killed Dumbledore!" Harry lunged at Malfoy but sensing it coming Draco moved out of the way. Letting Harry fly into the outstreched fist of Crabbe. "Oh Potter you disapoint me, the Dark Lord is for some reason wary of you." The 3 death eaters let out a laugh, Harry pulled himself up, by now well adjusted to being hit, "The second anyone knows your on her, you'll be dead! They'l be ministry wizards here so quick you won't be able to move!" To Harrys amazement Draco simply grinned, Harry had managed to adjust himself so that the 3 death eaters had their backs to the window. "You don't think I know that?! Harry do you really think that I came here alone, theres me, Crabbe and Goyle on board. In about 15 minutes you will be taken from this train, whether you want to or not!" With that Malfoy sent a red beam at Harry, narrowly missing his head!
Harry lay in the corridor, as he looked up, his eyes refocusing. He noticed a clump of red.

Hermione entered the compartment

whats going on ??
she quickly pulled out her wand , "what are you doing back here malfoy" , inside Hermione was kind of scared after all Draco had killed the greatest wizard of all time Albus Dumbledore
"get out now "

Harry lept to his feet

"no Harry don,t"

Draco ran out of the compartment followed by crabbe & goyal
"oh Harry are you ok?"
, Hermione flung her arms around Harry she was so glad to be able to comfort Harry as they had been quite distant since last summer

*--sorry its so short--*

Sammii? Your not a H/HR shipper are you? Cuz you are its wont go well with the sroy if there is two different ships going on.

no way im a hr/r shipper all the way with an exception of hr/d

ok good cuz i was like oh um.... lol

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