The Durmstrang Technologists Strike Back

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Twilight Janick
It starts when a student of Durmstrang sets camp near Hogwarts during the Christmas holidays. She soon knocked the grand gate of the school, asking for Mr. Harry Potter.

Professor McGonagall: Who are you?

Durmstrang student: My name is Kristina Foudrus. I'd like to invite your best Quidditch player (any position) to Durmstrang for a visit, for the Three-School Quidditch Tournament will begin in a few weeks.

Professor McGonagall: It's only because your visit is about a visit to the facilities in which that Quidditch competition is held. Mr. Potter, you're summoned at the main gate immediately!

At her great surprise, she saw that Eastern European girl bear a weapon wielded usually by Muggles, a pistol to be more precise. McGonagall senses a taste of revenge in her, because her school lost the Three Wizards' Cup, more than two years ago.

Twilight Janick
With her pistol drawn, Kristina is about to cast a spell unknown to all, on the sides of the door.

- Accio Turbolumos! Kristina shouted.

A beam of green laser appeared at the tip of the pistol, severely damaging the left door. Then, the magical chariot, drawn by the same beasts that draw Hogwarts' chariots, comes in front of the damaged section of the door.

- I see that you master Muggle weaponry better than everybody else here! What's that spell... Kristina? Harry said.
- It's called the Turbolaser spell, Harry. I invented it., Kristina said.

Twilight Janick
Harry was taken away to the magic chariot. The magic chariot was large enough to house only three persons. There is a magazine called Force Majeure.

- Force Majeure is the school magazine's name.

It says: Viktor Krum will be pit against Harry Potter in the forthcoming Quidditch competition. Gryffindor's star Chaser, Ginny Weasley, will be put to the test as she is shoved in Hogwarts' team for the Three-School Quidditch tournament. Can Beaubatons' newest acquisition, the Canadian Keeper Gabrielle Helium, be up to the challenge?

Harry didn't finish reading it, he feared that the complete composition of the teams would be revealed to him before he arrived in Durmstrang.

Janick that doesn't make any sense stay in the Star Wars Forums you wreak enough havoc as it is

Twilight Janick
What doesn't make any sense? It will make more sense later on, as Durmstrang will be revealed to possess the latest in Muggle technology and even researching rail guns for themselves.

honestly no offense, but i agree the story doesnt make much sense. It has a good idea, but the dialogue is like script, and what's happening isnt very clear. Also you might want to put a blank line in between each paragraph, it makes the story easier to read. Otherwise, nice idea! thumb up

Twilight Janick
By now, Harry Potter knew that Quebec was represented independently from the rest of Canada in the international wizards' competitions. Gabrielle Helium was probably the Keeper of Beaubatons that came from Quebec. He knew that name was familiar somehow, because that, three years ago, he saw the last victory of the British team in the World Cup and that was against Quebec, 160-20.

- Kristina, do you play Quidditch? Harry asked.
- I do, I'm in the tryouts for Sweden's national team as a Chaser. I certainly heard of you, your school refused to let you take part in the British team tryouts, the last thing that I know of you is that you actually withstood four attacks from... what's his name again? Kristina said.
- Lord Voldemort, isn't it? But let's get back to Quidditch. What's your favorite team?
- Sweden don't actually have a league of its own, so even though Durmstrang is located in Ukraine, the Kiev Padlocks were pit against the Stockholm Cell Phones in the Eastern Europe league final. I am a fan of the Stockholm Cell Phones cinse I am 4 years old, I dream of playing in that team after I graduate from Durmstrang. Kristina said.
- You may be a good player on your own, Kristina, but without a good broom, you'll not last long in the Stockholm Cell Phones.

Twilight Janick
Commentary: The title is very misleading; we refer here to Quidditch. Also, I was more used to playwriting; this may explain the initial post's dialogue writing.

Twilight Janick
- Harry, I don't have a Firebolt, but I have the latest in the Nimbus line: a Nimbus 2003! You talked about the warning as though the odds of being a draft pick for the Stockholm Cell Phones were good enough to make me hope I can make it in. Kristina said.
- Kristina, isn't the Nimbus 2003 equipped with a GPS and a dashboard? Harry asked.
- Don't worry about that, Harry. We, at Durmstrang, developed the Nimbus 2003 in part. I also forgot that the writer about the inter-school Quidditch competition article did a mistake (either purposely or inadvertantly) and stated that Viktor Krum was still here. The truth is, Viktor Krum is in the Kiev Padlocks, exchanged from the Sofia Archers. explained Kristina.

The GPS in the chariot indicated both Harry and the blond-haired Chaser that the chariot was in the Polish territorial waters.

Twilight Janick
- We must stop here! Harry said.
- We have a base from which we station the chariots in case we had to go out to England. A flying car will do it tomorrow. From here, we'll go straight to Ukraine where the school is.
- Kristina, the last time I rode a flying car, the flying car crashed onto a tree. Just hope this one will be equipped with an autopilot.
- Harry, according to Ukraine's regulations, a flying car must have an autopilot; it's an obligation of Ukrainian law.

Both of them sleep and they are suddenly awakened by a flying car who braked very hard on the ground.

- Harry, this is the flying car that will take us to Durmstrang. Neither of us did pass our Muggle driving licenses, didn't you? Maybe I can drive.
- Ron had been reckless with the Ford Anglia, but I assume you're not as careless as Ron was. Harry said.

Twilight Janick
However, when they arrived to Durmstrang, two days later, Harry expected to have an old building, but instead, he found a school of Muggle architecture.

- What happened to the old Durmstrang? Harry asked. Where is the architecture normally used by wizards?
- The Muggle government of Ukraine decided to rebuild the school after the uncontrollable fire that devastated the old school.

The car, set on the autopilot, safely landed on Durmstrang's parking lot.

- We also have our own power generator, so we can refrain ourselves from paying big electricity bills every month. Kristina explained.

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