Dante and Vergil Respect Thread

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I think a lot of people know him. Dante from the Devil May Cry manga,comics,game and novels...

I was just thinking because I started to like him again to make a Respect Thread for him.

Let's see the basic story from Devil May Cry

Though he was a demon, the legendary swordsman awoke one day to justice. Alone, he defeated the demon army and imprisoned their emperor, Mundus, saving the human world from damnation.

Now, 2000 years later in a large American metropolis, a man named Dante, a private investigator of the supernatural, is seeking revenge for the death of his mother and brother. However, Dante comes face-to-face with his destiny, discovering the evil conspiracy goes back thousands of years and that the evil Mundus has arisen anew.

The world is waiting, for Dante is no ordinary man, and with his father's sword in hand, he must enter the demon realm and avenge mankind.


Dante is the Son of Sparda the demon knight who is the most powerful demon. Sparda could only be killed by a demon, but even Mundus the strongest of all Devils wasn't able to defeat his soldier. In the first episode Devil May Cry 1, we learn who Dante is and his power is way beyond that he can imagine. As we go through the story we see him taking demon forged weapon (Devil Arms) which grant him the more special Demon power than he has. He can call for those whenever he wants (in the game you can select it of course big grinbig grin). By the end of the first game the power of his father The Legendary Dark Knight Sparda awakens in him, he actually gets his fathers strenght. He defeats Mundus the king of the Devils.
We also get to two Nelo Angelo (Vergil) who was once Dante's brother, more info is coming to Vergil....

Devil Trigger : This what we call if a Devil concentrate his power to make his demonic power come to surface. If a weapon from a demons soul or demon forged is in hands (devil arms) the transformation is stronger. But the transformation can depend on the inner demonic powers, or medallions wearing.

In the first episode he gets to know 2 Devil Arms....
The electronic powered sword The Alastor

It grants him the ability to fly, shoot electronic waves and regenerates accelerates. This from the game. If take the story.
Alastor makes him nearly invuranable to lower demon attacks, if this power is broken he starts to regenerate very fast. Ability to fly, and electronic beams still there.

The seconds is the Ifrit Gauntlets.

Strong Gauntlets with the ability to make the user the Master of Demonic Fire.
Regeneration,rock body, can create fire wall (Inferno), and in Devil Trigger he becomes the Fire Demon.

Dante with Alastor: In Devil Trigger state

hes got my respect

If they'd stop being so blatantly incestous then maybe I'd respect them....

Let's see Devil May Cry 2

Official Story :

In ancient times, a religion arising somewhere in the Mediterranean Ocean split into many different fractions. Its disciples carried it quickly to western Asia, Europe and North Africa. As time passed, some gods from the various sects were forgotten, others were assimilated into other religions, and others were still shunned as evil.

For one reason or another, the gods all but disappeared. What few people continued worshipping them were branded as heretics. The dissenters were forced to turn their backs on their own homelands in order to continue their beliefs. Venturing farther and farther away, the outcasts eventually found themselves adrift in an unknown land floating on the outskirts of the New World. This was Dumary Island.

Hordes of refugees of different races, beliefs and languages crossed over to the island. The first to arrive followed the seas routes of the old Viking explorers, around the North Pole and through the Pacific Ocean. Following them came runaway slaves seeking sanctuary.

The newcomers all had a single common point- belief in a pagan religion. Tribes that had historically skirmished over old differences running deep in their cultures now lived together peacefully on the same island.

As the generations passed, the former strangers blended together into a single people. Their mix of different languages, ethnic customs and various gods gave birth to totally unique religions.

The gods worshipped by the new blend of people were an ancient family of beings inhabiting a different dimension. They wielded strange powers and existed outside the concepts of right and wrong. Deities that were considered evil or pagan in the old world were, on Dumary Island, simply thought of as "other gods"- there were far too many of them to count. Rites performed in honor of these idols often resembled exorcisms and demon sealing ceremonies.

The priests of these cults were known as "guardians" and were sometimes called upon to protect the gods and their worshippers. Many were the legends of guardians who had borrowed the power of their own gods to defeat enemy gods. One recent tale, only a few hundred years old, told of a great swordsman appearing from "the outside" to aid in exorcizing the most evil gods of all time.

Over the centuries, Dumary Island's success in supporting the worship of unique religions while maintaining its existence out of the mainstream has been nothing short of miraculous. Lately, however, agents of international corporations begun infiltrating the island. Their purpose is to acquire the "special ores" discovered in the island's interior.

On Dumary Island, the people's simple religious piety, as well as the fabulous artifacts buried in the inner mountains, are now in great danger...


In this episode or so called chapter we learn that Dante's inner demon is stronger than we first thought in chapter one. Here he doesn't use Devil Arms to change to 100% Devil instead he uses medals. This medal is made from 3 pieces. The medal has 3 places to put a stone in it.

First hole :

Ability to Fly
Move even more faster

Second hole:
Use of elemental demage

Third hole :
-Faster regeneration
-Attacking by stopping time when wielding sword in DT
-Enhaches demage

This episode shows us that his powers are grown. He can change to Super Sparda. Basically it's Sparda, but it's Dante's own inner Demon without medals.
In this form he is 100% invuranable to every demonic magic,attack.
Nearly invuranable to every kind of attack. Got an aura wave exlposion attack and can kill any enemy even the stronger one with one Special Blast.

Dante in Devil Trigger :

And now finally Devil May Cry #3 chapter:

This one is the closest to my heart.

It's all before Devil May Cry 1 in story.

Vergil Dante's twin brother wants to open the gate to the demon world which his father closed. Dante and Vergil got a two of the same medals from their mother. These medals in one make a part of a key to open the demon world and brong chaos to world.
Dante isn't really going after Vergil and his servant Arkham to save the world rather killing him. Arkham is Vergil's servant but he tricks him to get Sparda's power which can only be controlled of his own blood. So Vergil and Dante.

In this chapter Dante uses different kind of Devil Arms and Stlyes to fight his enemies.

Devil Arms :

Rebellion --> Sword,memento from Sparda
Cerberus --> Soul of the Ice Guardian demon Cereberus nunjaku type
Agni and Rudra --> Two swords,two souls one fire the other is water
Nevan --> Soul of the vampire lady, can creaty electric wave, grants ability to fly,can summon bats
Beowulf --> Gauntlets from the Demon who hates Sparda first Vergil took it and then Dante had it.

Styles :

-Ability to run on wall
-Dash and dodge enemy attacks
-Air dash

-If our half-demon uses this style no-one wield better the sword than he

-Can charge his custom Ebony & Ivory guns with Demonic Rage
-Shoot in multiple derection in the same time

-Makes him hard to wound
-In a position he becomes invuranable, the more he is been demaged the bigger his charge attack will grow
-Can create a demonic shield to stop every attack coming from front and charges his life

Ability to stop time

Creates a second one, a shadow of himself. This shadow cannot be killed.

In the game he can use one style in the same time. But as revealed in stories and infos, he can use for example all of them in same time.

Dante Devil Trigger :



He is Dante's evil but very intelligent and smart twin brother.
He isn't rushing to get what he wants while Dante shoots everything in his way. In DMC3 he is like Dante with Devil Trigger.
He is better with his sword the Yamato samurai memento sword from his father Sparda, he has bigger physical strenght but he is slower than his brother. He can summon magical swords as revealed in DMC3 : Special Edition. After Dante beats. Because Vergil wants Sparda's power, Vergil stays in the Demon World and we actually see him trying to get Mundus. He fails and becomes Nelo Angelo. He only realizes Dante is his brother when he sees the medal in DMC1. He is the coolest villian in Devil May Cry manga,comic and in the game.



In Devil Trigger with Beowulf Gauntlets


Facing Dante


What the f**k?....................

This seems like it's from either games or anime. Either way, it probably doesn't belong here. I'll leave it for now, then move it after I've figured out where it should be.

There is DMC comic too. If I'd made in a another topic nobody would care.

In episode one so Devil May Cry we can see at the end that Dante charges his gun woth Trish's demonic power. I can actually charge his custom made Ebony & Ivory guns woth any demon power.

Ebony and Ivory in DMC 1



Dante Alastor Devil Trigger :


Ebony and Ivory charged with Alastor's demon power...


Devil May 3 is like, the best game ever.

grey fox
Originally posted by DarkCrawler
Devil May 3 is like, the best game ever.

True , but this 'respect thread' should be moved to games....

Yeah but then no comic guys would really know about Dante, and when someone makes a thread like Dante vs. Cyclops or so everybody would just asking like oooh what can Dante do. Cyclops would win. Well not everybody but lot of people.

they are some of the coolest characters thought up by man{right up there with solid snake}

Originally posted by Rewmac
Yeah but then no comic guys would really know about Dante, and when someone makes a thread like Dante vs. Cyclops or so everybody would just asking like oooh what can Dante do. Cyclops would win. Well not everybody but lot of people.

cyclops takin on dante, LMAO, dante would kill thanos with the IG and possibly destroy LT if he put his mind to it.

btw, i like DMC1 the best, even with the sumwhat dodgy graphics that game is a gem.

Comic scans



I gonna post some new scans soon... Maybe today.

u shud ov ad that drink!!!!!!!!!!! cool. nice pics.got a question dante is half devil, aint devils supposed to be evil? so how can he av an evil brother? if he shud be evil himself?

Sparda is a full devil and he kind of became good too. So devils can be good too.

Like Lady said, "Even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one, don't you think?"

The Ion
The game is awesome. Even the American comic that came out was pretty good and had some great art.

The thing is when Sparda the strongest Devil Knight a full demon sealed the gate between the human and the demon world. His power has also left on the other side. Than he had two sons from a human mother. Sparda realized this world is meant for human. Dante and Vergil when they came to know their power in DMC 3 story line Dante is half as strong as Sparda so if they'd put their power with the amulets together they would like Sparda. But Dante in the DMC1 game surpassed his fathers power already. Dante isn't really a good hero but he isn't evil, he hates devils he fights because he loved his human mother. He is like his father. Vergil is evil because instead of having a life, when he realized his power he wanted more.

well how can devils love anyone but them selves? (sparda)
both dante and vergil are half human so can both love wiv there human side, dante seems to be intouch wiv his human side more than vergil..

Alright I made some scanning for you guys.

dante the badass

You got the point exactly streekz. It's the thing there is more human in Dante from mother than from father. But remember Sparda became good in some ways, look for my scans gonna post em now.





The Ion
Originally posted by streekz
well how can devils love anyone but them selves? (sparda)
both dante and vergil are half human so can both love wiv there human side, dante seems to be intouch wiv his human side more than vergil..
You're thinking too much about the stereotype of devils. Lucifer was said to be God's favorite and most beautiful angel.

nice!!!!!!!!!! yes

Originally posted by The Ion
You're thinking too much about the stereotype of devils. Lucifer was said to be God's favorite and most beautiful angel.

No i think u gettin him mixed up wiv me........ laughing


Nelo Angelo scans....

Sorry they comin later seems to have a problem.

Scan #1

Actually I wanted to post the scan in it's original size, but it seems I'm having problem with my website.

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