Starcraft vs. Star Wars: Battle Scouts

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Twilight Janick
Introduction: Everything starts on the planet Shakuras, throne-world of the Protoss Federation. After the Overmind had been destroyed, along with the Conclave, the Khalai survivors fled to Shakuras through a Warp Gate. Under the command of Praetor Zeratul, a member of the newly formed Protoss Federation High Command, the Khalai refugees smoothly fitted in the new command structure.

- I require all your attention, respectable ladies and gentlemen. My scouts just reported that there is an enemy fleet above our position! warned Aldaris.

Judicator Aldaris is the Chief Justice of the Protoss Federation Supreme Court. He also have military authority and therefore has a seat in the Protoss federation High Command and the Protoss Federation Council.

- Aldaris, how much time do we have to put all the forces we have under battle-ready conditions?
- Praetor Artanis, we must decide whom to send to fend off the enemy fleet.

Praetor Artanis, as do Praetor Zeratul, are generals in the Protoss Federation military. Zeratul is more used to surface combat; space combat is the speciality field of Artanis. Artanis intercepted an Imperial transmission:

- This is Admiral Motti of the Galactic Empire. Attention the Protoss Federation High Command, you must surrender or we'll level the entire planet with orbital bombardment!

Twilight Janick
Praetor Artanis' flagship, the Gantrithor II, is a Protoss Carrier that had no shipboard weapon installed onboard and had a complement of 20 Interceptors parked in it. As soon as he got aboard his own flagship, he made for the bridge.

- Attention all units insystem! We're under attack! Artanis warned as he ordered his front guard to engage the closest Venator.

Procurator Atriel, the commander of Praetor Artanis' front guard, orders his units to go to dogfight speeds. Though he may be as young as his superior, Artanis himself, he knows that dogfight speeds are about 20 km/s for Scouts.

- All scouts, fire your missiles at the closest Venator! Atriel ordered.

The shields took damage but they weren't down. The Scouts were safe from a counter attack, until they get close enough to be within firing range from the enemy turbolasers.

Twilight Janick
Atriel ordered his Scouts, who are simple patrol boats, to concentrate the missilefire at the closest ship. At the same time, Atriel's carrier slew down in order to make some erratic maneuvers.

- All fighters scramble! Atriel ordered.

The twenty Interceptors, AI controlled, as well as the eight Corsairs, with living pilots, took off while the carrier flew at much less than its top speed, 10 km/s. Though he is not aboard the Carrier, he do engage enemy fighters as they flew at a sluggish speed (from a Scout pilot viewpoint). He suddenly received a message coming from one of his own pilots' comm.

- Procurator Atriel, you have three TIE Interceptors on your tail!
- I know your worry, sir, but I am out of their range.

Procurator Atriel knows that enemy TIE Interceptors' dogfight speed is very slow (three-tenths of a kilometer per second at best) and therefore cannot hunt down Scouts except for atmospheric battle. He then fired his photon cannons at an ISD's deflector domes while his missile gunner fires missiles at the Venator, whose shields were downed by two volleys of anti-matter missiles. The Venator then blows up.

Twilight Janick
However, under the red lines of the enemy turbolasers, the Scouts of the Protoss Federation engages the TIE Interceptors of the Galactic Empire. With the fire support of the Arbiters, the small ships of the Protoss Federation engage the TIEs at long ranges. If it wasn't for the longer range of the Scouts' photon cannons, the TIEs would have been a match for the Protoss fighters.

Meanwhile, the enemy fighters succeeded to hit Procurator Atriel's craft.

- Mayday, mayday! My engines have been hit, my aft shields are down and my targeting computer has been taken out! alerted Atriel on the emergency channel.

Slowing down to even half a kilometer per second allows him to have a better view of the enemy fighters as he shoots down a squadron of TIE fighters, craft after craft. However, a fighter identified as a TIE Advanced X1 appears on his radar.

- Attention all units! Be wary of the TIE Advanced X1!

However, inside the TIE X1's cockpit...

- This time, I got you! said Darth Vader as he fired a couple of shots at Atriel's Scout.

His wingmen were shot down by Atriel himself, one wing missing to his ship. The debris of the scattered wing hit the TIE Advanced X1 forced him to change his course as both sides retreated their forces.

End of Chapter 1.

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