Help with 3 Movies

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Hi, I really hope you guys can help me. My friend said this place has never let him down with finding old movie names. I will describe the three of them. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot, I tried a couple of reccomended spots and i did not have the permission to access them.

The first one is about some kids who end up with magical powers. I remember them going to some large type mansion on a hill, and there may have been like an old evil women takin care of them. the movie might have been called the magician or something along those lines. The kids may have been brother and sister. and at the end, they like meet up with their parents or something and learn that they have magic. it was live action movie. sorry about the very broad details, its all i can remember.

The second movie is about a boy that travels around with a lion i believe. For some reason, he is tryin to get somewhere with a lion. The only scene i remember is when the lion protects the boy and fights a bear for him. I also believe there may have been some people on his trail tryin to stop him. It is a live action movie.

The third one, I again dont have many details. Its about aboy that lives near this lake. there is like a legend that something lives in the lake. I only remember two scenes from this live action movie. one is that i believe the boy goes in the lake with a wacky old school set of scuba gear on, and the second one is when the "monster" from the lake is revealed (its something along the lines of nessie they believe) it turns out to just be like a large crane type of construction vehicle that was dumped there.

I am so sorry for my lack of any more details, but my viewings of them were so long ago, its all i can really remember. If someone can help put my mind at rest and reveal these to me, i would be very happy. thank you so much.

No idea, sound like good movies though.

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